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Nov 15, 2023
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ABOVE Tasmanian Baptist Council members from October 2023.
Clockwise from top left: Chair, Scott Ambrose; Vice Chair, Matt Garvin; Administrator, Rodney Marshall; Craig Hawkins (North); Owen Muskett (Northwest); Hazelyn Mohan (South); Mark Harris (South); Wendy Marston (North); Louis Fife (Northwest);  Mission Director, Stephen Baxter.

We are Tasmanian Baptists

Our Council represents Tasmanian Baptist churches with elected members from each region.

It’s time for a catch-up!

Last year there were three new appointees to Council: Scott Ambrose, Owen Muskett and Mark Harris. Then, at the Annual Assembly on 21st October, two new Council members were elected: Hazelyn Mohan and Craig Hawkins. Read all about them, below.

Tasmanian Baptist Council

The Tasmanian Baptist Council meets four times every year and delivers governance and administration for the Baptist Union of Tasmania. Officially the Council is “Assembly in Absentia”, and represents Assembly in all it does.

In addition to elected members, Council consists of the Mission Director (Stephen Baxter) and Administrator (Rodney Marshall).

Currently, eight elected members represent churches from each region:

CHAIR Scott Ambrose
VICE-CHAIR Matt Garvin
NORTH Wendy Marston; Craig Hawkins
NORTHWEST Louis Fife; Owen Muskett
SOUTH Mark Harris; Hazelyn Mohan

Please keep these men and women in your thoughts and prayers as they represent their regions, and make significant decisions which impact Baptist churches throughout Tasmania.

Council is due to meet for the final time this year on Saturday 2nd December.

New Council members, 2022-23

Council Bio – Scott Ambrose elected May 2022

Scott Ambrose

Scott Ambrose is the Principal at Calvin Christian School in Kingston. Scott is married to Sonya and they have five children. An active member of Hobart Baptist Church for over 20 years Scott currently serves on the Church’s Leadership Team as the Chair. Scott has been a Youth Group Leader at Hobart Baptist, and also serves as a Leader at Hobart Boys’ Brigade. 

Professionally, Scott is a member of the Modern Language Teachers Association of Tasmania State Council. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours, a Bachelor of Teaching, a Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Indonesian, and a Masters of Educational Leadership. 

Council Bio – Owen Muskett elected October 2022

Owen Muskett

Owen Muskett has been married to Dawn for 45 years, and have three married sons and eight grandchildren. He has been the Pastor at Wynyard Baptist Church for 9½ years and encourages the church to worship together, to get to know God personally, to care for each other, to witness the name of Jesus locally, nationally and internationally, and to serve the local community.

He and Dawn recognise that through God’s sovereign will, He both opens and closes doors and both recognise that throughout their lives, they have experienced God’s plan and purpose in all they have accomplished: in raising their children, in business and in church life. They have experienced the joys and the hardship of being self-employed, and the sadness seeing friends and family struggle with all sorts of life issues – sickness, death, and divorce. Through it all, Owen and Dawn have sought to love and care for others in their time of need.

And certainly, through all of life’s journey, they can say that God is good – all the time!

Council Bio – Mark Harris elected October 2022

Mark Harris

A Christian since his youth Mark Harris, with his wife Fiona, have attended Citywide Baptist Hobart for over five years. They have three adult children, and enjoy most outdoor activities.

Mark has served in a variety of church capacities ranging from kids and youth programs to development, leadership and board roles. He also served as an Executive Pastor for a number of years in a large ACC Melbourne church, and currently contributes in board roles for two Christian organisations.

Mark has a professional background in finance and general management, having worked in a broad range of commercial, Christian and NFP organisations at a senior level. Up until his retirement, Mark was a Certified Practising Accountant, Chartered Secretary, and Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia. Mark holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Melbourne University, and a Graduate Diploma in Theology.

While enjoying a retirement lifestyle, Mark is keen to serve the Kingdom and make a difference in the name of Jesus.

Council Bio – Hazelyn Mohan elected October 2023

Hazelyn Mohan, new Council member as at October 2023

Hazelyn* attends Claremont Baptist, having initially been a part of IC Church.

Hazelyn Mohan is originally from Singapore. She came to Tasmania 13 years ago to pursue a law degree. She has been in the Tasmanian public service sector for the past ten years, and is currently working full time, pursuing her Masters part-time, and is involved in various Church ministries.

Hazelyn’s dad was a pastor and she so grew up in a God-fearing household. She accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour when she was 14, and was baptised as a youth in Singapore. Her faith journey has been a rollercoaster, but through every season, she knows that God holds her hands.

She strives to live courageously through Christ, love unconditionally by His grace, and work faithfully for His kingdom.

* Hazelyn is also known informally as Hazel.

Council Bio – Craig Hawkins elected October 2023

Craig Hawkins, new Council member as at October 2023

Craig Hawkins is the son of Church of Christ pastor Ray Hawkins and mother Mary, who are well-known to many northern Tasmanian Baptists. Becoming a Christian at 10 years old in central Queensland, his baptism took place the same year. He married Rachelle in 1997 and they have six children, aged 12 to 21 years. They attend The Point Baptist Church in Beauty Point.

Both Craig and Rachelle have post-graduate degrees in science, and this has led to a passionate interest in faith and science issues. Craig is currently chairman of the Creation Discovery Centre board and is a speaker for Creation Research.

Upon taking on well-known northern business Seahorse World in Beauty Point, the Hawkins’ moved to the area in 2002, where a few years later Craig left his position as Compliance Manager with the Tasmanian Forest Practices Authority to become Managing Director of their business.

Craig has been active in The Point church since its inception and has been an elder there for about the last six years.

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New Council Members 2022-23