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For Tasmanian Baptists’ beliefs and statements please see documents at right

Those set apart to serve the churches

The Tasmanian Baptist Team

The team serves Tasmanian Baptist churches by supporting, encouraging, training, providing financial and insurance services, and much more.

Tasmanian Baptist Council from October 2022

Promotion of the unity, spiritual health and effective functioning of the churches.

Clockwise from top left: Chair, Scott Ambrose; Vice Chair, Matt Garvin; Administrator, Rodney Marshall; Craig Hawkins (North);
Owen Muskett (Northwest); Hazelyn Mohan (South); Mark Harris (South); Wendy Marston (North); Louis Fife (Northwest);  Mission Director, Stephen Baxter.

Tasmanian BaptistsMission Leadership Team

Church support for Tasmanian Baptists as they seek to be a mission-shaped movement.

Stephen Baxter, Mission Director
Maddy Svoboda, MLT Launceston

Mission and Leadership Development

Coaching and support can be provided for individuals and churches, statewide.

Michael Henderson Mission and Leadership Development
Jenna Blackwell Mission and Leadership Coach, specialising in young people, and women.

Admin, Insurance Advice and Communications

Rodney Marshall, Administrator Advice, direction and assistance when requested by churches
Anna-Maree Richardson, Assistant Administrator Supporting Rodney in administrative tasks
Fiona Bradley, Communications ReCharge ~ weekly news/prayer email, website, social media

"Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude." Philippians 4:6 (TPT)


Baptists have been living and active in Tasmania since the 1830's

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Our Values

We exist to engage Tasmania and Tasmanians with the transforming love of God, empowering them to develop their own authentic ways of following Jesus


By depending on God, forgiving others, living a life of repentance and seeking justice.
2 Corinthians 12:9; Matthew 23:23

Our Heritage

By recognising our history and by being agents of restoration for people and our environment.
Psalm 78:2-4

Our State Identity

Our State identity: by giving thanks for its beauty; our islands, towns and cities; praying for our flourishing.
Jeremiah 29:7; Matthew 6:10

Community globally and locally

By building trust and relationships and acknowledging we are better together.
John 17:23, Philippians 2:1-4

Our Present Moment

By celebrating God and his abundant gifts, being generous and sharing the good news with others, and investing today in the leaders of tomorrow.
John 10:10, Acts 17:25, 28; Matthew 5:13-16; James 1:17


To love and live like Jesus.
Romans 12:2; Philippians 2:3-5

Our Freedom

By recognising freedom of conscience and association for each other and our churches, and working to discern, share and disagree well with each other as we seek common understanding.
John 8:36; Galatians 5:1, 13; 1 Corinthians 8:9; 2 Corinthians 3:17

featured story

Redeeming Redemption Being a Missional Movement

From Mission Director Stephen Baxter

Acknowledgement of Country

We are here . . .


We are here because of God’s grace. 

It’s through God’s love and grace that we acknowledge the first nations peoples on whose land we meet. 

We acknowledge their care for country,  land, oceans and waters.

We acknowledge  elders past, present and future. 

We acknowledge past injustices

And we acknowledge the need through Jesus and with Jesus to work towards conciliation.



Tasmanian Baptists’ acknowledgment of country is written by Paul Dare,  a “proud” indigenous Lia Pootah man.

Paul Dare, Citywide Levendale
Paul Dare

Paul was born in Wynyard and grew up in Myalla. He has been an electronics technician, aerospace engineer, army officer and pastor. He retired in 2019, and currently oversees the Levendale Baptist Community with the backing of Citywide Baptist. Paul is also a member of the Tasmanian Baptist Council.

Read about the momentous Welcome to Country at the 2021 May Assembly

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