We are a Royal Priesthood

Aug 16, 2023
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Sacred Agents

Six Simple Questions

Crossover Director Andrew Turner considers the work of ‘a royal priesthood’ in his latest blog.

Sacred agents have a priestly duty – in fact sacred agent is just a fun way of saying priest. All of Jesus’ people are called into one version or another of this ministry, and together we are being formed as “a royal priesthood” (1 Peter 2), which will never not be amazing.

A royal priesthood
Tasmanian Baptists in action

Priests always face two ways – towards God and towards people. To be effective as sacred agents, let’s not only think about how we talk to people, but also how we talk to God. So whether you’re going brilliantly or feeling far from effective, here are some great questions/requests you could bring to him.

1.     “Would you please fill me with your Spirit?”

Jesus is the vine and we’re the branches. We can only give to others what we ourselves have received, so all effective sacred agents have found ways to ask and to receive much from God. The good news is that God eager to give! Jesus couldn’t have been more emphatic about this: We’re not only allowed to ask for God’s Spirit, we’re urged to. (Luke 11)  Amazing things happen when God pours his love into our hearts. And apart from this, not much really happens at all.

2.     “Please show me where I’m blocking your flow.”

Jesus was equally emphatic in teaching that God’s blessings are not just for us but are to be through us. “If anyone is thirsty, let them come to me and drink … streams of living water will flow from within them.” (John 7) But there can be objects, attitudes, habits, fears or doubts that choke the ministry God wants us to have and reduce it down to a trickle. Asking God to bring such things to light is highly strategic and good us as well as others.

If anyone is thirsty, let them come to me and drink … streams of living water will flow from within them.

John 7:37-38 Berean Study Bible
3.     “To whom are you sending me to today?”

It’s easy for us to look at our day and just see tasks, appointments and duties. God sees people. And if we’re available to Him, there will be people he wants us to not just brush past, or even for us to go out of our way to meaningfully connect with on his behalf.

4.     “Please give me a real sense of how much you love them.”

We’re usually called to be more than messengers, who simply say ‘God wants you to know XYZ’. Even if all we have for someone is a brief word, we’ll be much more likely to share it (and share it well) if we have a sense of how deeply and powerfully God longs for them.

5.     “Who should I partner with in blessing them?”

This question moves us from seeing ourselves as solo superheroes. We may have individual assignments from God for sure, but often we’re called to work as a body, which is wonderful and powerful and a witness in itself. If someone has a need and the solution is not in my hand, my hand may still have a role to play – pointing, connecting, or passing along.

6.     “Please give me wisdom and courage to know and play my part today.”

Along with God’s Spirit, wisdom is the other thing that the Bible makes clear we’re allowed to ask for with guaranteed results. A sacred agent is not called to do everything, nor to do nothing. We just need to know our part and be ready to play it.

Be transformed

It’s possible that the simplicity of these questions could have disappointed you. They’re not exactly rocket science, are they? But for those who dare to actually ask them, there’s transforming power that leaves rocketry looking pretty boring by comparison.

Andrew Turner is the director of Crossover, and author of the Sacred Agents blog

Andrew Turner is Director of Crossover for Australian Baptist Ministries.

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Sacred Agents