Floods in Pakistan

Sep 21, 2022
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By Jo Kadlacek

Monsoon rains regularly affect the north of Pakistan. However, this year recent rains, combined with melting glaciers, have created catastrophic flooding. Over 1,400 have died since June, a third of whom are children, and the floods have affected 33 million people. Sadly, the death toll rises daily.

Almost a third of the country has been underwater. As well, more than three million children are in danger of waterborne diseases, malnutrition and drowning. According to UNICEF, these kids need urgent humanitarian assistance.

Long recovery

Floods in Pakistan
‘Pakistan needs our prayers and our coordinated help to bring immediate relief and begin the difficult but crucial work of long-term recovery.’  Laura Fontaine, International Programs Manager at Baptist World Aid

‘There is no question Pakistan’s tragic floods will require a long-term response. A recovery that will take years,’ said Laura Fontaine, International Programs Manager at Baptist World Aid. ‘That’s why we have begun the immediate work of partnering with other Christian organisations and their local partners who are currently doing food and shelter distribution.’

Crops and livestock are destroyed and infrastructure between many villages is now non-existent. Pakistani officials say more than two million acres of agricultural land is flooded, preventing remaining farmers from planting new ones. They are calling the floods the worst in the region’s history.

‘Where do you drain the water? It’s an ocean. It’s a merciless sky.’

Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s Climate Minister

Pakistani government’s response

The government distributed water pumps in recent weeks, but the equipment is overwhelmed, according to Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s climate minister.

‘Where do you drain the water?’ Rehman said. ‘It’s an ocean. It’s a merciless sky.’

The flooding comes at a particularly difficult time for Pakistan. Economic downturns, poverty and food shortages have troubled the country.

‘The human toll is unimaginable in every way,’ Fontaine said. ‘Pakistan needs our prayers and our coordinated help to bring immediate relief and begin the difficult but crucial work of long-term recovery.’


  • That children would be safe, reunited with family, and have psycho-social support;
  • For quick and safe delivery of humanitarian aid, despite flooded roads;
  • That God’s people would provide ongoing support, prayer and assistance for the Pakistani people in the years to come.
Jo Kadlecek, Baptist Word Aid

Jo Kadlecek moved to Australia from Boston six years ago. She lives in Sydney with her husband and their dog, Clark Kent. Jo is the senior editor at Baptist World Aid Australia.

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