Around the Churches April – May 2024

Around the churches


Deloraine Baptist

Passover at Deloraine 
Monday, 22 April was the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, the biblical date for Passover. Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples at the meal we call ‘the Last Supper’ (Luke 22:15). Although Holy Communion (aka the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist) is a very ancient and appropriate Christian tradition, it was within the context of the Passover meal that Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me.”  

Accordingly, twenty-three Christians enjoyed a traditional Passover meal at Deloraine Baptist Church on the evening of 22 April. The meal included roasted year-old ram lambs and all the traditional trimmings.  

From a Jewish perspective, the Passover commemorates their redemption from bondage to Pharaoh through the shed blood of the lamb without blemish. As Christians, we also see its further application to our own redemption from slavery to sin through the shed blood of our perfect and sinless Messiah (1 Corinthians 5:7b). 

Passover at Deloraine 

Although (for now) the Jewish people remain blinded to its significance, the traditional Passover meal is replete with Christian symbolism. For instance, three matzot (unleavened bread) are placed in a special ‘three-in-one’ bag. During the meal, the middle matzah is broken (“this my body”), wrapped in linen and hidden away. It is later ‘discovered’ – a prophetic picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  

Four cups of wine are traditionally consumed, representing the four promises God made to Israel in Exodus 6:6-8. They are the Cups of Sanctification, Deliverance, Redemption and Restoration. The third cup is not drunk until after the meal. It was this one (Luke 22:20) that the Lord referred to as “his blood.” However, Jesus deferred drinking the final Passover cup until his return (Matthew 26:29). In fact, our Lord is currently teetotal while he serves as our great High Priest in the Heavenly Temple (e.g. Hebrews 9:11 cp. Leviticus 8:8-9). 

The event lasted two-and-a half hours and was enjoyed by all participants. Many agreed that it was a more meaningful commemoration of the Master’s death than the traditional hot cross buns and chocolate eggs.  

Lifeway Devonport 

Social activities 
The vibrant Lifeway worship community is busy throughout the week, with Monday Tribes for kids after school, Converge for young adults on Tuesday evening, Men’s Coffee and Cheese Wednesday afternoon, Seniors’ Bible Study Thursday morning, Prayer Group Thursday evening and Fellowship Group on Saturday. There are also Pulse small groups, which meet regularly to support and pray for each other.  

Visiting Chaplain 
On Sunday 28 April the Chaplain of the Adelaide Crows Football Club spoke at the morning service and gifted a guernsey to Pastor Nicholas and longtime supporter of the crows Bill Magor.  

May Mission Month 
During May Mission month the dedicated Mission Team have worked hard to form study groups for most days of the week, set up a wonderful interactive display in the auditorium and, after worship Sunday morning in the Café, provided a guest to speak in the Human Library about a chapter in their lives connected to mission.  

Recently, Alec Small from the Karingal Community and Trevor Levett passed away.  

Sheffield Baptist Church

Membership Increase 
We are pleased to say that our doors are open each Sunday to witness and share the gospel with locals and visitors alike. In February we welcomed two new members which was a real encouragement.  

To us long term attendees, we are thankful for speakers from different churches making themselves available to preach each Sunday, it is a special blessing. Our fellowship teas continue to be well supported on the third Sunday of the month at 5:30 pm followed by singing of hymns and favourites for approximately an hour.  

Sheffield Baptist Church Photo: Duncan Grant
Sheffield Baptist Church

Ulverstone Baptist Church

Social activities 
UBC Seniors continue to meet on the first Friday of the month for fellowship and morning tea. The have enjoyed guest speakers, Ian Pickford with a display of various flags; Josh Skeat from the Ulverstone Anglican Church, as well as Valma and Yasmin McPherson (mother and daughter) who spoke in a morning themed “Remembering Mothers”. 

Our recent Men’s events have included riding bikes to the Turners Beach Berry Patch for breakfast, go-karting and indoor cricket. These events have been well attended by a variety of ages and has been a wonderful opportunity to reach out, encourage and strengthen relationships. 

On Mother’s Day weekend, about 40 of our UBC ladies enjoyed a scrumptious morning tea at the Turners Beach Berry Patch in their yurt.  As Mother’s Day and May Mission Month both share the month of May we were blessed on Mother’s Day to have a mission visit from Andy and hear of the work he is doing in Southeast Asia.  

Our winter table tennis competition has once again commenced on Monday evenings.  

From the pulpit 
Over the course of the last few months, we were challenged and encouraged by Pastor Louis and Lyn McKay as they preached a series titled “Called”. 

Home in glory 
We were saddened to hear of the passing of our dear sister Ivy Priestley. We give thanks to the Lord for the blessing that she was to our UBC family and all who knew her.  

Ulverstone Baptist Church
Ulverstone Baptist Church

Wynyard Baptist Church

Pastor Changes 
In 2023, Franz Brosch started the role of associate Pastor at Wynyard. Before that, he grew up in Germany in the southwest region. He always believed in God, but when it comes to Jesus and the Gospel it was in secondary school that his understanding grew. He was baptised as an adult to affirm that commitment. Recently, Pastor Owen Muskett retired after 10 years of service and the church affirmed Franz in taking Owen’s role as successor. God has led Franz and Heidi in ways that they had never expected. Pray for the church in this time of transition, and with the added challenge of Franz completing his studies.


City Baptist Church

Community and adventure! 
The City Baptist community has enjoyed a few adventures this year. We ventured out for a baptism at Low Head (see pictures), we joined the Marginata community in Evandale for a Taize gathering, and the Launceston Easter Festival happened on our front lawn.

The community garden (St Leonards) continues to flourish, providing welcome and hospitality to many former refugees. Our church is supporting an ecumenical initiative in Launceston that is focused on providing a safe space for young adults to ask faith questions and build community.

We hope to begin a new seed of faith, fun and community by welcoming parents/carers and their children to a weekly nature play space. This is in partnership with the manager of Utas Inveresk community garden; we are still waiting for the right person/people to help with this initiative.

With our emphasis on prayer lately, we welcome you to pray with us as we seek God’s direction for future steps. 

Latrobe Baptist Church 

Remembering Two Women 
It was a sad couple of months for the Latrobe Church in February and March with the passing of two of our ladies. Both ladies are very sorely missed but we know they are both now at rest with the Lord. 

Anneke Carrasco, (1949 – 2024) passed away suddenly on 26 February after a short illness. She had not been with us long, but her smile and cheeky manner is remembered by all of the church family 

Beryl Rallings (1931-2024) passed away on 26 March. She had been a member of the church for many years. Beryl had a wonderful singing voice and this was mentioned by lots of people at the funeral as something they remembered about her. She was a beautiful Godly woman who loved her Lord and showed that in her life. 

Newstead Baptist

Matu Church
There are five Baptist churches in the Launceston area. In 2020, Rodney and Maddy reached out to connect with the Matu church. That has begun a journey of coming closer into community and being on a journey of growing in relational connection. Now the Matu are based out of Newstead Baptist.  

The Matu meet on Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. The Matu Pastor has had two decades of ministering in church and he has a deep heart to connect with the Pastors around Tasmania.

Summerhill Baptist Church

We are well into our first Alpha with Session Six this Thursday, 9 May. God has blessed us with around 14 people each week, consisting of around eight from our congregation and six seekers. There are a wide range of ages, personalities, and backgrounds, all attending the course for different reasons. There have been some great conversations already, and as relationships and trust develop people are engaging more. 

This doesn’t mean it is without its challenges. There have been times when we believe there has been negative spiritual pressures brought to bear on our groups, sometimes through distractions, discouragements, physical disruptions and recalling deep emotional experiences.

But we are hugely grateful to God, not only for the opportunities to reach out and share the gospel but also in the incredible ways he is working in so many in his church here. Many supporters bring along beautiful food each week, with so many praying for the team and guests alike. May the Holy Spirit be at work through each one for the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. (Luke 19:10) 


Citywide Mornington, Lenah Valley, Levendale and Nepalese

We have been sad to say goodbye to three of our long-term members in April. Ed Straatsma, Patsy Appleby and Neil Broomhead all served their Lord and his Church faithfully throughout their lives.  We praise God for them and rejoice that they are now with Jesus. 

We have been blessed and excited to witness two baptisms in the last month: Anya Evenhuis and Brendan Isaac have testified to their faith and been baptised – much to the delight of family and church friends. 

We have re-launched a fellowship in Levendale under the care of Paul Dare.  They are now able to receive our streamed services from Citywide.  It’s a small beginning and we are praying for God to move amongst the people in that district. 

Again, this year we ran a fun festival for the community at Lenah Valley.  It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot of connections.  Each year we are encouraged by the numbers of people who express their appreciation for the opportunities they have to express their thanks to people who have served our country and to celebrate together our freedoms and culture.  The morning is a good expression of community. 

Dinner Together 
For the rest of this year, we have offered an invitation for other Baptist churches in Hobart to join us in our monthly Dinners Together.  Our goal in this is to build a stronger community across our churches and get to know each other better. This month there were 65 involved which included 11 from Hobart Baptist.  

All southern churches are invited to join us as we run the Foundations course again. The course runs over 12 weeks, offering both lunch time and evening classes weekly.  This is a discipleship journey looking at God, Ourselves, Others and the World. Register on our website.


The church is growing by 10 percent every year, and we’re up to 90 people at services, but we only have 70 chairs, so this is a good problem to have. 

Claremont Baptist Church

Window on Witness
Last Christmas time, we wanted to make a display that would draw people back to the “reason for the season” so we set about to make a nativity scene outside the church. Everyone was involved, the men with bits of wood and things, the ladies with craft materials. The stable, a donated cubby house, grew to accommodate wisemen and shepherds, a sheep and donkey. Time came to dismantle the display and we found the stable was now too heavy to move!  
We now have a window to dress, and this has opened up a range of creative ideas. We try to change the display every six weeks. Dog walkers, people waiting at the bus stop and cars passing by are looking in the window and taking notice! 
The church asked for poppies to be made for an Anzac Day tribute, below, and over 900 knitted, crochet, paper and felt poppies were made by the ladies!

This Easter, beside wonderful worship services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday we reintroduced the Dawn Service on the Montrose Foreshore. We’d like to call it a “sunrise service” but clouds shrouded the sun. Nonetheless it was a wonderful morning with participants from five different churches in the Northern Suburbs, worshipping and praying for our community together. 

We have been blessed over the past six months to see a gradual increase at Sunday morning worship services from around 25 to well over 40 some mornings. Our Sunday School is active and vibrant again thanks to a new dedicated teacher. God hears and he answers prayer! 

Hobart Baptist Church

Luminous Festival 
Winter is when things generally get quiet. At Hobart it is our busy time. It is a positive way to interact with Dark Mofo in a positive way. Theme is Sacred Tasmania the links between sacred and sustainability in Tasmania. We have representatives of Parliament coming to our church. To register, visit the website.  

Esteem Coffee Shop 
Esteem Coffee’s customer base has been growing, but somewhat incremental. Starting this week the coffee shop will be offering all hot drinks for $3 for everyone. And… in July they will trial a ‘pay it forward’ scheme. This will begin with 100 hot drinks to give away.
So, if you would like a drink, you cannot pay for your own cup because it is already paid for! But if you would like to pay it forward for someone else, they will add it to the running total and keep offering everyone free cups of coffee until the running total lowers to zero.

