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26th April 2023 | ReCharge News

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    Geoff Maddock Visits Tassie!

    As the Baptist Mission Australia State Leader for Tasmania, it is my privilege to relocate to Tassie for the month of May to walk alongside our Baptist churches. 

    Geoff and Sherry Maddock
    Geoff and Sherry Maddock


    First and foremost, I seek to listen and learn what God’s people in Tasmania are experiencing as they step out in mission – across the street and around the world!  I’m also honoured to be sharing in church gatherings each Sunday across May and attending pastor gatherings and association events throughout the month. 

    I would also hope to visit with anyone interested in intercultural mission (local and global) or curious about the work of Baptist Mission Australia as we adapt our organisation to a rapidly changing world mission context. 

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out with a phone call, text or email to arrange a time with me.  I will be in the North West 30th April-10th May. Then around Launceston 10th May to 22nd May. And will finish my time in the South of the state from 22nd May to 29th May.

    Following conversations with Tasmanian Baptist leaders, engagement with churches and our own discernment processes, we sense God’s Spirit encouraging us to make ourselves available to journey with Tasmanian Baptists on your missional reimagination journey.

    Geoff Maddock
    Baptist Mission Australia | | 0436 470 535

    Atrocities in Myanmar

    A call for prayer via Australian Baptist Ministries

    The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation condemns in the strongest terms possible the recent aerial bombing of civilian villages in Pazikyi, Kanbalu of Sagaing region in Myanmar, which resulted in the deaths of over 100 innocent civilians.

    This attack is a gross violation of international humanitarian law and a blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life.

    As members of the Baptist World Alliance, who stand for justice, peace, and respect for human dignity, we are deeply saddened at this heinous act. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost their loved ones, homes and belongings in this inhumane attack.

    We ask our member conventions and churches to pray for the people of Myanmar during these difficult times and to stand in solidarity with them as they seek justice and peace.

    READ: Full press release >

    Riverland’s Ministries

    There is so much going on at Longford! To find out more, or to attend/participate in any of these ministries please check their website (, call 6391 2202, or email Office hours are 9am-12pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

    • 10-11am Mondays and Tuesdays, Libraries Tasmania, Adult Literacy – during school term)
    • 11am-12pm Mondays, Prayer Group
    • 10am-12pm Tuesdays, Threads of Friendship
    • 5.30-9pm Tuesdays Young Adults Group – off site
    • 10am-12pm Wednesdays, Bible Small Group
    • 9.30-11.30 am Thursdays, Stay & Play – during school terms
    • 3-5pm Thursdays, Girls Youth Group – during school terms
    • 11.30am-1.30pm. Thursdays, Bible Discovery Group
    • 7-8.30pm Thursdays, Bible Small Group – fortnightly, off-site
    • 10.30am-12pm Fridays, Neighbours – fortnightly
    • Fridays, Riverlands Youth group – 3rd Friday of each month, during school terms
    • 11am-1pm Fridays, Meals on Wheels – operate Monday-Friday each week
    Riverlands Minsitries. Snr Pastor Rodney Marshall, Meals on Wheels, Sta & Play, Associate Pastor Liam Conway
    Snr Pastor Rodney Marshall, Meals on Wheels, Stay & Play, Associate Pastor Liam Conway

    Grief Companion Training

    Do you know people who are grieving? Would you like to learn how to support them? You could attend this seminar, being run by New Mornings at Ulverstone Baptist.

    WHEN 9:30am-430pm, Saturdays 20th May AND 3rd June 2023
    COST Day 1 only – $75 (Conc. $55) ) | Days 1 + 2 – $120 (Conc. $85)
    WHERE Ulverstone Baptist Church Hall, 60 Alexandra Road, Ulverstone, 7315
    INFO Contact New Mornings: | 03 6411 6212
    OR download the flyer:

    What’s Going On – Summerhill

    For more information about any of these activities please contact Maddy Svoboda:

    • Primary school mentoring at Summerdale (as well as training of mentors), runs weekly throughout the week.
    • Playgroup, 10am-12pm, Wednesdays during school term facilitated by the Salvos.
    • Chat and Choose, every Friday morning during school terms.
    • Craft Group, Saturday mornings once a month.
    • High school Youth Ministry, 7-9pm, 2nd Friday of the month (when not involved with the combined youth initiatives).
    • Life groups, throughout the week.
    • A service in our local aged care facility. We hope to extend to another service soon.
    Summerhill Baptist Ministries

    Stand with the People of Myanmar


    More than ever, the people of Myanmar need to know that others stand with them. They need to know they are not forgotten.

    Two years on from a military coup, Myanmar is rocked by violence, oppression and instability. The economy has collapsed, there are severe shortages of food, fuel and other basic supplies. Families are forced to separate, churches continue to be damaged. Pastors have been arrested. The military continue to ignore basic human rights. 

    Since the coup, more than 3000 people have been killed and 16,000 people detained. Almost 1.6 million people are displaced within Myanmar and 1.1 million refugees and asylum seekers from Myanmar live in refugee camps on the Thai and Indian borders and within other towns in Thailand and India. 

