Geoff Maddock in Tasmania

Apr 26, 2023
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Local Mission

Relocating for May Mission Month!

Geoff Maddock

Geoff Maddock, is the Tas/Vic Leader for Baptist Mission Australia


As the State Leader for Tasmania, it is my privilege to relocate to Tasmania for the month of May to walk alongside* our Baptist churches. 

First and foremost, I seek to listen and learn what God’s people in Tasmania are experiencing as they step out in mission – across the street and around the world! 

I’m also honoured to be sharing in church gatherings each Sunday across May and attending pastors’ gatherings and Tas Baptist events throughout the month. 

I’m also honoured to be sharing in church gatherings each Sunday across May

I would also hope to visit with anyone interested in intercultural mission (local and global) or curious about the work of Baptist Mission Australia as we adapt our organisation to a rapidly changing world mission context. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with a phone call, text or email to arrange a time with me.  I will be in the North West for the first 10 days, then around Launceston for the next 10 days, finishing my time with just over a week in the South of the state.

Geoff Maddock
0436 470 535 |


In the Northwest (Ulverstone). 30th April to 10th May
  • 30.4.23—Wynyard Baptist Church
  • 5.5.23—Tas Baptists Assembly (Newstead)
  • 6.5.23—Tas Baps Assembly (Newstead)
  • 7.5.23—Ulverstone Baptist Church
In the North (Launceston – Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies). 10th to 22nd May  
  • 10.5.23—Launceston Pastors’ coffee catchup
  • 14.5.23—Newstead Baptist Church
  • 17.5.23—Launceston Pastors’ coffee catchup
  • 21.5.23—Gateway Baptist Church
In the South (Hobart). 22nd to 29th May    
  • 28.5.23—Citywide Baptist Church

I am looking forward to meeting with as many Tasmanian Baptists as possible, and walking alongside during May.

VIDEO: Watch below to find out more about Alongsiders.


Baptist Mission Australia is intentionally developing an alongsider”approach.

We do this around the world as our intercultural team members come alongside people in their local communities and embody the good news by word and deed, in ways that make sense in that culture.

We’re also committed to doing this as we come alongside mission partners across the world and in Australia. This is identified in our 2021-2025 Strategic Roadmap where we envisage “new dynamic missional-focused partnerships with Baptist associations and churches across our Australian movement.”

Following conversations with Tasmanian Baptist leaders, engagement with churches and our own discernment processes, we sense God’s Spirit encouraging us to make ourselves available to journey with Tasmanian Baptists on your missional reimagination journey.

[From the ‘Tasmanian Baptists Alongsider Statement’, May 2022]

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