Luminous Sacred Tasmania poster

Around the Churches April-May 2024

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Around the Churches October-November 2023

reCharge NEWS April 2024

ReCharge News April 2024


    Church Pastor Wanted

    Part-time Pastor wanted at Gateway Baptist, Launceston 

    Gateway Baptist Church is seeking a pastor to begin in August 2024.
    The position is for 20 hours per week with the responsibility of leading the church through organising Sunday meetings, preaching the Word, prayerfully advising the Church Council on all aspects of church life, pastoring the congregation, overseeing ministries within the church and liaising with Tas Baptists.  

    The church is blessed with several people who are able to assist the pastor with preaching and other leadership duties. This congregation of approximately 40 adults needs a leader who will encourage and shepherd them as they reach out to the unsaved people of Launceston and its surrounds. 

    The church is strongly Bible-based with morning and evening services offered. It is mission-minded, with not only overseas work being undertaken in Thailand and Haiti, but also local missions in the areas of supporting the homeless, prison fellowship, courts chaplaincy, arts & craft experiences and Baptist Basketball. At present, the church doesn’t have a youth group but has a Sunday School of 6-8 primary-aged children.

    A Church with a Heart for People

    This church which has a rich history has been around for almost 150 years and is a ‘church in the heart of the city with a heart for its people’, being centrally located in Launceston. It has a multi-million dollar campus, comprising a wonderful traditional cathedral-style auditorium, church hall which currently functions as an art gallery and features an industrial kitchen with six upstairs rooms, an old stables area which has been converted to a Sunday School and Youth Ministry area and a former old hotel beside the main building which is leased to a Christian welfare organisation called Shekinah House.  

    A Nepali Christian Fellowship of approximately 35 people is also incorporated in Gateway Launceston. They have their own pastoral leader and hold their meetings on Saturday mornings.  

    For more information contact Ps Noel Eagling 0447 555 335 or by email at or contact Jeremy van Engen, Council Chair on 0439 386 459 or by email at 

    GATEWAY BAPTIST Launceston Tasmania

    Fostering Hope Mentoring Program

    Training Day on Saturday, 4 May

    Fostering Hope is a community organisation whose work comes from the teachings of Jesus in the bible to visit and care for orphans and widows; to put the lonely in families, to love the fatherless, to care for children, and to love neighbours.  

    Through their Mentoring Program, Fostering Hope seeks to provide a “friend with purpose” for kids in care. If you want to make a difference to kids lives through mentoring, Fostering Hope can equip you with training, connect you with a child and provide you with ongoing support as you mentor. In just a few hours a month, you can significantly impact the life of a child in care for the better. 

    Register here for the next Fostering Hope Training Day on Saturday, 4 May in Launceston, from 10am-4pm.

    Sessions are provided for free and offer morning/afternoon tea and lunch.

    To find out more about mentoring, check out Fostering Hope’s website or watch this short video that explains mentoring here. You can also share this printable flyer with your church and friends.

    Contact Anthea Maynard for more information at or scan the QR code below.

    Fostering Hope Mentor Training Day info

    Job Opportunity

    Spiritual Care Coordinator RAC & RL Karingal 

    Baptcare is looking for an experienced, articulate and competent Spiritual Care Professional to work as part of the staff team at Karingal Residential Aged Care, Residential Living and Orana Community in Devonport, Tasmania.      

    This position is part time (four days a week).   

    Baptcare is a purpose driven and faith-based organisation that provide residential and community care for older people and support to children, families, and people with disability, financially disadvantaged people and people seeking asylum. 

    For more information visit Baptcare’s website.

    Tas Baptists Mid-Year Assembly

    Saturday, 11 May 

    The Tas Baptists May Assembly is coming up very fast! Have you registered your church yet? Assembly is a time for encouragement and gathering as a community. Assembly papers have gone out to Church Secretaries this week via email. 

    WHEN: Saturday 11th May at Riverlands Longford 
    COST: Morning tea and Lunch TBC 

    Tasmanian Baptist churches are eligible to have at least two voting delegates in attendance, plus pastors and Tas Baptist Council Members. An additional delegate is eligible to come for churches with more than 50 active members. Others interested in coming are welcome to attend as non-delegates; however, all attendees do need to register. 

    Registrations are due by email to at the Tasmanian Baptist office by COB Friday 3 May. 


    Baptist Mission Month

    May 2024

    May Mission Month is coming soon… And this year, the theme is Mending! No matter where we are, we can join God in mending a beautiful, broken world. We don’t bring healing in our strength—we are co-menders with God in Jesus Christ, our Healer and Savior. Let’s unite in partnership with Baptist Mission Australia‘s intercultural teams and get excited about all that God is doing through His people in neighbourhoods near and far. We can only do it together! Explore all the resources: 

    Image for Baptist Mission Australia May Mission Month 2024

    Earth Day 2024

    Earth Day is held each year on April 22. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally. This year’s official theme is “Planet vs. Plastics.”

    As Tas Baptists, reminding each other about Earth Day is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our support for protecting our environment and this beautiful home of ours in Tasmania – as good stewards of the land!

    Living with Loss seminar

    One-day seminar on ‘Living with Loss’

    New Mornings is hosting a one-day seminar on ‘Living with Loss’ on Saturday, 20 April, 9.30AM – 3.00PM at the Gnomon Pavillion – Wharf Precinct, Wharf Rd, Ulverstone. 

    The seminar is for community members and professionals to understand mental health and grief-related challenges. Attendees will learn strategies to support those living with loss. The training aims to offer community support, education, hope and encouragement.  

    Keynote speakers include local psychologist, Tracey Martin-Cole, and well-known Tasmanian restaurateur, mental health advocate and baby-loss mum, Bianca Welsh.   

    Register on  Eventbrite or contact Prue Arnot, Grief Support Coordinator, New Mornings on 0492 232 363 or 6411 6212.  New Mornings is a not for profit, mental health service supporting Northwest Tasmania.

    Peacemaking Amidst Conflict 

    Rev. Dr Yohanna Katanacho speaks on a Palestinian Theology of Peacemaking

    Langham Partnership Australia is presenting a unique opportunity to hear from Rev. Dr Yohanna Katanacho speak on a Palestinian theology of peacemaking amidst conflict. 

    Yohanna is an evangelical theologian living in the heart of the current Israeli-Gaza conflict. He is from Nazareth Evangelical College and is a Langham Scholar and the author of Praying Through the Psalms and Reading the Gospel of John Through Palestinian Eyes. 
    Yohanna will share important insights to help people pray for the situation in Israel/Palestine at two separate meetings. 
    6.30pm on Wednesday 8 May at Ridley College 
    170 The Avenue, Parkville.  
    This event is also being live-streamed so anyone can join in. 
    Register HERE for the Melbourne event or livestream. 
    Hear Yohanna and also enjoy dessert and coffee. 
    7.30pm on Friday 10 May at Scots Church, 44 Margaret St Sydney. The Church is right next to Wynyard train station, and parking stations are also nearby. 
    Cost $40 
    Register HERE for the Sydney event. 

    For more information visit the Langham website 

    Baptcare visits Citywide

    Baptcare highlights its community service work in Tasmania 

    Community service organisation Baptcare spoke at Citywide church recently about their work in Tasmania. Baptcare introduced their foster care, youth and mental health programs, and started a conversation about how people might contribute to their work in Tasmania. 

    Watch their presentation here:

    Baptcare’s foundations can be traced back to Victoria in 1945 when a group of Baptist women joined together to raise £4,000 in a time of war to open Australia’s first Baptist home for older people.  

    The work established the Strathalan aged care residence, which has grown into a thriving community that continues today.  

    It’s this missional spirit from local Baptist communities that founded the local services in Tasmania and has become part of Baptcare of today. Baptcare has over 300 staff in the state working across family and young people, mental health and disability programs as well as an aged care facility, social and in-home care support that operates out of Devonport. 

    Baptcare’s mission is partnering for fullness of life with people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and circumstances and vision of creating communities where every person is cherished.

    This mission has seen thousands of vulnerable people supported since Baptcare started in the state nearly 15 years ago. The organisaion also hopes to be able to set up a volunteering program in the near future to reduce social isolation of people suffering from mental ill-health. 

    One rewarding way to support young people is by becoming a respite or foster carer through Baptcare.

    Find out more on their website or email or to speak to Rachel on 0417 196 605. 

    BCSANT ‘walking together’

    Baptist Churches SA & NT launches new name and logo

    Baptists across South Australia and the Northern Territory are walking together into the future as one association, Baptist Churches of South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

    This amalgamation follows decisions from the respective Assemblies of Baptist Churches of South Australia and Baptist Union of the Northern Territory late last year to formally bring the two organisations together. Our two associations had worked together in partnership since 2010. 

    Having overseen the process, our Director of Ministries, Melinda Cousins, is excited by the opportunities at hand. 

    “We have much to learn from one another as we walk together, with our shared heart that more people might come to know Jesus, and that each local church will be better supported and equipped to follow Him in their unique context.” 

    Check out their new website or watch this video:

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    ReCharge News April 2024

    Recharge Articles 2024

    Around the Churches, February-March 2024

    he Churches February-March 2024


    Around the Churches, February-March 2024


    Farewell Rev Alan J L Neate 

    The Rev Alan J L Neate died on 2 March 2024. Alan began his ministerial life as a student pastor at Port Kembla and Lugarno before serving as pastor at Wagga Wagga, Broken Hill South, Liverpool and Auburn Baptist Churches in New South Wales as well in ministering in Ashfield as Director of Religious Education.

    He and his wife Lillian and family moved to Tasmania and pastored Central Baptist in Launceston from February 1974 to October 1980 before moving to Victoria and pastoring Bendigo Baptist Church from 1980-1987 and then Wodonga District Baptist Church from 1987-1992. Alan was the President of the Baptist Union of Victoria in 1988-1989.

    Alan was a pastor who regularly visited the congregation in their homes and was a much loved preacher. Born in NSW on 16 September 1926, he was converted during a CSSM beach mission and years later was baptised and joined a Baptist church. 

    Prior to training at the NSW Baptist College from 1949, he worked for the Commonwealth Bank for seven years. Here Tasmania he was President of the Baptist Union. He served on many Councils and Committees of the various Baptist Associations. He was lovingly supported by his wife Lillian (dec.) throughout his ministry. 

    He’s was never afraid to tell people they need Jesus Christ in their lives.

    “I like to preach for a verdict,” he once explained. “People have been saved in a communion service because I’ve stopped to explain what communion was about.

    “Although, I don’t see myself as a red-hot evangelist, and I regularly use others who can put the net out.”

    For him the keys to church growth were the effective exposition of God’s Word and genuine pastoral care by the pastor, the pastor’s wife and others. One of his children, Margaret, Christian educator with the ABMS both in Timor and Indonesia, became well known to us Tasmanian Baptists.  – Laurie Rowston

    Around the Churches, February-March 2024



    Wynyard Baptist Church

    Church Events

    The Wynyard Church and Sunday School picnic at the Railway Institute Hall was an enjoyable day for all ages and the “Just Girls” group enjoyed a day out at Kaydale Gardens recently. 