    Please invite your faith community in sacrificially giving to our Stand with Myanmar appeal, so that together we can make a tangible and practical difference in the lives of people who continue to live with trauma and uncertainty.

    What’s Going on – City Baptist

    City Baptist Church in Launceston has people, as well as activities that people can connect with relationally.

    • Street chaplain (Stephen Avery), coming alongside those in need on our streets
    • Advocacy 
      • Housing provided for refugees (Ivan James)
      • The homeless and those fleeing Family and Domestic Violence (Kay Hunter)
      • Climate activism (Sally Staley, Wendy Miller and friends)
    • Drop in Centre in the Red Dove Café
      6pm-7pm Saturdays, 52 weeks per year (Jeff McKinnon).
    • City Baptist Community Garden –  69 Station Rd, St Leonards (Steve and Marie Pearce)
    • Learning Circle (hosted by Garry Billing and Jeff McKinnon) for those wanting to grow in discipleship, spirituality and mission (three-week sessions)
    • Young adult dinners with Jenna Blackwell
    • Friday Frolics – Intergenerational social outing on last Friday of the month (Merelyn Briton)

    Find out more here > | City Baptist on Facebook >

    Some of the faces at City Baptist, L-R: Tracey and Stephen Avery; Jeff McKinnon; Jenna Blackwell; Kay Hunter

    What’s Going on – Gateway

    The Baptist churches in and around Launceston want to work more closely together and point people to activities going on in other Baptist churches.

    Over the coming weeks reCharge NEWS will highlight one church’s activities, this week, with Gateway Baptist.

    Gateway Baptist, Craft Group, Artway, Basketball, Mentoring and lifeskills
    Gateway’s Ministries most weeks:
    Shekinah House Team

    Volunteering and low level counseling with homeless people
    11am till 3pm, Tuesday to Friday

    Bible Study

    Ladies study with coffee
    3rd and 4th Tuesday of each month  
    Wednesday group
    5:30 – 6:30pm Wednesday
    Eat, Share, Pray Midweek Group
    6:30-8:30pm, Thursday


    Art Therapy and Lessons 12 noon – 2pm Wednesday and Thursday   
    Craft Group 6:30-9pm, Wednesday               

    Walking Group

     Ladies 10am Thursday

    Baptist Basketball

    Saturday Evenings

    To enquire about any of these activities please email:

    Easter Camp at Perth

    In 1954, Perth Baptist hosted an enormous Easter Camp!
    Thank you to those who responded about the year this photo was taken.

    Perth Baptist Easter Camp, approx date 10940s

    READ MORE Perth Baptist Church Profile

    What’s Going On – Newstead

    Walk this Way - Newstead Baptist
    Walk this Way 

    2-4pm first Sunday of the month

    Family friendly short walks aimed to be an intergenerational opportunity to create space in creation to walk and talk.

    Life Groups

    Tuesday Life Group 7-9pm in Prospect
    Thursday Life Group 7-9pm in Newstead
    All Welcome! Join a Life Group here >

    In the Community

    Chat’n’Choose 9:30-11:30am Thursdays, at the church.
    Crafts, Conversations, Friendship, Fun. Men and Women of all ages are Welcome.

    Drop-in Centre meets every Friday 1-3pm in “The  Lounge” at the church
    Games for all generations, just drop-in to meet new friends

    Alpha at Newstead Baptist Thursday nights from 1st June 2023

    To enquire about any of these activities at Newstead, please email

    Mid-Year Assembly

    Friday/Saturday 5th/6th May, Newstead Baptist (NB new venue!)

    The May Assembly is coming up very fast! All Tasmanian Baptist churches are eligible to have at least two voting delegates in attendance, plus pastors and Tas Baptist Council Members. As well, interested individuals are welcome to attend. However, all attendees do need to register.

    Assembly papers will be sent to Church Secretaries via email on Thursday 6th April.


    7-9pm, Friday 5th May: Dinner ($30)
    9:30am-3pm, Saturday 6th May: Morning tea and Lunch ($15)

    Payments and registrations will be due to the Tasmanian Baptist office by Monday 5th May 2023. As well as the regular registration process, we are trialing an online payment/registration system. So watch out for that!

    Views of October Assembly 2022
    Views from Tas Baptist Assembly, October 2022

    CROSSOVER Easter Resources


    This Changes Everything is an Easter series that’s ready to go. There are message outlines that you can take, leave or adapt. But the bonus is the artwork for promoting and inviting, easily editable to include your church details.
    All free, because Crossover is here to help you share Jesus.

    Ally & Sally is the shortest soap opera you’ve ever seen! 3x 1-min episodes you can show in church, or embed in your weekly email, or both. Each episode can stand alone, but the story builds – and twists – with a positive encouragement to share our great news.
    Perfect for showing right before promoting the Easter Offering in the three weeks leading up to Easter!

    watch ally & sally

    Read More ReCharge!

    April/May 2023

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    ReCharge News April 2023

    An Easter Exercise

    Sacred Agents Easter 2023 by Abdrew Turner, Crossover; Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

    An Easter Exercise

    *Exscribo Divina

    SACRED AGENTS is a blog by Andrew Turner, Director of Crossover

    Ten or twelve years ago, while chatting socially with a woman who worked as a psychologist, I mentioned rather sheepishly that I had a fear of flying. “You should come and see me,” she said, “I can help with that.” Before I could deflect, she added, “You know, often it’s associated with a childhood trauma. Were you in an accident when you were young?”

