The Point Baptist Church

Sep 06, 2023
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The Point Baptist Church Profile

Hope on the Tamar River

The Point Baptist Church began in 2006 as a loosely organized church plant of Newstead Baptist.

Members Craig and Rachelle Hawkins had already moved there, and Craig’s father, retired Pastor Ray Hawkins and wife Mary shortly after. The lack of evangelical outreach in the immediate area was obvious. So a notice was put up in local businesses in late 2005 seeking interest in a new church for the area.

A small fellowship commenced with various members and visitors speaking but largely led by Pastor Ray. Size was no barrier to attempting outreach opportunities, and a kid’s holiday program was one of the first efforts. A grandmother came to faith after attending a Christianity Explained course offered during the program.

Church leadership

The church initially met in the Beauty Point Uniting Church building of a Sunday evening. However, during the Covid period it moved to the upstairs café at Seahorse World, continuing to meet on Sunday evenings.

Craig Hawkins took on church leadership from 2018. Then in 2022 Pastor Bob Goolsby of George Town Baptist began preaching and pastoring part-time. Elders in 2023 are Craig Ellem and Craig Hawkins.

A number of youth pastors have worked with the church over the years. These include David Low, Robin and Jekka Shearer, and more recently in June 2023, Dempsey Horton from Texas for a 12-month stint.


Over the years various other outreach programs have taken place. Most notably regular Texan team visits from the USA, resulting in quite a number of decisions to follow Christ and Baptisms. As well, after-church meals were a good outreach for a period to overseas fruit pickers.

Creation Discovery Centre

In 2021, the church partnered with several other churches in northern Tasmania to open the Creation Discovery Centre in Beauty Point. This is a powerful witness of God’s creation and the truth of His word to many locals and tourists.

Texan Visit 2023

For the 11th time in 14 years The Point Baptist hosted a Texan mission trip. Chris and Heather Horton, from the Lake Fork district, east of Dallas, headed the visit.

This year Chris and Heather were accompanied by daughter Dempsey, and her good friend Heaven. Dempsey has stayed on for 12 months to lead the youth work in the church.

The Point Chruch profile, Texan visit 2023
Texans at Launceston Gorge; Chris speaks at the Men’s Night; Heaven (L) and Dempsey (R)

Over three weeks in July, numerous events were held for men, women and children all with the aim of sharing Jesus. A great family concert was held, after which the youth held an impromptu and very entertaining karaoke session. The school holiday basketball camp connected with local youth.

Reconnecting with people was a real focus of the trip. It was encouraging to see some on the fringe of the fellowship attending church again. No commitments to faith in Jesus were made during the trip, however, our experience is these often follow later.

Additionally, the encouragement and connection of the fellowship generally, and especially the youth, should not be under-estimated with these efforts. The launching of our new youth work, with Dempsey leading, is especially exciting.

We are thankful to the Lord Jesus for His patience with us and the blessings of seeing people saved through the sharing of His word.

The Point Baptist: A short history


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The Point Baptist Church Profile