    Approximately 90 people met for a special Chat n Choose morning tea and fellowship on Thursday, 14 March. The event was to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Chat n Choose. It was a great opportunity for past and present ladies to get together. Chat n Choose women meet every Thursday morning during school term for morning tea and various crafts.

    The annual Harvest Thanksgiving Auction and dinner fundraiser held in March was a great success and enjoyed by everyone that attended.

    Wynyard Chat n Choose 30 yr anniversary
    Chat n Choose 30 year anniversary at Wynyard

    READ Wynyard’s Church Profile >


    BBQ Lunch

    Members from our congregation opened their home and provided a BBQ lunch on Sunday, 25 February at Hellyer Beach. The time together was enjoyable, despite the rather gusty conditions.

    • Yolla Baptist church BBQ lunch at Hellyer Beach
    • Yolla Baptist church BBQ lunch at Hellyer Beach
    • Yolla Baptist church BBQ lunch at Hellyer Beach


    Christmas Day Lunch 2023 

    It was a privilege for Ulverstone church to host a Christmas Day Lunch, with 58 people attending. Illness kept a few from coming. All who attended were well fed, with leftovers to take home. A Christmas message was presented, and a small gift, with a take home message, was given out to attendees. 

    Leadership Vision Day Retreat 2024 

    On Saturday 17 February Ulverstone held a Leadership Vision Day Retreat. Attendees were blessed by a time of praise and worship, and prayer. The group completed a survey, followed by a time of discussion. Nick Booth from Romaine Park blessed everyone with his sharing, then this was followed by a yummy lunch and further discussion. 

    Church Family News 

    As a church family, Ulverstone continue to enjoy the warmth of summer and fellowship as they gather each month after the Sunday morning service for a picnic at Fairway Park. 

    In November they celebrated with Abbey and Cameron Hingson with the safe arrival of their sweet son Rory Mac Hingston. Rory’s timely arrival meant that he was able to attend the celebration of his Great Grandparents, John and Glenys Preston’s 60th wedding anniversary in December. 

    From the Pulpit 

    A new catch phrase “Believing for more in 2024”, has seen the church be challenged. The church has been reminded, over the last few weeks – by Pastor Louis, Lyn McKay and John Sypkes – how each person has been called according to His purpose. 


    View of Burnie; Around the Churches October-November 2023

    Farewell Ian Joyce

    Ian Joyce passed away on Friday, 23 February, aged 102. He was a long serving member of Burnie Baptist for many decades. Ian and his wife Fay moved away from Burnie to down-size and be nearer to family about 15 years ago.

    In 1983, Ian was made Life Deacon after serving as Deacon and Elder over many years.
    In 1984, he was inducted as Associate Pastor, a role he served for 10 years until his wife Faye took a position with Lifeline in Broken Hill. In Broken Hill, Ian served as Pastor of Broken Hill Baptist Church. He returned to burnie after four years. He continued to preach occasionally.

    After moving to nearby Penguin, Ian and Faye faithfully fellowshipped at the Penguin Uniting Church. Ian continued to be a faithful servant until his passing.

    Photo of Ian Edward Joyce

    Around the Churches February-March 2024


    Mornington, Lenah Valley, Nepali

    Citywide Church Banner

    Summer Teaching Series 

    Throughout January we were challenged and inspired by different speakers sharing from their faith journeyings.  We were blessed! 

    Finalising Carpet Replacement 

    Great rejoicing! We finished replacing the old, worn carpeting throughout the building at Mornington; As a result, the new carpet looks so much better.  Praise God for his provision through the generosity of his people. 

    Dinner Together

    Over 50 people gathered in various homes to share the first of our pot luck Dinner Together meals this year.  We will be changing the way we do this for the rest of the year, in that we are aiming to meet in our own suburb with Christians from other Baptist churches in our area – a way of getting to know others in God’s family who live near us.   

    Citywide pot luck dinner
    Potluck Dinner Together meals at Citywide

    Child Safe Workshop 

    Several of our leaders have joined with other churches in our area to workshop the changes in Legislation together. This is a significant area of risk for us and facing the compliance responsibilities is a challenge.

    Mission Foci 

    In January, our focus was on Aboriginal Day and the needs of our indigenous people of our land. February featured the 12 children we sponsor through Baptist World Aid, Compassion and REHOCH children’s home in Zambia. In March, we are centring on our support of two remote rural pastors in Nepal, and hearing of their work and the people they care for. 

    READ Citywide’s Church Profile >


    Claremont Baptist church

    Church Growth

    In the past few months Claremont Baptist has been quietly growing in numbers. This is a great joy and answer to prayer. 

    READ Claremont’s Church Profile >


    Esteem Cafe

    Esteem Cafe, operated by Kelvin Smith, is bringing a quiet but steady stream of people into the new space at Hobart Baptist Church. After the success of the Long Table dinners and Market Stall days, Kelvin is now turning his attention to starting weekday groups, between 8am and 2pm. Groups include English Conversation and Story Telling. Esteem is still waiting for kitchen approvals before progressing to being a full cafe.

    Long Table dinner at Esteem


    The year began with an Info Session and pre-planning session for Luminous 2024 festival, held in June every year. Luminous seeks to open a space for discussion, develop thought and shine a gentle and welcoming light on profound and foundational questions in a way that is life-giving and unifying. 

    The festival brings art and conversations together through the theme of Christmas within its original context of the dark and cold of winter. This provides and opportunity to celebrate the rich themes of light and hope, which often go missing in an Australian summer Christmas.

    Luminous Sacred Tasmania poster

    READ Hobart’s Church Profile >

    Around the Churches February-March 2024

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    Around the Churches October-November 2023


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    Around the Churches October-November 2023

    reCharge NEWS February 2024


      Being Human Webinar

      What does it mean to be human?

      In this webinar, Karl Faase is being joined by Jo Frost to look at the question, What does it mean to be human. Jo Frost is Author of the book and video series, ‘Being Human’ and will grapple with the idea of what it is to view the world through the Being Human lens. She will consider questions such as What is Jesus on about when he offers us ‘life to the full’? And look at the cultural stories are shaping our identity. Also, what makes humanity unique and what is the invitation that God extends? 

      On Tuesday, 12 March 2024 at 7pm  


      Trauma Recovery Course

      Reboot Trauma Recovery

      This three-day, faith-based course is focused on healing from trauma.  While aimed at Service-related trauma, REBOOT courses are being offered to the wider community suffering from all forms of trauma. This includes victims of crime, DV, childhood trauma, disability, grief and ongoing illness.
      One veteran on average dies by suicide every 2 weeks, making suicide amongst our service community is at an epidemic.

      Free to attend. Childcare is not available. For more info contact Andy & Zoe Cullen: 0420 462 845 or email:

      From Wednesday 13, March to Friday, 15 March
      9am to 2pm
      (Graduation Ceremony on Friday night, 6pm – 8pm)  

      At Wrest Point Hotel Hobart, Drysdale Room – 410 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay 


      Heartlands Summer 2024 – out now

      By Women, for Women

      Heartlands is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of Tasmanian women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

      Read more…

      Heartlands News

      New College Roadshow

      Frank W Boreham College launch

      The Frank W Boreham College will be launched on 5 March at Hobart Baptist Church.  It will provide ministry and theological education, training, and reflection for our pastors, leaders, and members across Tasmania. Realising this exciting vision means Tasmanian Baptists now have the capacity to provide qualified training within the State.

      The new college is made possible by a partnership with both Kairos and Whitley.

      David will visit the state in early March and travel to all three regions to discuss what further theological education can look like, from diploma to doctorate. He will explain the Kairos subscription-based education model of learning. This model surrounds each student with a team of mentors who, along with the student, determine the student’s education and formation pathway.   

      The following informal evenings are open to anyone. 

      • Wednesday 6 March 7.30pm at Hobart Baptist Church
        Hosted by Stephen Baxter, 0417 313 273  
      • Thursday 7 March 7.30pm at Newstead Baptist Church
        Hosted by Dan Hutchison, 0457 765 907  
      • Friday 8 March 7.30pm at Burnie Baptist Church
        Hosted by Matty Coppin, 9484 064 490  

      Please contact Stephen, Dan, or Matty, ASAP if you plan to attend. 

      Hear about the Kairos subscription-based education model of learning

      Have you thought of Mentoring?  

      Fostering Hope Info Session for Mentoring

      Interested in being a mentor for a child growing up in foster care?
      Do you know someone in your church community who would be a great mentor?  
      Fostering Hope is a Tasmanian Christian organisation caring for children growing up in out-of-home care (foster and kinship care) and currently has children waiting for mentors. 

      Mentoring online information session: Tuesday, 27 February at 12:00pm.  

      This short movie explains how mentoring can make a difference and could be perfect to show at your Sunday service or small group meeting.   

      The Mentoring Program is for children growing up in care. The program recruits, trains, screens and then matches Christian mentors with a child.  

      For children growing up in care, there are lots of adults in their life who are paid to be there. Mentors are someone who chooses to turn up and be there for a child regardless of what’s gone on for them. It is powerful for both the child and the mentor.  

      Every relationship is designed around the child and mentor. The regular time commitment is dependent on the mentor’s availability.  

      Upcoming training days are Saturday, 2 March in Launceston and Saturday, 16 March in Hobart.

      Register online here  or email if you have questions.  

      Interested in being a mentor for a child growing up in foster care?

      City Prayer

      Church Together Prayer Meetings for Hobart

      Church Together invites all Christians to attend their monthly prayer meetings for the city in 2024. 

      Upcoming Church Together prayer meetings for 2024:  
      – 28 February at Hobart City Church of Christ (8 Goulburn St, Hobart) 
      – 27 March at Hobart Baptist Church (282 Elizabeth St, Nth Hobart) 

      Arrive at 7.15am for a 7.30am start. Finishes at 8.30am.  

      Prayer meetings will continue throughout 2024 on the last Wednesday of the month. Contact Sharyn Hill on 0409 855 880 or email 

      Plan to pray and gather together as His Church across Hobart

      Workshop for churches on CYSOF

      New Child and Youth Safe Organisation Framework legislation 

      Olive Road and Fostering Hope are running a workshop on Child and Youth Safe Organisation Framework (CYSOF) legislation. 

      The workshop is on Thursday, the 14 March 2024 at the Grace Centre, Rokeby,  from 9.30pm to 2.30pm. 

      The workshop will provide an opportunity for attendees to grapple with the new CYSOF legislation and to share resources and ideas to develop the required policies and processes that will ensure ongoing compliance with the new Framework.   

      Anyone from not-for-profit organisations and churches in Hobart would benefit from this workshop to gain a better understanding of the new legislation.

      Time will be given to the new Reportable Conduct Scheme and new strict timeframes on reporting to the regulator. The workshop will also focus on how organisations or churches might comply with the ten Child and Youth Safe Standards.   

      If you, or someone within your organisation or church, are keen to attend, or if a weekend or evening session would suit better, contact Mary Blake, Exec. Officer, Fostering Hope on m. 0423 365 988 or email

      There’s more information about the Child and Youth Safe Organisations Framework here

      Kids playing outside
      Working for a Child and Youth Safe Organisation

      Gaza Crisis Update

      From Baptist World Aid Australia

      Around 1.9 million people in Gaza have been displaced since the war started three months ago, when Hamas launched a terrorist attack on innocent civilians in Israel. 