    Indeed I was. Intrigued, I asked what could be done, and to her financial detriment she just said, “Well, come and see me if you like. But you might find that just having had this conversation will have helped.” What? A passing conversation of all of two minutes?

    But then the strangest thing happened. When I next flew – some weeks later – the fear was just gone. I am still absolutely amazed by this, that just a few words can have such power, power beyond argument or persuasion or logic. It’s like she had spoken directly to my nervous system.

    It’s time to get your pen and notebook!

    If you’ve been following Jesus for a while, Easter can be a little strange. We celebrate the heart of the good news, but it doesn’t seem like news anymore. We know how it goes. God bless all the preachers stretching their heads to come up with a fresh angle on this old story! But Easter can just come and go, if we let it.

    So here’s a little exercise I’ve found helpful to keep the heart from dozing: Copy out Mark 14-16 and Isaiah 53. Copying Scripture* is slow.

    Slow enough that sure, I notice little things I hadn’t considered so much before. But it’s not about that – it’s about letting the words hit me in a different way. I’ve just been immersing myself in the wonder of it all. Opening myself up to “just having had this conversation” with God.

    Making a difference

    My intention here isn’t to know more. Perhaps it’s to know better or deeper. My fear of flying wasn’t logical, and it wasn’t fixed by following logical steps. I did get information, but strangely sideways, so that it got deep enough in me to make a genuine difference.

    This is not just something we can do for ourselves, but with others too.

    Perhaps there’s someone in your life who’d be willing just to read through it with you? Not for analysis or explanation or even persuasion – you might find there’s other powerful ways that God works his healing magic both in and through you.

    Andrew Turner, Crossover

    Andrew Turner is Director of Crossover for Australian Baptist Ministries.Crossover exists to Help Australian Baptists Share Jesus.

    Please support the Crossover Easter Offering in 2023.
    FIND OUT HOW by checking our March News, OR visit Crossover Easter

    *You can call it Exscribo Divina if the people you’re trying to impress only speak Latin.

    Read More reCharge!

    APRIL/MAY 2023

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    ReCharge NEWS March 2023

    22nd March 2023 | ReCharge News

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      CROSSOVER Easter Resources


      This Changes Everything is an Easter series that’s ready to go. There are message outlines that you can take, leave or adapt. But the bonus is the artwork for promoting and inviting, easily editable to include your church details.
      All free, because Crossover is here to help you share Jesus.

      Ally & Sally is the shortest soap opera you’ve ever seen! 3x 1-min episodes you can show in church, or embed in your weekly email, or both. Each episode can stand alone, but the story builds – and twists – with a positive encouragement to share our great news.
      Perfect for showing right before promoting the Easter Offering in the three weeks leading up to Easter!

      watch ally & sally

      Mid-Year Assembly

      Friday/Saturday 5th/6th May, Newstead Baptist (NB new venue!)

      The May Assembly is coming up very fast! All Tasmanian Baptist churches are eligible to have at least two voting delegates in attendance, plus pastors and Tas Baptist Council Members. As well, interested individuals are welcome to attend. However, all attendees do need to register.

      Assembly papers will be sent to Church Secretaries via email on Thursday 6th April.


      7-9pm, Friday 5th May: Dinner ($30)
      9:30am-3pm, Saturday 6th May: Morning tea and Lunch ($15)

      Payments and registrations will be due to the Tasmanian Baptist office by Monday 5th May 2023. As well as the regular registration process, we are trialling an online payment/registration system. So watch out for that!

      Views of October Assembly 2022
      Views from Tas Baptist Assembly, October 2022

      National Neighbour Day

      Sunday 26th March 2023

      REENGAGE, REIMAGINE, REALIGN. These are familiar words for Tasmanian Baptists! And what better day to reengage with your local area than on National Neighbours Day.

      As you choose to connect with your local community, let’s be “Neighbours Every Day”, and celebrate National Neighbours Day.

      The day comes up on the last Sunday of March every year. It is a “call to action for everyone in Australia (individuals, community groups, business and governments) to take everyday actions that create social connection and foster respectful relationships,” says Nick Tebbey, National Executive Officer of Relationships Australia.

      Neighbuiors Every Day Campaign by Relationships Australia

      Relationships Australia believe respectful relationships are essential for the wellbeing of children, families, individuals and communities. They advocate and promote the importance of respectful relationships, with respect to positive individual mental health outcomes and general community outcomes.

      See Relationships Australia (Tasmania) for counselling services and other resources.

      Revival – in Tasmania?

      In the US there has been much talk about the revival at Asbury University in Kentucky. However, nearly a century ago, a revival happened here too!

      Back in 1924 , Sheffield Baptist was the place where the Holy Spirit came with an outpouring over four years. Sadly, the revival then died out – some would even say it was killed. There is much we can learn from the story.

      Tasmanian Baptist Historian Laurie Rowston speaks with Matt Garvin (Citywide) about this unprecedented, and never repeated, era in our past.

