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Annual Handbook

The Tasmanian Baptists Annual Handbook is usually available in time for the May Assembly every year. It contains all the current information about churches, Pastors, ministry partners (such as Baptist Mission Austalia), and more.

The Handbook is sent by email to church Secretaries, Pastors and others who require this information.

We are no longer supplyng a digital copy here  for privacy reasons.
If you need a copy please get in touch and we will arrange to send you one via email, or printed if necessary: info@tasbpatists.org.au

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The Tasmanian Baptist Handbook is distributed each year at the May Assembly

Hard copies are available on request

Please email info@tasbaptists.org.au, or call the Tasmanian Baptist office: 03 6391 2202


If you notice any of your data is out of date or incorrect, please contact Anna-Maree Richardson (anna-maree@tasbaptists.org.au) who will ensure the next edition is corrected.