      People are sheltering in overcrowded school buildings, churches, and medical centres; some are even pitching tents on the street. This has left families vulnerable as winter hits, with temperatures dropping down to 10 degrees at night. 

      Gaza is also experiencing a healthcare crisis.  

      Baptist World Aid Partners in the region are distributing aid to families, including medical items, medicines, hygiene kits, mattresses and blankets, and food packages. They are also continuing to provide medical supplies and other essentials to families in the West Bank and Lebanon, where civil unrest and violent attacks are rising.  

      Here is a lament written late last year as preparation to pray for protection and relief for families in the Middle East.  

      If you’d like to consider giving, visit Baptist World Aid here. 

      Gaza war damage photo by Mohamad Zaanoun, International Health Partners
      Gaza war damage photo by Mohamad Zaanoun, International Health Partners

      New Pastor Welcome

      Matu Christian Church welcome Rev Kosen

      Rev. Maddy Svoboda from Summerhill Baptist welcomed Mr Kosen to Matu Christian Church on Sunday, 4 February.

      Matu Christian Church meet every Sunday afternoon at Newstead Baptist Church at 2pm. 

      Free One-Day Workshop

      S.A.N.C.T.U.A.R.Y approach to family violence

      The Anglican Diocese of Tasmania is offering a free one-day workshop for Church Leaders and Pastoral Carers. The S.A.N.C.T.U.A.R.Y approach to domestic violence is a guide for churches that offers a theologically-informed lens on domestic violence and how individual churches can create safe spaces for women and children who have experienced domestic violence.  

      The intention and prayer of the workshop is that Tasmanian churches reflect God’s care for the abused and vulnerable and that churches be places of safety.  

      S.A.N.C.T.U.A.R.Y Sanctuary logo

      The S.A.N.C.T.U.A.R.Y training can be taken either an person or online and is open to church leaders and pastoral carers from any denomination for use within the local church context. All training materials will be available to those who attend. 

      The workshop is on Saturday, 17 February 2024 at Wellspring Anglican Church, Hobart or online on Saturday, 2 March 2024.  

      Both workshops run from 9:30am to 3pm and include: 
      – Comprehensive information relating to domestic violence 
      – Tactics used by abusers 
      – Impact of family violence on children: brain development, trauma etc. 
      – Spiritual abuse and misuse of scripture to justify or maintain coercive control 
      – Potential theological blockages to reporting domestic abuse 
      – Theology and Biblical messages of love, justice, respect & equality 
      – Exploring what Sanctuary might look like in your church. 

      Ann Herbert is facilitating the workshops. An experienced facilitator and Elder at Citywide Baptist Church, Ann leads Citywide Baptist’s Sanctuary Care ministry. She has previously managed the Social Policy Unit in the Tasmanian Government Department of Premier and Cabinet and oversaw implementation of a wide range of social policies, including the Tasmanian Government’s Family Violence Action Plan. 

      Register here or for more information contact Kristy Crouch on 0403 957 106 or email

      Tasmanian Baptist Calendar 2024 

      Tasmanian Baptist Council24 February
      Pastors and Leaders Muster (Hobart)5-6 March
      Launch of Frank W. Boreham College5 March
      Roadshow (North)7 March
      Roadshow (Northwest)8 March
      Mid-Year Assembly   11 May
      Tasmanian Baptist Council15 June  
      Pastors and Leaders Muster, Family-friendly (Devonport)9-11 July
      Tasmanian Baptist Council7 September
      Pastors and Leaders Muster (Launceston)10-11 September
      Annual Assembly19 October
      Tasmanian Baptist Council16 November

      Foundations Course

      Burnie Baptist hosts one week discipleship course in January

      On Sunday 21 January, Burnie Baptist church welcomed people from all over the world as they hosted a one-week discipleship course called “Foundations.”  Along with Burnie Baptist, four other Tasmanian Baptist Churches, as well as students from India, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil and Canada, joined the ‘whole-of-life’ discipleship course, which is run as either a one week intensive or 10 week course (one night a week, plus two Saturdays). The strongly Bible-based course concluded with a highly successful community festival.   Afterwards, feedback from participants was very positive. Some participants, who had been in the church for many years, said that Foundations gave them a new way of seeing both faith and mission.

      Watch our video of participant reflections here.  As a result, both Citywide Baptist and Burnie Baptist are hoping to run 10-week version of the course later this year. 

      Participating students in the ‘whole-of-life’ discipleship course.
      Participating students in the ‘whole-of-life’ discipleship course.

      SU Schools Sunday in February

      Encouraging students and school staff

      Schools Sunday in February is an excellent way to encourage Christian students and school staff members at the beginning of the year. It’s an opportunity to remember that God goes with students and teachers everyday as they attend school. The day provides churches with an opportunity to set aside time during a Sunday service in February to focus on schools and support young people and the local school community. Scripture Union runs the initiative and also provides resources to support churches as they celebrate the day. Resources are available on the SU website or in their PDF Resource Pack. Additionally, the pack provides different ideas for either a complete intergenerational Sunday service or a short segment within a regular service.  Churches can choose a date early in the school year to celebrate and encourage students and school staff members.

      Schools Sunday supports young people and the local school community.
      Schools Sunday supports young people and the local school community.

      Position Vacant

      Youth and Children’s worker wanted

      Citywide Baptist (Mornington/Lenah Valley) are searching for a Youth and Children’s worker with the ability to think outside the box, lead teams and mentor young people. Click here for details.

      Citywide are looking for someone who wants to make a difference for kids and young people.
      Citywide are looking for someone who wants to make a difference for kids and young people.

      Read More ReCharge

      ReCharge News February 2024

      Aboriginal Sunday 2024

      On 21 January this year, Citywide Baptist Church held Aboriginal Sunday at Risdon Brook Dam.  This is the third year where Citywide has come together to further understand and acknowledge the hurt caused to Aboriginal peoples right up to now.  It continues a Christian tradition that began in 1938.

      This year’s service, held on the Sunday before 26 January, was at Risdon Brook Dam.  

      “Choosing to meet at Risdon Brook Dam is significant. Less than one Kilometre from the site was the first massacre of over 50 Aboriginal people by white settlers in 1804,” said Paul Dare, Aboriginal member of Citywide Baptist Church. 

      “But with God there is always grace and hope. Grace to move forward and hope for what Jesus is doing,” he said. 

      “Through the service we encouraged the congregation to create space, listen to and research Tasmanian Aboriginal history. But also, to be aware of the injustices and inequalities many of our Aboriginal communities face in our nation still,” he said.

      Image of people from Citywide Baptist Church at Aboriginal Sunday on 21 January 2024 at Risdon Brook Dam
      ABOVE: Citywide Baptist Church recognises Aboriginal Sunday at Risdon Brook Dam on 21 January 2024

      Aboriginal Sunday is not new

      On 26 January 1938, Aboriginal leaders including William Cooper, met for a Day of Mourning, seeking equality and full citizenship. Consequently, Australian Churches set aside the day as Aboriginal Sunday (previously called Aborigines’ Day). This is for Christians to act in solidarity with the injustices Aboriginal peoples have experienced. 

      This year over 490 local churches and faith communities marked Aboriginal Sunday and joined in taking up this call to act in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples, according to Common Grace

      Today, the Common Grace movement encourages congregations to reclaim the Day. They provide free Church Resources developed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders to equip churches and faith communities to act in solidarity. 

      Citywide welcomes other Tasmanian churches to join them at their event in 2025.  

      Alternatively, churches and faith communities can sign up on the Common Grace website to receive links to resources for next year. 

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      Around the Churches, Oct-Nov 2023

      Around the Churches October-November 2023

      This is the final Around the Churches for 2023


      RIVERLANDS, Longford

      Stay and Play teaparty

      Stay and Play (playgroup) recently held an all ages tea party at Riverlands on 26 October.  It was attended by little people with their parents/guardians and grandparents and some Riverlands congregational people.  There was lots of yummy morning tea and play and chatter.  

      Associate Pastor

      At our recent members meeting held 29 October, 2023, there was a unanimous decision to renew Liam Conway’s employment contract as Associate Pastor at Riverlands.  We are excited to see what God’s ministry through Liam and his wife Hannah, will bring for Riverlands and the wider community of Longford.  We feel very blessed that they are part of our Riverlands family.

      Driveway resurfacing

      Riverlands recently had a successful government grant which has enabled us to proceed with resurfacing our driveway.  This will improve access and safety for vehicles as they enter and exit our carpark.

      Riverlands driveway, before and after; Around the Churches October-November 2023
      Riverlands Driveway: BEFORE (driving in), and AFTER (driving out)

      Day of Courage

      We at Riverlands were pleased to host the EmpowHer Day of Courage on Saturday 18th November. Over 120 women from many denominations attended, enjoying a wonderful day of encouragement and fellowship. Guest speaker, Rev. Karen Wilson, also launched the Tasmanian cohort of the global Women’s Leaders Network on the day.

      READ Riverland’s Church Profile >


      Perth Baptist Church is a place where we are honouring the church of the past, caring for the church of today, building the church of tomorrow. 

      Celebration services

      There are so many great parts of our church, and so many great people that make this church a wonderful place to be.  Celebration Services take place whenever a 5th Sunday occurs in the month. On 29th October, we dedicated our celebration to Jesus. Following the service, a potluck luncheon was enjoyed.

      Community activities

      Our Hearts & Craft Group, and Men’s Group, continue to foster strong bonds of fellowship and friendship among our members. Our commitment to reaching out to the community remains steadfast through our weekly Bread Run and the Sunday Café.

      Once again this year, we successfully prepared and sent 100 shoeboxes as a part of Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child.

      We had a Rock ‘n’ Roll night on November 11th, with our local Elvis!

      Perth Baptist Rock n roll night

      Farewell Peter

      It is with a heavy heart that we remember our dear friend Peter Wellard from Eskleigh, who peacefully joined his Lord on Monday, October 23rd. Despite battling a debilitating illness, Peter cherished attending worship at Perth Baptist, and his absence will be keenly felt.

      Christmas is coming!

      Preparations are underway for Annual Community Christmas celebration in Perth on December 16th.  This will be a great event to reach and connect with the community. Anyone from the local Baptist churches is welcome to attend.

      Most exciting of all though is the commencement of a weekly prayer meeting just before church each Sunday!

      READ Perth’s Church Profile >

      THE POINT, Beauty Point

      Praising God

      Our founding pastor Ray Hawkins and his wife Mary have moved into full-time care accommodation at Beaconsfield Hospital. Visitors are welcome.

      Dempsey Horton, youth leader form Texas, The Point Baptist, Around the Churches October-November 2023

      We are praising God for growth in the church and an active youth program headed by Dempsey Horton on a 12 month stint from Texas. In late October the young people enjoyed a bonfire night at Holwell, and are leading monthly youth services.

      Our secretary Stephen Clark has had important interactions as chaplain of the local Coastal Patrol.

      Women from The Point stand shoulder-to-shoulder at the Day of Courage

      READ The Point’s Church Profile >

      Around the Churches October-November 2023


      George Town Baptist church building

      Focussing on Children

      We are working very hard to continue with the task of reaching those who are unchurched and uninitiated into the things of Christ. 