      WATCH video, below | DOWNLOAD the Sheffield story to read

      Vale Rev. Richard Measham

      24th June 1948 – 7th March 2023, Brisbane, Queensland, after a long illness.

      Richard Measham

      Richard Measham was born in Salisbury, England, and grew up in rural Tasmania in Smithton. In their youth, he and his brother Jack were befriended by the Rev. Bill Day of the Independent Baptist church in Smithton. They both eventually entered the Baptist Christian ministry.

      Initially, Richard qualified as a diesel fitter. Then, in 1973 Richard commenced study at the World Evangelism Crusade in St. Leonards, Launceston, with a view to overseas mission work. However, the mission work was not to be. While on mission experience in Rosebery, on Tasmania’s west coast, he met Helen Smith, a Primary School Teacher.

      Subsequently, in 1975, Richard went to the Petershead Baptist church in Adelaide and worked there part-time for 18 months, while Helen trained at the Sydney Missionary and Bible College. Richard then returned to Tasmania and became Assistant to the Rev. Robert Beeston at the Memorial Baptist Church (now Gateway).

      Married life

      Richard and Helen married on 17th January 1976. They began at the Claremont Baptist Church in February 1979. Richard was ordained to the Christian ministry on 15th September 1989.

      In 1993/94, Richard was President of the Tasmanian Baptist Union. In 1993 he commenced at the Moonah Church and served there until it closed in 2003. He became the ABMS (Australian Baptist Missionary Society) Secretary of Tasmania. As a result he took a one-month overseas trip to China, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. Later, another trip, to Africa, both on behalf of the Society.

      Helen died on 11th October 2013. They had two children, Andrew and Christy. Richard married again, this time to Nicola Stacey, and in 2021 they moved to Queensland. Richard is remembered has a man with a pastor’s heart.

      Laurie Rowston

      • Memorial service: 2:30pm, Wednesday 15th March 2023, Philip Stephens Funerals, Rosny
      • Burial of Richard’s ashes: 1:30pm, Thursday 16thMarch, 2023, Circular Head Lawn Cemetery, Stanley

      Domestic Violence Resources

      The Safer Spaces Toolkit

      An endorsed project of Australian Baptist Ministries, The Safer Space Toolkit is aimed at resourcing pastors and church leaders to address domestic abuse and build relationally healthy communities.

      This project started as a result of recognising domestic abuse resources were often available only by region, and there was a need to create a resource that could be accessed by any pastor anywhere, with access to the Internet.

      The project working group is made up of Baptist women from around the country who have expertise in pastoral leadership, theology, teaching, domestic abuse and project management.

      FIND OUT MORE: Preaching tools, training sessions, videos and user guide.
      WATCH the introductory video, below

      Heartlands News – Autumn 2023

      Heartlands aims to speak about things of the heart to women of our heart-shaped island.

      Read About

      • World Day of Prayer success
      • Northern event, Friday 17th March
      • Women in Leadership
      • WANTED! Team member in the South
      • Learn to Live with Less

      READ Heartlands | SUBSCRIBE to Heartlands

      DOCO: Is the Church a Blessing?

      From Launceston Alive

      A colourful portrait of brokenness, and hope of repair, this video assembles a narrative kaleidoscope of lost youth, drug addiction, refuge from war, disability and those searching for a brighter path through imperfection.

      The 48-mintue documentary features Kay Hunter, Maddy Svoboda, Guy Barnett and Jeff McKinnon – and many other local Christian leaders.

      SU Tas Chaplaincy Challenge


      SU Tas Coast to Coast Chaplaincy Challenge 446 kms, 11 March to 30 April

      Read More ReCharge!

      February/March 2023

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      ReCharge News March 2023

      Crossover Christmas Resources

      Crossover Christmas Resources 2022

      Christmas Ideas

      Crossover logo

      Crossover Resources provided for Baptist churches


      1.     Santa vs Jesus – highly recommended

      God is not a Santa in the Sky A short, fun, poetic Christmas video (3m) by Glen Scrivener

      2.     Peace, Hope and Joy at Christmas

      Outreach Christmas video (3m 18s) produced in conjunction with Olive Tree Media


      Missing Peace?

      This Advent and Christmas series was developed by Crossover. It is adaptable for use in all kinds of churches, highly invitable, and full of the great news about Jesus. 

      Christmas Resources 2022 - Missing Peace from Crossover

      The series title, Missing Peace? is, of course, a two-sided play on words. It calls to all who thirst for peace, and hints at a ‘missing piece’ which is Christ the cornerstone. 

      Resource Includes

      Five message outlines can be used in any order, with each standing alone.

      1. Missing Global Peace
      2. Missing Relational Peace
      3. Missing Personal Peace
      4. Missing Everyday Peace
      5. Finding the Missing Peace

      Easy-to-edit artwork for invitations and promotions

      • High quality themed artwork
      • Customise and edit using Microsoft Office apps
        • Social media posts
        • Postcards
        • Posters
        • PowerPoint slides

      To develop this resource, Crossover partnered with Pastors Miranda Dixon, Jason Hoet and Kerry Davies; and cross-cultural worker, Luke Hutchinson (Baptist Mission Australia).


