Baptists in Tasmania

People of faith: same place, different time

Baptist Beginnings in Tasmania

Assembly at Hobart Baptist Tabernacle circa 1906-1916
Assembly at Hobart Baptist Tabernacle circa 1906-1916

The Baptist Churches’ official presence in Van Diemen’s Land began in 1834, and continues to the present day. It is a rich, varied and inspiring story of faithful people doing their utmost for God’s highest.

Laurie RowstonTasmanian Baptist historian Laurie Rowston has done significant research about the Tasmanian Baptists, how we began, and the growth of specific ministries across the state.

Publications and articles about Tasmanian Baptists are available for download, below.

History Articles

Unless otherwise noted, history documents are written by Tasmanian Baptists’ Historian Laurence F. Rowston.

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