      Earlier this year, we established a Sunday School program for the few children who occasioned our Sunday Services, and over time it has continued to grow.  We are the only church in town that offers Sunday School, and as a result, new people have come to the church simply because of that.  It is easy to tell that they have little understanding of what the gospel is all about, and we have been careful to allow them to “soak it in”. 

      All year long, we have declared 2023 to be “The Year of the Child”, and welcome children from the pulpit each and every Sunday.  The first song is always geared to children, and now, the children are preparing presentations to bring where they sing and perform actions to some of the songs themselves. 

      We are using the young people as ushers for receiving the offering prior to dismissing them to their class for the day.  We have been able to add a couple of new workers, but to succeed we will need to double the staff.  Soon, we won’t have room enough in our small building, and will have to find ways to expand. 

      Our other outreaches are functioning well, but reaching the youngest in our town brings the greatest joy of all. 

      READ George Town’s Church Profile >  


      Both the Gospels of Matthew and Mark record the two greatest commandments: To love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength … and to love your neighbour as yourself (Matt 22:378-39; Mark 12:30-31). A tough call but nothing too untoward or controversial.

      Far tougher are the words recorded in Matthew where Jesus told his disciples “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matt 20:18-20)

      Having a go

      As Christians we’ve been commanded to ‘go and make disciples’ and Westbury Baptist Church is seeking to have a go. Our new pastor Matt Holloway, and Lacey, called in April 2022, have rolled up their sleeves and they along with support from the church congregation are seeking to have a determined ‘slash’. There’s a common story of declining church numbers across many congregations in Tasmania and God willing, we intend to keep our church open.

      Without fail, Matt’s sermons focus on this mandate and the church has over the past year set in place a number of programs to make the vision of ‘making HIM better known’ a reality in the Westbury Community.

      Westbury Baptist, Around the Churches October-November 2023
      mainly music; Westbury Baptist tent at the Westbury Show

      Here is what’s happening:

      • Lacey heads up an enthusiastic team delivering ‘Mainly Music’ to preschool aged students and their carers/parents.
      • Nancy Morgan and her team deliver a fortnightly ‘Kids Club Program’ to primary aged kids in the local community.
      • Mary Baker and Matt Holloway have organised ‘Movie Nights’ for kids and their families in the Church.
      • Weekly ‘Fellowship Groups’ have been re-invigorated, with the latest study focussing on ‘discipleship’.
      • Mary Baker has a weekly Chat ‘n Choose meeting for women interested in crafts.
      • The Men’s 8 Ball competition led by Syd (master cue) West and Roger (pockets) Reinmuth have plans to attract local men to the church.
      • Matt is working towards forming a Pastoral Care Group of volunteers.
      • And finally, Ken Green and helpers had a presence at the local Westbury Show on 11 November!

      We value your prayers

      We are not a youthful congregation. But we are focussed, and if God intends, we seek to build the church in Westbury and be a witness to the hope we have in Jesus.

      Leadership Group, Westbury Baptist Church

      Around the Churches October-November 2023



      Caring for those in need

      JUST GIRLS enjoyed a day out in Devonport recently when they visited Home Hill, the historic home of Joe and Enid Lions. Then they went on to some retail therapy at the Christian book shop.

      The Hub continues to provide food items to those in need on Mondays and Fridays each week.

      Our church and Chat n Choose have sent 253 Samaritans Purse Shoe boxes this year.

      Wynyard Baptist Church

      READ Wynyard’s Church Profile >


      The Bible Society

      It was a joy to host and join with the churches and community groups of Ulverstone, raising awareness and fundraising for the Bible Society with their annual Festival of Word and Song. A collection was taken up with this year’s funds supporting aid work in Syria and Türkiye.

      Social Activities

      Our seniors continue to meet on the first Friday of each month to enjoy fellowship, morning tea, sing, and listen to several guest speakers.

      Both ladies and men have enjoyed a breakfast over the winter months with guest speakers, Bronwyn Waterhouse and Peter Bennet sharing their heart.

      Our UBC men have also continued to enjoy their monthly Men’s Events.

      October Prayer Gatherings

      Throughout the month of October each Monday evening we used our regular prayer gathering evenings to stand in the gap and pray specifically for prayer needs within our church family.

      Father’s Day

      This Father’s Day, we supported the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship and raised a total of $1850.00. This money will assist in fuelling life-saving flights in some of the worlds most isolated communities and will also give an opportunity for people to receive the Good News of God’s love.

      Kids Church

      Having our UBC kids in our service is simply delightful. In October our Kids Church kids took over the service, sharing what they had been learning and doing throughout the year. This year they took part in filling shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse and were active in dedicating the boxes in our service.

      From the Pulpit

      Over the past months we have enjoyed been challenged by the teachings of Pastor Louis, Lyn McKay, Greg Venz, Laurie Rowston, Stephen and Jocelyn Head, Ken Collyer and Nerrelie Cann. Listen to UBC sermon podcast >


      The Burnie 10
      Sunday, 29th October
      Burnie Baptist opened up for athletes for the ‘Burnie 10’. 

      This is an annual opportunity to show hospitality to local, national and international runners, provide a secure place for personal belongings, and chat to the runners as they come in before, and also after, the race when recovery refreshments were provided.

      View of Burnie; Around the Churches October-November 2023
      A view over Burnie

      Around the Churches October-November 2023



      Mornington/Lenah Valley/Nepali/lEVENDALE

      Church Camp

      At the end of September, 140 people attended our annual Church Camp at Poatina – a well-serviced spot to get away to.  One of the highlights was our annual Nepal vs Rest of the World soccer game. It was won this year by The Rest of the World – surprisingly!   

      Matt Garvin challenged us with some fresh thoughts from his new book (not released yet) about true community, and what is the Biblical expression of the Gospel? – based on Jesus’ prayer in John 17. 

      Citywide Baptist - church camp and Mal Garvin memorial service; Around the Churches October-November 2023

      Mal Garvin

      A major event for Citywide was the death and Memorial Service for Mal Garvin.  What a man of God he was!  What a legacy he has left!  And what influence he has left in many lives.
      Citywide Mornington was full, with around 300 people attending and staying on for lunch.

      Empower Her Day of Courage

      Many of our ladies attended the Day of Courage at Longford.  They prepared the prayer stations for the Baptist women’s global Day of Prayer. 

      Mission Trip to Nepal

      Pastor Paul Rai from our Nepali congregation has been ministering in Nepal through the month of November, particularly regions in the South West and South East where our mission focus is to support the rural pastors.  He conducted 15 baptisms, led several seminars, taught and encouraged hundreds of pastors, leaving a trail of blessing behind him.  Citywide has been praying daily in his itinerary, for safety, protection and anointing. 

      READ Citywide’s Church Profile >


      Open Day

      Our members were very busy over the past few months growing seedlings, succulents, bulbs and other shrubs. These were in preparation for another Open Day in October, when our community could drop by, enjoy a free sausage sizzle and a cuppa in the tea room. We sold the plants, seeds and some craft.

      Torrential rain made for a soggy BBQ, however indoors was warm and welcoming.  There was a lovely atmosphere and it was good to spend some time chatting to folk who might usually just walk on by. We trust the seeds sold  will be seeds sown for the kingdom. 

      Claremont Baptist church

      New growth

      This past month we were delighted to welcome Hazel Mohan into membership. It was also a blessing to baptise Ellie Fitz-Gerald. 

      ICC* members have been joining us for worship services and have brought a breath of vitality and enthusiasm that has enhanced our worship. We are learning Hindi words to old favourite songs, and the influx of under 18’s has reinvigorated the Kidz Klub.

      We look forward to growing and maturing in faith together. 

      READ Claremont’s Church Profile >

      *Inter-Cultural Church

      Around the Churches October-November 2023


      Long Table Banquets

      On Sunday 22nd October, Hobart Baptist church was again the venue for the monthly Long Table Banquet. This time featuring Burmese (Karen) food. Thanks to Kelvin (host), Elle (event organiser), and Say Wah (chef) for all their work!

      Hpbart Baptist Church long table; Around the Churches October-November 2023
      Long Table Banquet – Burmese (Karen)

      Youth on Sundays

      The youth meet for Bible study and prayer during the 10am service most Sundays. This lilvely session is ably led by Kelvin Smith and Scott Ambrose. The group has gradually grown and is now hosting up to 15 youth!

      OCC shoe boxes

      We had our shoebox packing day for Operation Christmas Child on Saturday 28th October. The boxes were then prayed for during the 10am service, and sent on their way on Sunday 29th October. This year our congregation contributed 32 shoeboxes.

      Karen Wilson visits

      Rev. Karen Wilson

      We were pleased to host President of the Baptist World Alliance Women, Rev. Karen Wilson on Sunday 19th October after she had spoken at the Day of Courage at Riverlands.

      Karen shared her wisdom on “Seeing Differently”, based on the story about Elisha’s servant whose eyes were opened to see the hillsides surrounded by chariots of fire, as told in 2 Kings 6.

      READ Hobart’s Church Profile >

      Around the Churches October-November 2023

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      October/November 2023

      Around the Churches October-November 2023


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      Around the Churches October-November 2023

      Around the Churches, August-September 2023

      Around the Churches August-September 2023

      Every two months you can catch up with the latest news in Tasmanian Baptist Churches.



      Texan Visit 2023

      For the 11th time in 14 years The Point Baptist hosted a Texan mission trip. Chris and Heather Horton, from the Lake Fork district, east of Dallas, headed the visit.

      This year Chris and Heather were accompanied by daughter Dempsey, and her good friend Heaven. Dempsey has stayed on for 12 months to lead the youth work in the church.

      The Point Chruch profile, Texan visit 2023
      Texans at Launceston Gorge; Chris speaks at the Men’s Night; Heaven (L) and Dempsey (R)

      Over three weeks in July, numerous events included men, women and children, all with the aim of sharing Jesus. After great family concert, the youth held an impromptu and very entertaining karaoke session. The school holiday basketball camp connected with local youth.

      Reconnecting with people was a real focus of the trip. It was encouraging to see some on the fringe of the fellowship attending church again. No commitments to faith in Jesus were made during the trip, however, our experience is these often follow later.

      Additionally, the encouragement and connection of the fellowship generally, and especially the youth, should not be under-estimated with these efforts. The launching of our new youth work, with Dempsey leading, is especially exciting.

      We are thankful to the Lord Jesus for His patience with us and the blessings of seeing people saved through the sharing of His word.

      CITY, Launceston

      City is enjoying our new location for Sunday gatherings at the Boathouse Function Centre, overlooking the Tamar River and the Gorge.

      Following our “Seeds” focus in July, we continue to consider what it means to be seeds of faith, hope, justice and love across our city. We also welcomed Sherry Maddock’s contribution about ‘flourishing gardens’ and how we can be habitats of God’s presence – encouraging and inspiring!

      City - Around the Churches August-September 2023
      The Boathouse overlooks the Tamar; Pastors Anthea Maynard and Jenna Blackwell; Sheree Maddock (BMA)

      Our usual commitments continue – the weekly drop in centre, Stephen Avery’s street chaplaincy, the community garden, supporting women, and more. There are so many opportunities to engage in our city and we look forward to partnering with God and the community more.


      On Sunday 27th August, our Matu Church in Launceston celebrated their 10th Anniversary. Maddy Svoboda attended on behalf of Tasmanian Baptists.