      All ready and available to use. Check them out here >

      Christmas Resources 20

      Read ReCharge

      October/November 2022

      Christmas Events Tasmanian Baptist churches celebrate! (from 14th December)
      Deep Thought Dec 2022 The Change Makers by Melissa Lipsett BWA
      How did we do in 2022? From the Mission Leadership Team
      AROUND THE CHURCHES October/November 202
      ANNUAL ASSEMBLY Report by Anthea Maynard
      FAMINE In the Horn of Africa Melissa LipsettCEO Baptist World Aid
      PRISON MINISTRY By Cameron Brett of Prison Fellowship Tasmania
      DEEP THOUGHT The Sound of Silence By Denise Stephenson
      FROM THE MISSION DIRECTOR: Does God Really Care? By Stephen Baxter
      SCHOOLS MINISTRY: Mustard Lives Transformed by Jesus
      CHURCH PROFILE: Newstead Baptist

      October 2022 NEWS | November 2022 NEWS

      Recent (PDF) Issues of ReCharge

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      Christmas Resources 2022

      ReCharge NEWS November 2022

      Oct 2022, Annual Assembly

      ABOVE: Assembly October 2022, L to R – Paul Manning (BWA); Sherry and Geoff Maddock (BMA); Stephen Baxter and Ben Cochrane; Worship time; Those Gathered!

      23rd November 2022 | ReCharge News November 2022

      Table of Contents

        Faith and the Arts Summer School

        Returning to the Hive of Inspired Creativity

        POATINA: Sunday 8th to Friday 13th January 2023

        W: |
        M: 0425 275 013
        Registration and Pricing > (THIS could be a wonderful Christmas gift for a loved one!)

        FATA 2023 promo

        This year’s theme: Hive.

        After two years online, the annual faith and the arts school in Poatina will be held in-person!

        Whether discovering FATA for the first time or returning – you can explore how to infuse faith with art, and art with faith.

        The FATA team are praying for God’s grace on the time of encouraging, up-skilling and living in community.

        Get ready to continue your creative journey …

        The Gatherings Team are planning a spiritual and creative journey that will have attendees chewing on how, why and what we communicate, with our diverse creative languages.

        Keynote Speaker: Lucinda Coleman

        TOM and PAT

        A new book by Ivan Jordan (Yolla Baptist)

        Forward by Rev. Tim Costello AO

        Front Cover

        Tom Fleming is one of my heroes; a man who suffered under the Japanese in WW2 but turned his suffering into service of the Warlpiri people at Yuendumu. I am proud to be a Baptist Minister because of the character and witness of this spiritual giant. Ivan Jordan has given us a jewel in providing understanding of one of the most significant chapters of Christian mission in this nation’s history

        Tim Costello


        Back Cover

        RRP is $35 less 40% for trade, plus freight.
         If Church groups order five or more copies, they will qualify for the 40% trade discount. Order here >


        Phone: 08 9362 5955 (Intnl +61 8 9362 5955)
        Tuesday and Friday 1pm to 5pm W.A. time

        Please ensure the following are included in your email or letter to Hesperian Press: 

        • Book title
        • Number of copies
        • Name
        • Phone number
        • Address
        • Postage
        • Full credit card details (or BSB details)

        Hesperian Press | P.O. Box 317 Victoria Park W.A. 6979
        Tom and Pat info >

        News from Crossover

        Helping Australian Baptists Share Jesus

        News from Crossover - Streams of Living Water Spring Appeal 2022

        Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them

        John 7:38 (NIV)

        The recent Crossover Spring Appeal, Streams of Living Water, is a huge success! A big thank you to those who signed up to give to Crossover on an ongoing basis.

        Ask questions about supporting:

        Director of Crossover Andrew Turner (who conducted Tas Baptists’ recent leadership review) explains what the appeal is all about in this video.
        OR you could read Andrew’s letter to churches.

        The generosity of supporters gives Crossover the ability to:

        • Create new resources (like the new Christmas resource, Missing Peace?)
        • Run events (such as hosting the recent online Australian Baptist Prayer Gathering)
        • Provide encouragement to Aussie Baptists (it’s time to read the new article about young adults exploring church!)
        • And offer invaluable training (more and more churches are using the Plan A resource).

        Every dollar given is a blessing. Each donation comes closer to Crossover’s goal:

        To see our Baptist movement baptising twice as many new believers each year by the end of the decade.

        Streaming GOOD. Television

        Find out about GOOD. TV

        Australian Christian Channel have a free streaming service to provide positive entertainment options.

        In an ever-changing world it’s great to know some things do not need to change. There is so much good to look forward to, which is why the people at GOOD. are committed to providing positive entertainment options so people can always watch something they can trust and rely on.

        This is more than just a wide variety of programs. It includes a standard of viewing bringing more goodness into your life, with content to provide you with peace of mind. And will make you feel good at the same time.

        GOOD. provide quality movies, TV series, documentaries and much more. You have the choice you want, without the stress of the not-so-good stuff that you do not want for your family.

        As well, GOOD. is FREE, without any hidden costs or monthly bills.

