PROFILE: Claremont Baptist Church

Aug 10, 2022
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Claremont Church Profile

Claremont Baptist is one of Tasmanian Baptists’ more recently developed churches.

In 1964 the church was the brainchild of Rev. Matthew Francis, pastor at Lenah Valley. Council planning included building new schools, and people were looking to live in the northern reaches of Hobart. The fledgling church began as a home fellowship called Abbotsfield Baptist Fellowship.


A church for the working classes

Claremont Baptist Church (CBC) was originally planted to service the northern suburbs of Abbotsfield and Chigwell, just over 50 years ago.

50th Anniversary Claremont Baptist Church Profile
50th Anniversary, with former Pastor David Knox, Mayor of Claremont Kristie Johnson, and Pastor Peter Clark

At that time, the surrounding community were mainly working class, and there were many Housing Commission homes. The early influences are still in evidence today. The building is not an ornate church design, but more like a community hall. The traditional offering plate has never been passed at the church – there is a box near the main entry (and now of course e-banking).

Unfortunately, younger families no longer call CBC home. The congregation is mainly elderly. The average age of members would make a great batting score!

Heather and Murray Hall, cutting cake CBC 50th Anniv,
Heather and Murray Hall cut the 50th Anniversary cake

From the extended church family, about 30 attend the Sunday morning service each week. One of the great assets of the church is the large, dedicated team of volunteers who keep everything running smoothly.

In 2021, we were excited to celebrate our 50th Anniversary on the 6th March.

Read about our 50th Anniversary weekend >

Willing, Able and Gifted

We have welcomed some new members to the church in recent times. We’ve also had past friends return to us after a season elsewhere. As a local church we are not focused on guarding our patch, but are happy to celebrate when the Kingdom grows. We bless members when they leave and bless them when they come back.

As a local church we are not focused on guarding our patch, but are happy to celebrate when the Kingdom grows.

Claremont Baptist Profile

  • Claremont mid-winter dinner 2022
  • Christening the new entertainment area

March this year, marked 20 years Since Peter and Jenny Clark began providing pastoral leadership at CBC. Peter does most of the preaching/teaching, and Jenny is the music leader. Over the years, a great team of preachers has ably supported them, as well as musicians, and other highly gifted contributors. Peter can remember one Sunday morning where our members were preaching at five different churches in Hobart (including CBC).

Ministry Opportunities

Building friendship is the focus of our current ministry. This includes groups such as Book Nook which meets on Tuesday mornings. We also hold Bible study and prayer meetings.

As well, there is a strong emphasis on [overseas] missions at Claremont, with missionaries receiving finances, prayer support, and encouragement. This has been a feature of the church since its beginnings.

Future Direction

With some external support from Tasmanian Baptists, a review is being conducted into the future direction of CBC.

The members understand something new must emerge for the ministry to continue. We also need to reposition the church so the welcome which was always extended to the past community will also appeal to an increasingly multi-cultural and diverse population.

To that end, we value the prayers of our Baptist brothers and sisters as we look to God for what that future might look like.

Pastor Peter Clark, who is also Chair of the Tas Baptist Council

By Peter Clarke
Pastor of CBC, and Chair of Tasmanian Baptists

Claremont Baptist Church > Where, When and Contact information

This is the Claremont Baptist Profile

Claremont Baptist Church

A Brief History

A short history of Claremont Baptist Church

Pam Conrad’s Reflection

Claremont Baptist, up close and personal

Pam Conrad, Claremont Baptist Church Profile

Pam was a founder member of the Constitution of Claremont Baptist in 1977. She has been an active member for some 45 years.  She is a special person in our church family.

In my earliest years I believed in God and after a time I found myself at Claremont Baptist, which is where I am today.

Through attending on a regular basis, I became a true believer and even though times have been tough, the Lord has always brought me through. We have regular prayer times and keep in touch with each other.

People are strengthened through prayer, including me, and praise is strong when we gather on Sunday. Going through COVID hasn’t been easy but taking things daily really helps.

We also celebrate in good times and gather whenever we can.  From my first attendance over forty years ago until now, I feel that I belong.

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Claremont Baptist Profile