      9:45-11:30am Wednesdays

      On Wednesday 16th August, Westbury began a mainly music program for the neighbourhood children ages 0-4 and their parent/carer.

      Music and movement starts at 10am, followed by morning tea, then free play time. First session free, then $5 per family. We are having a blast and still have room for more families!

      Here are some prayer points!
      Please pray God would prepare and equip the mainly music team and for success and longevity of this ministry.
      Pray He uses them as they connect with families in the area.
      Also, please pray God brings families who are open to developing relationships which lead to meaningful discussions about faith and God.

      Around the Churches August-September 2023


      LIFEWAY, Devonpot

      Student Pastors

      Lifeway recently welcomed two new student pastors, Stuart Crabtree and Morgan Read.

      Please be in prayer for them as they settle into their positions. Stuart and Morgan are slowly coming up to speed! Pray God’s blessing for them.

      Morgan Read
      Stuart Crabtree
      Stuart Crabtree


      Special event

      Latrobe Winterfest with Choir of High Hopes 2023

      At the annual Chocolate Winterfest on Sunday 13th August, Latrobe hosted the Choir of High Hopes.


      On Fathers Day, we had a time of fellowship with the church familly over morning tea in the foyer.

      Many of our ladies met for an afternoon with JUST GIRLS. Our guest speakers, Layla and her grandmother, spoke about their Charity project Laylas Gifts. They explained how they arrange for donated boxes of gifts to be presented to people in need in the community.

      At our Just Blokes Pizza Night on Friday 1st September, Craig Hawkins from the Creation Discovery Centre in Beauty Point spoke about Noah’s flood, and the questionable attempts of some contemporary scientific voices to explain the origin of birds as an evolutionary step from dinosaurs. We had a great night with good fellowship and valuable insights from what Craig shared with us.

      Wynyard Baptist Church

      Around the Churches August-September 2023



      Special Services

      Lenah Valley’s 75th Anniversary  on Sunday 6th August was a momentous occasion as we celebrated the ministry and life of the Lenah Valley Baptist Church over 75 years.  With the help of Maurice French and Laurie Rowston we published a book full of anecdotes, colour pictures and history which is an interesting read.  Copies are available from Citywide for $20.

      Lenah Valley's 75th Anniversary
      75 Years of Christian Witness. A History of the Lenah Valley Baptist Church

      Baptism  We held another baptism service on 20 August.  Troy is another new convert to the Kingdom from his touches into our web page.  Be encouraged – God moves and works on the hearts of people who have never been in his church before.  Keep praying for those in the shadows who are seeking something to fulfil their lives.

      Table Top Sale  Our lively 30’s group organized, promoted and ran a Table Top Sale on Satruday 1st July.  More than half the participants who booked tables and attended were from outside the church. so this became a great way for other community members to come into the building where we could meet and serve them. 
      Proceeds went towards the vision of developing a youth space.

      Citywide's table top sale
      Table Top Sale


      Scott Darlow Visits

      On Sunday 9th July Hobart Baptist hosted Scott Darlow and his band during the 10am service. Scott is an indigenous singer from Melbourne. It was an amazing morning of encouragement, inspiration, and laughter!

      On the same weekend a Multicultural Bazaar took over the building! Several new artists showcased their works, with special food from other cultures being prepared and served.

      We even made the ABC News! (Click/tap to read)

      Clockwise from Top Left: John Kumara Tasmanian Australian of the year 2023, drumming; Anna opens her Ukrainian artwork; Ethnic food a-plenty!; Ren being filmed for ABC News
      Scott Darlow and band visited HBC on Sunday 9th July

      Around the Churches August-September 2023

      Around the Churches June-July 2023

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      August/September 2023


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      Around the Churches June-July2023

      Around the Churches August-September 2023

      ReCharge NEWS August 2023

      30th August 2023 | ReCharge News

      Click Item to Read


        Crossover Baptism Week

        15th to 21st October

        National Baptism Week will be an opportunity for Baptist churches, youth groups, small groups and ministries across Australia to celebrate, explore and offer baptism.

        Watch the explainer video and ideas pack. Joining in will be very simple – no need to register or report back – you can use Baptism Week in your own way.

        Check out the new Baptism Hub which also includes new baptism resources and more to come.

        Free seminar in Hobart

        Sharing Hope in Crisis

        Sharing Hope in Crisis seminar

        As the Church, we are representatives of Jesus, bringing compassion and comfort to our world. Sharing Hope in Crisis further equips us to do this well, allowing people to journey through a life-changing circumstance.

        This seminar is to provide resource and equip you to help those going through crisis. Tea and coffee and light refreshments available. Bring your lunch, or choose from local cafes.

        Let’s learn more on how to journey with someone through crisis, grief and difficult life changing circumstances. 

        God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalms 46:)

        Sharing hope in Crisis Seminar

        Date: Saturday 23rd September 2023
        Time: 8.30am for a 9.00am start – 4.00 pm finish
        Venue:  Your Church, (29 Charles Street, Moonah)
        RSVP’s required for venue and resource supplies.

        Crossover Fundraiser

        Australia’s Baptistist Quiz Night

        8pm, Saturday 2nd September

        Yes – Baptistist is now a word!

        Crossover Quiz night 2023

        What happens when 1000 churches and six associations go head-to-head? Let’s find out!

        Grab some friends and some nibbles and a laptop and a phone and make a team to represent your church! Suggested donation of $10/person to register.

        The quiz will happen over Zoom, so you’ll need a laptop (or other Zoom-able device) positioned so your team can see, hear and be seen. 

        FIND OUT MORE >

        APBF Sunday, 20th August

        Save Manipur Day of Prayer

        Join this important day of prayer for our Baptist family in India who are suffering.

        Every year, on the 3rd Sunday in August, the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation proclaims a Day of Prayer for a specific area in the region.

        In 2023, the focus is on Manipur, India. FIND OUT MORE >

        Sadly, more than 120 people have been killed, 250 places of worship destroyed or damaged and up to 50,000 people displaced. More than 1,700 homes are now seriously damaged or destroyed as a result of the recent violence.

        Rev. Prof. Akheto Sema, General Secretary, CBCNEI (Council of Baptist Churches, Northeast India) writes:

        The State of Manipur requires unceasing and deepest concern. Due to recent unrest and violence which started from 3rd May 2023 thousands of men, women and children are displaced, rendered homeless and are made to suffer.

        Several churches destroyed and burnt down, houses belonging to the victims burnt down; children and college/university going students had to seek admissions outside of Manipur since the institutions are closed.


        Where are All the New Atheists?

        Olive Tree Media Webinar series with Karl Faase

        Wednesday 6th September, 7.00pm AEST

        Olive Tree Media’s 2023 Webinar Series has been amazing and there have been some incredible guests share their expertise and wisdom.

        In the next instalment, Karl Faase will host Justin Brierley for:

        Why New Atheism Grew Old
        Justin Brierley on his forthcoming book ‘The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God’

        Citywide Celebrates!

        75 Years of Witness

        On Sunday, 6th August, Citywide Baptist celebrated the 75th anniversary of the commencement of the Lenah Valley Church. About 120 past members and adherents were present at the celebration.

        Citywide Lenah Valley celebrates their 75th Anniversary

        The anniversary occasion was held at the Lenah Valley Church following the morning service. As part of the celebration, a printed history was made available entitled 75 Years of Christian Witness. A History of the Lenah Valley Baptist Church, by Laurie Rowston and Maurice French.

        75 Years of Christian Witness. A History of the Lenah Valley Baptist Church
        Cover of the book, launched on the day

        The work began when the leadership of the Hobart Baptist Tabernacle saw the need for outreach in this growing suburb. To that end, the afternoon Sunday school was commenced in the Community Hall, on 1st August 1948.

        The afternoon Sunday school was the only Christian witness in the suburb at that time. Today the Lenah Valley congregation is part of the Hobart Citywide Church, which includes the Citywide Hobart Nepalese Church.

        Office Administrator Position

        Newstead Christian School

        Established in 1996 to provide a distinctly Christian education, Newstead Christian School is a friendly and supportive school community comprising of 120 students from K-10, in stunning Launceston, Tasmania.

        Committed to equipping and empowering our students to serve wherever God might call them, we focus on teaching the Australian Curriculum from a biblical perspective; support-ing students to grow in character and faith, as well as academic and sporting excellence.

        We are currently seeking a person with excellent interpersonal and communication skills to join our cohesive team here at NCS from the beginning of Term Three.

        Position Overview As part of the school office team, this employee provides a broad range of general administrative support consisting of effective client (Children, Teachers, Other Staff, Parents, Suppliers, etc.) services and advice and operation of school-based systems.

        HOURS: 8.30am-3.30pm, Mon- Fri, 42 weeks/year.
        ALLOWANCES: 11% Superannuation and standard leave allowances.
        JOB-SHARING? Possible, should two suitable candidates present themselves.
        SUBMIT BY: Friday 25th August 2023 to,

        Youth Alive Undivided

        NORTH: 6pm 18th August | NW: 6pm 19th August | SOUTH: 6pm 25th August

        In August, Youth Alive are running “Undivided”three regional youth gatherings. They would love to invite your youth ministry and young people!

        Youth Alive’s mission is to reach young people with the message of Jesus. They believe these events will see youth ministries united, faith ignited, momentum gained, and young people respond to the Gospel!

        Outreach events are a great way to unite young people, reach youth, and share the truth of Jesus. At every one of these events attendees will be invited to a local church or youth ministry as a next step of faith. They would like to partner with you to help reach the next generation.

        The Youth Alive team are building volunteer teams for each of these events. If you would like to volunteer, please click the button, below.

        Read More ReCharge!

        August/September 2023

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        Recharge news July 2023

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        ReCharge News July 2023

        Around the Churches, June-July 2023

        Around the Churches June-July 2023

        Every two months you can catch up with the latest news in Tasmanian Baptist Churches.



        New Youth Group

        Every third Friday during term, Riverlands has recently offered a youth group for those in and around the church. The youth group is focused around church-encultured teens and giving them activities through the week.

        Our goal is to develop a thriving youth ministry, where the youth can share life and have Christian discipleship. It’s had a strong reception as we’ve gathered together and enjoyed the company of one another whilst playing games, having snacks, and doing small devotions.

        Craft at Riverlands Youth Group; Around the Churches June-July2023
        Our most recent Riverlands Youth group was a (not very) messy night much to the chagrin and the disappointment of the youth!

        Whilst only small we are having a lot of fun and the group is developing well in line with our goals. We would appreciate your prayers and thoughts as we continue to develop the program and its structure.

        The youth group has been running in co-operation with the other churches around Launceston where we have been gathering on the Fourth Fridays of the month for larger games, larger connections and better connections between churches and youth in the Launceston and Northern Midlands area.

        CITY BAPTIST, Launceston

        In the news

        Our recent move to the Boathouse Centre received media attention, and, given events in the Southern Baptist scene, they chose to focus on our female leadership. We are enjoying the wonder-inspiring views of the city of Launceston from within our new gathering space, and also creating a partnership with the owners. We are greatly appreciative to Worldview for accommodating us so well during our previous transition.