        Check GOOD. out here > (

        World Women’s Day of Prayer

        Day of Prayer event at Claremont Baptist Church
        Women gathered to pray at Day of Prayer events around Tasmania

        On Saturday 22nd October, women gathered at Claremont and Ulverstone Baptist churches to pray for women around the world. They also gave funds to assist with Baptist projects in our Pacific region.

        In each location, small groups prayed for international regions about specific prayer requests. These included prayers such as:

        • Nations recovering from COVID (Carribean and Asia)
        • Domestic abuse (Pacific and Caribbean)
        • Unexpected pregnancy support programs (Latin America and Canada)
        • Shelter for victims of human trafficking (Asia/Azerbaijan)
        • Reconciliation for indigenous people (Australia and NZ)
        • Peaceful elections (Africa)

        Baptist women are doing astounding work across the globe!

        Tasmanian funds raised 2021: $560
        Tasmanian funds raised 2022: $869

        Day of Prayer events in Tasmania were re-started in 2021 after an underwhelming Australian response to raising funds in 2020 of only $365.

        It’s not too late to participate!
        You can pray or donate any time until the week of 13th November 2022.

        Australia’s Aid Increases

        From Micah Australia

        In the recent budget, the Government announced $1.4 billion of additional aid to our region over the next four years!

        Micah Australia welcomes these increases while continuing to call strongly for further urgent aid to help fight famine in the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.

        WATCH: Micah Australia’s Tim Costello (Exec. Director) and Matt Darvas (National Director) respond to the Budget from Canberra

        READ how Baptist Word Aid are helping in the fight against famine in the Horn of Africa >

        Fostering Hope

        Fostering Hope’s vision is to find a family for every child who needs one.

        Fostering Hope recruiting now!

        Tasmanian Baptists work with Fostering Hope to encourage churches and families to both provide, and support, foster carers.

        Along with recruiting new carers, Fostering Hope supports people on the journey with connection, training, pastoral care, and mentors for children. As well, they offer trauma-awareness training for churches so they can be safe places for all children and adults. 

        Currently, Fostering Hope are looking for more fostering families to offer homes for children who need them.

        There is also a need for respite carers to offer extended family and community around full-time foster and kinship families and we just don’t have the families to ask.

        Children without the protection of their parents are the most vulnerable in any community. These children need families and communities to offer them hope, healing, and a childhood free of adult stresses and full of fun. 

        If you would like to know more about Fostering Hope’s work, or have someone from the team talk at your church or run a trauma-awareness training, please get in touch. 

        Mary Dickins

        Mary Dickins
        Fostering Hope

        Christian Book of the Year Award

        The Forest Underground: Hope for a Planet in Crisis

        SparkLit winner, Christian book of the year award, 2022

        The winner of the Christian Book of the Year Award 2022 is The Forest Underground: Hope for a Planet in Crisis, by Tony Rinaudo.

        The book tells the story of a revolution in reforestation that is transforming the lives of subsistence farmers around the world. An inspiring and irresistible story of one man’s obedience and God’s faithfulness.

        The awards are presented every year by, who aim to advance God’s Kingdom by empowering Christian writers, publishers and distributors.


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        October/November 2022

        CHRISTMAS IDEAS For Baptists from Crossover
        AROUND THE CHURCHES October/November 2022
        ANNUAL ASSEMBLY Report by Anthea Maynard
        FAMINE In the Horn of Africa Melissa Lipsett, CEO Baptist World Aid
        PRISON MINISTRY By Cameron Brett of Prison Fellowship Tasmania
        DEEP THOUGHT The Sound of Silence By Denise Stephenson
        FROM THE MISSION DIRECTOR: Does God Really Care? By Stephen Baxter
        SCHOOLS MINISTRY: Mustard Lives Transformed by Jesus
        CHURCH PROFILE: Newstead Baptist

        READ October 2022 NEWS
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        ReCharge News November 2022

        Census Overview from Crossover

        Census Overview from Crossover

        Sacred Agents #101

        Census and Sensibility

        By Andrew Turner, Director of Crossover, helping Australian Baptists share Jesus

        I know most of you don’t love statistics as much as I do, probably 98.841% of you with a margin of error of … WAIT! Don’t switch off. The recent Australian Census data is important. Let me try to translate the number columns into a meaningful story.

        Census Overview from Crossover

        Some results were not that surprising. Turns out we’re all five years older than we were at the last census five years ago. Over that time the Australian population grew 8.6% (1.5% per year) to 25.4 million. Half of that growth came from migration. Ask your parents where the other half came from. Speaking of which, did you know nearly 50% of us have a parent born overseas? Oh, and that Millennials have totally taken over as largest age demographic? LOL. Eye-roll emoji.

        But it was the Religious Affiliation data that surprised many. The proportion of Aussies who claim to be Christian dropped sharply, from 52% to 44% (in 2011 it was 61%).  At the same time, those who ticked ‘No Religion’ rose from 30% to 39%. This represents two million nominal Christians no longer claiming to be what they don’t practice.

        Most of us would see this as a rise in honesty – don’t claim to be a musician if you don’t play an instrument. But if it’s a shift from ‘I’m a lazy musician who hardly ever practices’ to ‘I’m no musician and selling my trumpet’, it is a loss and a grief.

