Anna-Maree Richardson

Oct 18, 2023
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Ministry Profile

The Camping Mum Queen!

Anna-Maree Richardson has worked with Tas Baptists as the Assistant Administrator since November 2022, and it is high time we found out more about her. Read on . . .

Tasmanian life

I was born in and Launceston and I grew up there. It was a quiet life, my family didn’t travel much and so most of our time was spent in and around the Launceston area, or going to St Marys to stay with parents.

I grew up attending an Anglican church and attending Sunday School and church there. But it wasn’t until I went to college, and I made a friend who invited me to some Youth Group events at her church that I learnt more about having a relationship with God. At 17 I became a Christian.

I am married to Matthew, and we have five children. Alysha is 22, Shay is 19, Ivy is 15, Nyah is 10 and Toby is 9. Alysha has been living in Queensland since 2020. We all share a love of the beach and camping. Tasmania is such beautiful place, I love travelling and seeing different parts of it; my favourite thing would be our beaches despite our cold water.

I do a lot of housework and parenting mostly. But I also like to do crafts, read and go to the beach and I love spending time with my family.

Tas Baptist life

What do you do for Tas Baptist Churches? I am the Assistant to the Administrator, and I do accounts, organise catering for Council Meetings and Assembly and also take the Minutes at these Meetings. I am excited to meet new people and learn more about Tasmanian Baptists; what is happening around our churches in Tasmania; support the Council and Tas Baptist staff, and our greater Baptist community where I can.

What challenges do you have – at work and at home? At work some of the challenges are getting all the small things together for events such as Assembly. There a lot of small things that need to happen for things to work smoothly. Home is very similar with six people all living together, and such a range of ages! It is about making everything fit together for things to run efficiently.

After being out of the workforce for 21 years to raise our family, a lot has changed. Technology has certainly progressed, and everything is very different. I am lucky to work with amazing patient people who are always encouraging and helpful. I continue to learn new skills, and learn how things work at Tas Baptists. Pray for me to continue to learn and grow in my new role.

The best advice I have received is that everything is easier if you break it down into smaller parts, especially if you are overwhelmed or things seem too hard.

"Everything is easier if you break it down into smaller parts, especially if you are overwhelmed or things seem too hard." Anna-Maree Richardson

Short ‘n’ Sweet

am looking forward to . . . Summer, it is my favourite time of year.

I am worried about . . . my children and their happiness.

I am confident that . . . God has a plan 😊

I am joyful about . . . family, they are so important.

I would like to change . . . how quickly life goes.

I am at my best . . . when I am camping.

Anna-Maree Richardson

Anna-Maree Richardson
Assistant Administrator
Tasmanian Baptists

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