ReCharge NEWS July 2022

Jul 20, 2022
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20th July 2022 | ReCharge News July 2022

Table of Contents

    Grief & Loss Support

    New Mornings Grief support, ReCharge News July 2022

    Group for Adults

    • 2-4pm Tuesdays, from 9th August 2022
    • Registrations due by Thursday 28th July
    • Places limited
    • Pre-group appointments provided by Dr Nerrelie Cann (Ulverstone Baptist)
    • $5/session 
    Grief and Loss Support, ReCharge News July 2022

    These groups are suitable for people:

    •     Who feel stuck or overwhelmed by their grief
    •     Who are struggling with everyday tasks through their grief
    •     Whose grief is complicated by anxiety or depression. 

    If someone is unsure whether the group would be appropriate for them, they can make an appointment with Dr Cann to discuss their needs (bulk-billed).


    New Mornings’ support groups provide a safe and supportive place for people to meet together, share experiences, learn from and encourage each other.

    Australia Leads Globally

    Micah Australia - Anthony Albanese, Globally we know  the worlds poorest nations face serious food security challenges. ReCharge News July 2022

    Micah Australia Update

    So far, we are encouraged by the strong start the new Australian Government has made in strengthening diplomatic relationships, especially at a time like this.

    Straight after the election, the CEOs of Australia’s leading Christian international development agencies, came together under the banner of Micah to deliver this call for A Safer World for All.

    One of the most worrying developments we see is the quickly approaching global food crisis. The climate crisis, accompanied by the war on Ukraine, has created the perfect storm for mass food security, particularly in the Horn of Africa and across the Middle East.
    Micah is working on a significant response to this, with actions that you and your church can take to help fight famine. We will update you with these developments as they evolve.
    In acknowledging the crises faced by our world, we hold firm to the hope we have in Jesus. Even amidst our fears and anxieties, we are called to:  “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” (Proverbs 31:8).

    Carly Smith, Micah Challenge

    Sri Lankan Crisis Appeal

    Baptist Youth Mobilised to Raise Funds

    Please support the distribution of dry rations in response to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka Appeal. The focus is to ask young people to contribute to the need.

    The past 75 days we have seen the youth of Sri Lanka rise and stand for justice, fighting against corrupt and evil leadership. This crisis brings thousands, if not millions of people, into life below the poverty line into devastation.

    This appeal is launched by the Asia Pacific Baptist Youth (APBY) in partnership with the Asia Pacific Baptist Aid (APBAid), together with the Baptist Young People’s Auxiliary (BYPA) as part of relief efforts towards the current crisis in Sri Lanka.

    Please circulate this to the Youth Ministries as the request is for this to be driven by young people. 

    The dry ration distribution program was initiated by the social hub of the BYPA, upon identifying the need of a mechanism to support the daily essential needs of 556 families from 21 key Baptist Churches and 8 Mission Points and their surrounding communities.

    The total amount to raise by the end of July is $US12,000. Any small contribution you make towards this will reach people who are in dire need.

    Your contribution of:
    • $US44 Will provide a family of 4-6 food security for a month
    • $US22 Will provide a family of 4-6 food security for 2 weeks.  

    Training Day for Mentors

    Australian Christian Mentoring Network

    9:30am – 4:30pm, Friday 5th August

    This training day will be held in Hobart on Friday, 5th August and is designed to service anyone engaged in mentoring relationships, formal or informal.

    This year’s event focuses on working in difficult times, supporting people through experiences of trauma. The day will be an opportunity for networking as well as learning. 

    Heart & Soul Speakers, ReCharge News July 2022

    Cosy Cuppa, Craft and Chat

    EmpowHer North

    2:30pm, Sunday 31st July 2022

    Guest speakers: Lacey Holloway and Maria Hutchison

    Cosy Cuppa and Craft Brochure, ReCharge News July 2022

    * EmpowHer is an activity of Tasmanian Baptist Women

    Try Alpha In Tasmania!

    Online and In-person Alpha courses will begin soon at Baptist churches in Tasmania.
    This is such a great course for enquirers, new Christians, AND mature Christians.

    Why not invite a friend or family member to attend with you?
    Whether you attend online or in-person, ALL ARE WELCOME!

    Hobart Baptist Church from Sunday 31st July, starting at 12pm

    Citywide Baptist Church from Monday 8th August, starting at 7pm

    Does your church want to run Alpha?

    Check out Alpha’s Annual Impact Report celebrating over 78k people who explored Jesus last year (AU), many within our churches! Contact Ryan Vallee, our  national Alpha Baptist rep, if you’d like to explore how to make the most of Alpha for you and your church. 

    Watch this video to Tasmanian Baptist churches from Ryan Vallee, the Alpha rep for Baptist churches nationally.

    Ryan Vallee Alpha, 0435 883 321 | Annual Impact Report

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