        Uneven Spread

        The drop-off from those claiming Christianity was not spread evenly across denominations. Anglicans especially, but Catholics, Uniting, Presbyterians, Lutherans and Salvos had very significant reductions. Pentecostals and Churches of Christ fell a little. And Baptists actually grew – by 2,192 – small falls in most states were more than offset by a jump of 4,500 in Victoria. Go BUV!

        The generation that is least ‘Christian’ (31%) and most ‘No Religion’ (47%) are those millennials, now aged 26-40. But this may be more about life-stage than generation; young adults often do a prodigal walkabout before returning to faith. Let’s be sure to welcome them.

        So what’s the story? What might God be saying to us and what might we do with all this?

        Firstly, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  

        CONTINUE READING Andrew Turner’s blog, Sacred Agents: Census and Sensibility >

        Andrwe Turner

        Andrew Turner is the Director of Crossover for Australian Baptist Ministries and author of Fruitful Church and Taking the Plunge: Baptism and Belonging to Jesus.
        Andrew recently completed a Leadership Review of Tasmanian Baptists, with results soon to be tabled.

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        August/September 2022

        Disaster Strikes Floods in Pakistan – Baptist World Aid
        Around the Churches News and events statewide
        Ministry Profile Ben Cochrane, Somerset
        Deep Thought 21st Century Mission by Laurie Rowston
        Stand Sunday 2022 Make a stand for foster carers ~ During September
        Church Profile Claremont Baptist
        From the MLT Achieving Lasting Social Change
        Love Beyond our Backyard Three generations of generosity in Wynyard

        August 2022 NEWS
        July 2022 NEWS

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        Census Overview from Crossover

        ReCharge NEWS April 2022

        ReCharge News April 2022

        ReCharge News 27th April 2022

        Table of Contents

          Heartlands Autumn 2022

          Heartlands News

          The latest Heartlands news is here!

          • EmpowHer events coming up.
          • Praying with Intention
          • Exciting women’s ministry at The Point Baptist
          • The Science of Seeing God

          Baptcare Foster Care Training

          Fostering Hope

          Shared stories, Shared lives

          WHERE: Wellspring Anglican Church (Grosvenor St, Sandy Bay), or on Zoom
          WHEN: 9-4:30pm Saturdays 7th and 14th May
          REGISTER: For in-person or Zoom

          Volunteer for KidzFest!

          Tasmania Celebration with Will Graham

          Kidzfest is a free family-friendly event for pre-school and elementary age children. It’s going to be great!

          Volunteer for Kidzfest >

          HOBART 1:30pm 21st May, MyState Bank Arena

          LAUNCESTON 10am 28th May, Silverdome

          Kidzfest begins with music guests and “The Quest,” an interactive presentation with a fun Gospel message. There will be petting zoo, games, balloon animals and other fun activities all for free!

          Kidzfest at the Silverdome
          Kidzfest Hobart

          Tickets are required to attend Hobart events: (not for Launceston!)

          FIND OUT MORE Tasmania Celebration with Will Graham >

          SHELTER – EmpowHer Retreat

          5pm-5pm, 24-25 June 2022

          Shelter Retreat June 2022

          Led by Denise Stephenson (LifeWay) and Jenny Baxter (Hobart), this retreat will focus on sheltering in God’s presence.

          Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

          Psalm 91:1

          If you are weary and burdened with life, and need some time to enter God’s presence to reflect, restore and rest, then come along!

          INFO: The retreat is non-residential, and will be held in Blackmans Bay.
          COST: $45/person NB. There are other ways you can contribute if money is an issue – so get onto us!
          ARE YOU IN? Call or SMS to reserve your spot, and we will send you more info: 0401 652 566
          BROCHURE Download here

          Ministry Training at WEC

          Cert IV Christian Ministry and Theology

          WEC Cert IV course

          Eastern College Australia are offering accredited units at its delivery site in Launceston. Worldview Centre host evening classes where you can complete units towards a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology.

          The Tuesday evenings include catered meal breaks.

          Unit Costs $300/unit

          Where Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies, 41 Station Road, St Leonards, TAS 7250

          Download Brochure

          Dates for remainder of 2022

          5pm-8:30pm 14 June-30 August (10 weeks): Christian Ethics
          5pm-8:30pm 13 September-29 November (10 weeks): Discipleship

          Tasmania Celebration

          Since 1950, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has held Crusades across the globe to proclaim God’s love to people who need Jesus Christ. Today, Will Graham Celebrations continue this life-changing mission.

          A Celebration is not just an evangelistic event; it is a process of prayer, training, outreach, and follow-up that takes place over a 12-month period—and it begins and ends with the local church.

          The Tasmania Celebration is scheduled to take place in May 2022, just a few short weeks away.

          In Hobart, the Tasmania Celebration will be held at the My State Bank Arena on 21st May. In Launceston, the main events will be at the Silverdome on 27th-29th May.

          Will Graham at the Silverdome

          PRAY for the Events

          Commit to praying; privately, within your Connect Groups and prayer gatherings.
          Click HERE to download prayer points as we pray together in unity.

          Here’s what’s happening. All events are FREE!