        The Examiner, 18th June 2023; Around the Churches June-July2023
        In The Examiner, 18th June 2023

        Radical Hospitality

        Over the month of June, we focused on the theme of hospitality – the gift of giving and receiving hospitality, and how it can be as simple as a smile. We continue to explore this theme of ‘radically ordinary hospitality’ in practical and life-giving, everyday ways.

        The Saturday night drop-in centre meal continues each week, nearing capacity in the new space at Pilgrim Uniting. Stephen Avery’s presence in the street community furthers the connections.

        Over July we will look at the theme of Seeds – seeds of faith, hope, justice and love – and how City can help germinate these seeds in the city of Launceston.

        The City Seed Community Garden at St Leonards continues to welcome new members.  

        Supporting others … in Launceston and beyond

        Members of our community hosted a fundraiser afternoon tea and raised $2000 for Betel Ministries in India (Betel International: Break free from drug and alcohol addiction).

        Northern Refugee Support continues, with a recent long-awaited breakthrough.

        We are also pleased to support outside ministries, such as SU’s upcoming camps, allowing children and families to attend who would otherwise be unable to.


        Alpha Underway

        We have had a great start to the Alpha course with 24 people attending. Alpha is an evangelistic course which seeks to provide a space to ask questions through a series of talks and discussions. We wil be running Alpha for the next three years, and although this year we planned to first become familiar as a congregation with the course, we are excited to already have cross-over from other ministries during the week.

        Week of Prayer and Fasting

        It has been very encouraging to hear how many in our congregation during our week of prayer and fasting swapped-out something they loved for precious time in prayer. We had people go without food or a meal, coffee, alcohol, social media, and even the Chase (Aus. and British edition), and instead, spending time praying for our church’s strategic goals, church family prayer points, and our other Baptist churches around Launceston.

        Friendship Lunch

        We had a great turnout for the Friendship Shortest Day Longest Lunch with the Wentworth room filled with Friends. A delicious selection of BBQ meat and salads for mains, with sweet stuff to follow. Finally, a cake to top it off to celebrate a birthday. Geoff Marston shared on friendship and encouraged ‘’to have a friend; be a friend”. Thanks to the drop-in centre team for a great lunch.

        Friendship Lunch; Birthday cake for all! Around the Churches June-July2023
        Friendship Lunch; Birthday cake for all!


        New Youth and Children’s Leader

        Hold Fast Outreach at The Point Baptist, 23 June to 19 July 2023

        The most exciting development for our little church is the induction of our new Youth and Children’s Leader last Sunday.  Dempsey Horton from Texas is our new youth and children’s leader for the next 12 months.

        Texan Outreach
        Friday 23rd June to Wednesday 19th July

        We are midway through our regular Texan Mission, with four Texans visiting for almost four weeks. 

        Events include women’s coffee and dessert night, Bible studies for women, men and youth, Primary school youth group, Hope Night and more youth events to come. There will be a holiday kids’ club and five-day basketball skills clinic. 

        All events are free and designed to reach the North Tamar population with Hope found in Jesus Christ. If you live nearby you are welcome to attend!

        See Info BROCHURE >
        OR Contact Rachelle on 0409 272 877

        Around the Churches June-July 2023



        Volunteers Honoured

        On Saturday, 20th May, the Latrobe Council presented special awards to volunteers in their community.

        Mayor Peter Freshney handed out over 30 awards, and amazingly Latrobe Baptist Church received seven of them!

        1. Latrobe Baptist church for its many community programmes
        2. Latrobe Baptist Chat ‘n’ Choose 
        3. Latrobe Men’s Shed
        4. Glenis Smith – 30 years of volunteer service, Chat ‘n’ Choose 
        5. John Langmaid – 30 years of volunteer service, Chat ‘n’ Choose 
        6. Glad Purdy– 20 years of volunteer service, Chat ‘n’ Choose 
        7. Fay Horne – 20 years of volunteer service, Chat ‘n’ Choose 
        • Award winners at Latrobe Council awards afternoon; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        • Ralph, award for Latrobe Baptist; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        • John and Fay with Chat n Choose award, Latrobe; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        • John and Ralph for Latrobe Mens Shed; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        • Glenis, 30 years service award with Chat n Choose at Latrobe; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        • John, 30 years service award with Chat n Choose at Latrobe; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        • Glad, 20 years service award with Chat n Choose at Latrobe; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        • Fay, 30 years service award with Chat n Choose at Latrobe; Around the Churches June-July 2023


        Winter Service

        This annual event is always a success because it  is always so cold and the hot chocolate always so welcome.

        The real reason is, of course, to bring to mind that Jesus is the light of the world John 8:10, “Ï am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”.

        A few Sunday School children play their part by reciting a relevant poem they wrote and sing a children’s hymn. As always Cathy, Ruth and Max lead and inspire.

        This event is always the simple reflection of children, though lead by adults, it is always a real blessing to us all, in the pews!  Some of the hymns we sung were ” Showers of blessing”, “The Light of the World” and “Jeus bids us shine”. The inspiring message was from Ben Hallam followed by the three “S’s”, Soup, Sandwiches and Savouries!

        Every one left the service fed in “Body, Mind, and Spirit!” It was great.

        Winter Service at Sassafras Baptist
        Winter Service at Sassafras


        Vale Mrs  Beverly Duff

        On 3rd June, the Lord called home to glory Mrs Beverly Duff who was a stalwart of the Sheffield Baptist church for over seventy five years. Mrs. Duff (nee Irvine) was baptised in 1947, and from that time took an active part in the church.

         In 1953 she married Bruce Duff, and together  they played a major role in the Church. In the late 1970’s  Mrs Duff became church organist. She played for both the morning and evening services, as well as playing for funerals and weddings in the Sheffield Baptist church.  As  well, she often  played for the West Kentish and Paradise churches. 

        When then church commenced our monthly fellowship teas and singing your favourite hymns in 2005,  Beverly played until  ill-health took its toll.

        Mrs Duff  was actively involved in the Ladies group, and was a keen supporter of the overseas missionary work of the church. She loved CWA and craft  groups, and was a highly respected lady in the Kentish community.

        Mrs Duff was truly a fine Christian  lady who is now resting in the everlasting arms of her Saviour. The Sheffield  Baptist church extends to Stephanie, Ashley, brother Desmond and their families our deepest sympathy.



        Our church continues to support two children, Tithi and Rafin, through Baptist World Aid with the proceeds of our cappuccino sales on Sunday mornings.


        This is a quarterly gathering of men from the community when they enjoy a pizza and an interesting speaker. Greg White who  works in the engineering department at Caterpillar was the speaker in June.

        JUST GIRLS

        The girls met recently for fellowship where they were able to enjoy some Filipino food. The afternoon was spent making a fridge magnet with Beth and Kester.

        Wynyard Baptist Church


        Mother’s Day

        Inviting our friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunties, our UBC ladies enjoyed an evening out dining at Café RA. After our Mother’s Day service, and to honour the women in our midst, our UBC men provided morning tea. This was a bake-off competition from which we have now discovered we have a number of very capable and talented cooks at UBC! Prizes were awarded to Matt Cox for his macarons, Robbie Cunningham for his savory toast and Andrew Gurr for his apple cakes.

        May Mission Month

        May Mission Month was embraced as we listened and were challenged by guest speakers Paul Manning from Baptist World Aid, and Geoff Maddock from Baptist Mission Australia

        Table Tennis

        Our winter table tennis competition has once again commenced on Monday evenings with 27 registered players. Table tennis at UBC has been running for about 40 years.

        Men’s events

        Our recent Men’s Events have included go-karting, indoor cricket, a men’s breakfast, and an evening of carpet bowls and pizza. These events have been well attended by a variety of ages and has been a wonderful opportunity to reach out, encourage and strengthen relationships.

        Dylan Standridge

        In June we were privileged to spend an evening with Dylan Standridge. Dylan partners with Iris Global Ministries, he has a heart for Tasmania and has a prophetic call upon his life.

        Home to Glory

        Our church family have mourned the passing of three dear ladies and sisters in Christ.

         Nalda King passed away on 19th March aged 85.  Margaret McCall passed away on 18th June aged 94, and Pauline Beasley passed away on 22nd of June. Our thoughts and prayers continue for their families.

        Around the Churches June-July 2023



        Special Service

        On Sunday 11 June we had a special combined service which included several aspects:

        • Four Baptisms – what a delight to hear the testimonies and share in the faith journey of 4 people.  As a result another person gave their life to the Lord that night. 
        • New Members – four people were received into membership.
        • Dedication of Nepalese Outreach Ministries  – Both the Community Bus and the Driver Mentor Car which were donated through BMA grants were in the auditorium and dedicated to the Lord’s work among the Hindu community.
        • Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal  – in support of our local Salvation Army Corps, everyone was encouraged to wear something red and bring a donation towards feeding children at our local schools as well as supporting families who are struggling. Almost $1000 was raised.
        • Healing Prayer – At the close of the service 20 people came forward for anointing with oil.

        Future Proofing your Life: 14th June to 12th July

        A new initiative from our Pastoral Care team has seen the development of a three-part program for people both in their senior years, as well as for the families of seniors.  Over 40 people registered from both the community and local churches. 

        Future proofing your life; Around the Churches June-July 2023

        Week of Prayer and Fasting  – 18th-24th June

        A dedicated week to draw closer to Jesus, to pray for our outreach into our local suburbs, and to pray for Hobart and people in need.  A booklet with guidelines to aid our focus is provided for everyone to help engage us in praying together.

        Table top Sale at Citywide; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        Citywide held an indoor Table Top Sale on Saturday 1st July


        Combined Pentecost Service

        On the afternoon of the 28th May, Claremont Baptist hosted a combined Pentecost Prayer Meeting with Edge Anglican and Claremont Uniting to pray for unity and our community.

        After sharing in reflective prayer, communion and corporate prayer we had some good chats over light refreshments. Good to meet and greet our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

        The Luthys Visit

        Missionary family Chris and Amy Luthy and their family will be leading our service on 16th July.  They serve with Pioneers and will share some of their experiences. 


        Esteem. Coffee Shop

        After a month or so of trials and waiting for final council approval, our coffee shop is now open! Volunteers will staff the coffee shop with a community focus and strong leaning towards supporting and training ex-refugees.

        Thanks to Kelvin Smith for his work in the final stages of getting the coffee shop up and running, well over a decade since the dream began.

        Esteem. Coffee Shop, Hobart Baptist; Around the Churches June-July 2023
        Esteem Coffee Shop

        Luminous Festival

        Thursday 8th to Sunday 25th June

        Over two weeks, the Luminous Festival at Hobart Baptist hosted various activities, lined up to coincide with Hobart’s mid-winter festival, Dark Mofo.

        1. An art installation by Michael Henderson, The Seed of Life Weighed Down, on display in the foyer of The Tab. The display generated well over 100 faith-conversations with passers-by.
        2. Three “Conversations”, which provided a space for thought and discussion. Speakers in the Conversations panels brought expertise on topics asking:
          • Is Tasmania A Place for Everyone?’
          • How can we help Tasmanian Children flourish?
          • How Do We Create Healthy Families?
        3. The festival culminated with Christmas in Winter, when we celebrated Christmas within its original context of the dark, cold mid-winter.
          • Luminous Carols, Friday 23rd June
          • Christmas Day service, Sunday 25th June

        Art by Michael Henderson questioned ‘what the nativity scene represents, and whether it has an ability today to help us enter the mystery of God and faith’.

        Luminous Festival at Hobart Baptist, Around the Churches June-July 2023
        L to R: Michael Henderson opens his artwork; The art exhibit; Soundy building’s lit-up entry; The Tab lights; Speakers John Kumara and Zelinda Sherlock; Stephen Baxter instroduces the Hallelujah Chorus community choir at the Luminous Carols event.

        Long Table event

        Members of the church, and many others, attended this wintry meal on the 25th June. Over 50 people enjoyed Eritrean food together. Thanks to Kelvin Smith and others for organising.

        Farewell Margaret Baikie

        Margaret Baikie, Around the Churches June-July 2023

        Our dear friend Margaret Baikie went to be with her Lord and Saviour on Wednesday 14 June 2023. Margaret was a member of HBC for 55 years, and until fairly recently, in a very active capacity.

        Loved and loving wife of Albert, mother of Margaret (Luckman) and Gordon, mother-in-law of Greg and Angie (Read). Adored Granny of Gordon James, Alistair, Hamish, James and Sunday Clare.

        Around the Churches June-July 2023

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        June/July 2023

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        Around the Churches June-July2023

        Around the Churches June-July 2023

        Around the Churches, Apr-May 2023

        Every two months you can catch up with the latest news in Tasmanian Baptist Churches.



        Combined service

        On Sunday 30th April we had one of our 5th Sunday Combined Services in which people from Gateway, Agape and Gateway Nepali Fellowship join together. These have been so enjoyable in the past and we anticipate another great meeting.

        Plans for May Mission Month

        During the month of May we will have a variety of speakers sharing of a number of Missions Gateway is connected with, including Prison Fellowship, Shoe Boxes, Thailand, Haiti, Shekinah House, Rahab Ministry, 


        Gateway Ladies Pizza and Stamp Cutting Night took place recently, where they trimmed stamps in readiness to be sent to QLD to raise funds for Baptist Mission Australia. The used stamps, and national collection raises approx. $70,000.00 every year! Gateway member Jill Ashdown is the “Tasmanian Stamp lady”.
        Read how to participate in the Stamp ministry in the NEWS, next week.

        Gateway Baptist: Nepali Fellowship; Stamp Mission group, Around the Churches Apr-May 2023
        Gateway Nepali Fellowship; Missions Stamp Group meet

        CITY BAPTIST, Launceston

        Easter | Your prayers appreciated!

        We had lovely services over Easter – the Good Friday reflective service was a particular highlight for many, working through a Protestant take on the Stations of the Cross.

        City Baptist is still prayerfully seeking a more permanent home to gather in – we would appreciate your prayers for/with us as we seek God’s guidance.

        Impacting our community

        Members in our community continue activism and pastoral work among migrant communities, the street community and with regard to climate action, representing Jesus’ (and our) heart for going to the margins.

        Jeff McKinnon and Garry Billing have started a home-grown discipleship opportunity titled Learning Circles, for people of all backgrounds, who are interested in growing in discipleship, spirituality and mission – learning the ways of Jesus. If you would like to know more, please contact Jeff (

        • John Tomkinson passed away in late March. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Gwen and the family.
        • David and Pat Jacobs celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary.


        Hutchison Family Update

        Newstead Baptist Church is very pleased to announce the safe arrival of its newest member, a baby boy, Rafael (Raffy) Warren Hutchison. Raffy was born at 1:56pm on 3rd April and weighed 9.8 pounds (4.46 kgs).

        Congratulations to Dan and Maria, Skylah, Octavia and Boaz for this exciting addition to the family.  Pastor Dan is on leave until May 17 to be with his family.

        Around the Churches Apr-May 2023, Newstead
        Dan with Skylah, Octavia and Raffy; Playing Scrabble at the Drop-In Centre
        Drop-In Centre

        Our Friday Senior’s Drop in Centre has recently dropped the “Senior’s” from their name in order to better align with our Strategic Plan. 

        People of all ages are now welcome to attend the Drop-In Centre each Friday from 1pm until about 3:30pm.  Activities include good conversation, tea and coffee, yummy food (cake on special occasions!), darts, eight-ball, and a range of board games including scrabble and upwords.

        We really appreciate the willingness of the older members of our congregation to embrace change and the future vision of our church and we look forward to what is in store for this special ministry.

        Family Fun Walks

        Newstead Baptist Church has partnered with Scripture Union to promote a series of Family Fun Walks.  These monthly, short family-friendly walks, are on Sunday afternoons from 2 to 4 pm, and easy to get to for those in or near Launceston.

        All walks are manageable for families with young children, although not all are pram/stroller-friendly.  Our walks so far have been a great opportunity to meet new people and create deeper conversations around our discussion topics. For example, “Are you feeling full or empty?” for recent Trevallyn Dam walk.

        All northern Baptist Churches are invited to join us at any of the upcoming walks listed below.  This list of walks, along with Scripture Union’s bushwalk series, can be found at, including some useful preparation and safety tips. 

        Anyone from other local churches or the surrounding community are also welcome.

        Upcoming walks
        • 4th June                  Youngtown Regional Park
        • 2nd July                    Lilydale Falls
        • 3rd September    Gorge Circuit
        • 8th Octobe           Tamar Island
        • 10th November    Old Macs Farm

        THE POINT


        The church was blessed with the baptism of the Cousens family at Greens Beach on the 24th of March: Adam, Sarah, Erica and Tom.
        So great to see the family growing in the Lord.

        Passover celebrated

        On Palm Sunday, The Point Baptist Church welcomed Mark Rogers from The Friends of Israel, who conducted a Passover Seder meal as part of the Sunday service. The event was greatly appreciated by the church, and helped understanding of the significance of the Passover event.

        Around the Churches Apr-May 2023, the Point Baptist
        Baptisms at Greens Beach; Mark Rogers of Friends of Israel



        Harvest Festival

        On March 19th we celebrated our Harvest Festival. The bread, water and the sheaf of wheat along with the Bible, were centre of place, as they remind us of the basic things needed for life.

        Food items were brought and displayed, and Pastor Ralph shared with us a reading from Leviticus reminding us of the need to be continually thanking the Lord for all our provisions.

        The food was available for purchase after the service and the money raised along with remaining items was given to Gran’s Van.  Gran’s Van operates in Devonport to help feed the homeless and people struggling to feed themselves.

        Latrobe Baptist Harvest Festival 2023


        Please pray!

        Although it would be true to say our congregation is “getting on”, we have suddenly experienced quite a few ‘sickies’!

        Please pray for David’s back op; Sheryl’s leg op; Gordon’s cancer struggle; Jean and Karl’s Covid attack and Frans’s back attack! That is a third of our church! Join us to pray for their rapid recovery in every aspect of this attack. We ask in Jesus’s Name:

        “Ask in my Name and I will do it”!

        John 14:14
        Sassafras Baptist Church_ photo credit Duncan Grant


        Welcome little Macey

        On 18th March, Pastor Matt Holloway, Lacey and big brother Larry welcomed Macey Kate into their family. Let’s celebrate with them for a safe arrival.

        The Holloways
        Matt and Lacey with Larry, and Macey


        Strengthening our community
        • Recently, 17 of our ladies enjoyed a day out with JUST GIRLS to Stanley, where they visited Highfield House, and Joe Lions cottage.
        • Many people attended a day of fun and fellowship at the Church Family picnic at Railway Institute hall in April..
        • Due to inclement weather, the combined churches Good Friday service was held in our church rather than in Guttridge Gardens as planned.
        • Chat n Choose continues to meet on Thursday morning in the school term.
        • Wednesday Get Together meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month when people meet for morning tea ,and fellowship and carpet bowls and table games.
        • The Food Hub continues to operate on Monday and Friday.
        Franz and Heidi Brosch
        Franz and Heidi Brosch
        Franz and Heidi Brosch

        We are pleased to have welcomed our associate Pastor Franz and Heidi Brosch into our church family,

        They input into our church services, with Heidi in the worship team and Franz on the keyboard.

        Around the Churches Apr-May 2023



        Clean Up Australia

        On 5th March again participated in the Clean Up Australia Day, this year at three different locations.  We did not hold a service at Mornington that day, and at Lenah Valley had a prayer time for those not in the field, linking into some of the sites for a report on what was happening.  Evaluation of the day will see some changes for next year.


        There has been some energy and money expended in our first stage of some renovations.  We painted our front rooms, and refreshed with new carpet, windows and blinds.  Also there has been significant hours and work effected on our roof in a bid to fix numerous leaks.  Fund raising is underway for stage 2.  

        Mission Partnership

        Our BMA grant towards outreach to the Hindu community in Hobart has seen the purchase of a 12-seater bus and employment of a coordinator for two-days per week. to facilitate community services.  This is now up and running. Praise God.

        Anzac Day

        In conjunction with the local RSL, we’ve had another exciting Anzac Day in the Park at Lenah Valley.  This has grown to be a significant annual community event, this year with an estimated attendance of 800. 

        We offer various crafts and activities to suit the whole family, all with an Anzac Day theme.  We gave away Sausages, drinks and Anzac biscuits.  The public were involved and everyone has a fun time.  Conversations take place, and links are established. Citywide is blessed by serving.

        Around the Churches Apr-May 2023, Citywide
        Good Friday dawn service; Lenah Valley clean-up team; Anzac Day in the Park


        Garage Sale

        Claremont Baptist members cleaned out their garages and storerooms to hold a very successful Garage Sale.

        While we benefited financially the purpose was to open our doors to our community. We offered a free sausage sizzle and tea and coffee which gave us time to chat to people. At least four people told us they never knew there was a church on the corner (it is a quite inconspicuous building!) Church families got to socialise too and there was a wonderful atmosphere.

        Unfortunately, the event also proved to be a Covid super-spreader! So, by Easter Sunday we only had eight attending.

        A moving and intimate service,  a wonderful time of rejoicing that Our Lord has Risen! On Good Friday we were also able to share in coffee and buns at Edge Anglican as has become our tradition. 

        Around the Churches Apr-May 2023, Claremont Baptist Garage Sale
        Garage Sale Day at Claremont


        Sanctuary Sunday

        On Sunday 19th March, Hobart Baptist celebrated Sanctuary Sunday when all our congregations gathered to worship together. This includes the Karen Community, Mabuhay (Filipino), Vietnamese Fellowships, as well as Hobart Vision Church (Korean). During the service, Yvette Ambrose was baptised.

        The Vietnamese Christian Fellowship National Conference

        From 11-14 April, almost 200 registrants from the mainland and Vietnam took over the building for their annual conference. Our Vietnamese Family Fellowship hosted the visitors.

        Karen Wedding

        Congratulations to Karen couple Pan Tay and Nya Le, who were married on Saturday 15th April by Joel Ortiz.

        Pray for Christians in Kyiv

        Pastor Anton, who we support in Kyiv, sent this message on 1st May. Please pray for him and the faithful people there who are providing hope, help and lodging for refugees:
        There was a missile attack 25km south of our refugee centre. Some of our men have been working in the rescue team and were able to help save some of the people in the attack.

        Around the Churches Apr-May 2023 - Hobart Baptist
        SANCTUARY SUNDAY: Korean Youth dance; followed by a wonderful morning tea; Vietnamese Conference; Karen Wedding

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