          Tasmania Celebration HOBART My State Bank Arena

          Kidzfest Hobart

          Click dates for more details
          HOBART TICKETS >

          Tasmania Celebration LAUNCESTON Various Venues

          Click dates for more details


          Perth Baptist is running a bus to attend the 29th May event at the Silverdome.
          For more info, please email or call  0418 130 221.

          Advocating for the Most Vulnerable

          Micah Australia is a coalition of Christian aid agencies who lobby the government on behalf of the world’s poor, vulnerable and oppressed. Micah Australia’s Executive Director, Tim Costello, is one of Australia’s best-known community leaders and a sought after voice on social justice issues, leadership and ethics.

          The 2022 federal government Budget, released on 31st March, revealed some major wins. This included the announcement that the government will increase the intake of Afghan refugees. 

          Watch the video from National Director, Matt Darvas, to find out more:

          Matt Darvas Micah Australia

          There were also some incredible outcomes for Micah’s End Covid For All campaign. This is the direct result of months of campaigning for Australia’s neighbours in crisis.

          You can take action

          • Please spread the good news and thank Minister Alex Hawke (Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs) for responding, by sharing this Facebook post.
          • Through Micah’s latest campaign, A Safer World For All, the momentum will be sustained in the lead-up to the federal election. It’s an unmissable opportunity to call on Canberra to support our neighbours in crisis.

          EmpowHer Northern Walk

          Saturday 21st May 2022

          APBF Congress 5-7 Sept, Korea

          5-7 September 2022, Online

          Since the formation of the Asia Pacific Baptists Federation in 1975, and the first historic gathering of Baptists in 1979 in Hyderabad, India, the APBF Congress has met regularly every five years. As a result they have touched thousands of Baptists through the Congress.

          APBF has witnessed the faithfulness of God in Asia and the Pacific over the period of 40 years as the Baptists of Asia and the Pacific has grown to almost 40,000 churches today.

          The 10th APBF Congress again calls Baptists to gather with the theme “Stronger Together” in its first Hybrid Congress (available to both in-person and online attendees). Attendees will witness yet again God’s faithfulness. In-person will allow you to interact face-to-face with the speakers, while online will provide a seamless flexibility to join the Congress from your location.

          STOP PRESS! Due to an overwhelming response, all registrations for in-person attendance have now closed.

          ONLINE Registrations still available > Early bird regos ($30) are due by 30th April 2022.

          Find out about speakers and program >

          New Look for Baptist World Aid

          Here’s some exciting news: if you stop by the Baptist World Aid website, you’ll find a new look and a new visual identity. The look might be new, but they are still committed to ending poverty so all people can enjoy the fullness of life God intends.

          (Even now, BWA’s Ukraine appeal is helping Christian Partners care for displaced families.)  

          BWA will also print a new quarterly 16-page magazine for supporters, Better World Magazine, which will hit mail boxes in the next few weeks and includes news updates, inspiring features and even a column on ‘Curly Questions’.

          DOWNLOAD the “Design Explainer” (1MB) >

          Midyear Assembly

          Mission Director, Stephen Baxter

          Friday/Saturday, 6th-7th May 2022

          A heads-up that our next Tasmanian Baptist Assembly will take place at Riverlands Longford on Friday night 6th May, and Saturday 7th May.

          As always, Assembly will be an inspiring time of challenge, encouragement and connection.

          On Saturday, Scott Pilgrim of Exec. Director of BMA will speak. “Business” is kept to a minimum, and the focus will be our theme for 2022: (en)Courage.

          If you are not a regular attendee and would like to attend you are very welcome. It is important to note, however, that only official church representatives have voting rights.

          Church Secretaries watch out! Information for Assembly, will soon come your way to distribute to delegates.

          Crossover Easter 2022

          Crossover Easter appeal 2022: Make a World of Difference

          History has shown that nothing transforms lives, communities, the world, like people coming to know Jesus. Sharing Jesus is so vital, what if we had more confidence, more wisdom, suitable methods and more really useful resources. Crossover passionately focusses on helping Australian Baptists share Jesus.

          There are three ways Churches can get involved: CLICK to find out >

          Donate to CROSSOVER Here

          Please support Crossover this Easter!

          Tasmania Celebration 2022

          HOBART – 21st May | LAUNCESTON 27th-29th May

          Prayer events in Launceston and Hobart

          Tasmania Celebration

          Will Graham will be in Tasmania in May for the Tasmania Celebration. Let us make sure we cover the entire event in prayer before, during and afterwards!

          Prayer meetings are scheduled in the north and south of the state over the next few months.

          All are welcome!

          Click HERE to find a prayer meeting near you.

          Christian Life and Witness Course

          Do you want to know how to easily share your faith with others?
          Or perhaps you would like to be a prayer partner/counsellor at the Tasmania Celebration?

          Then look no further! This 3 x 2-hour-session course is being run in Hobart and Launceston, and you can pick up missed sessions online.

          Check course dates/locations > | Check Course Online > (Facebook Group)

          Read More!

          April/May 2022 ReCharge

          May Assembly Overview
          Around the Churches
          Pastoral Profile: Dan Evenhuis
          Fostering Hope: Respite Carers needed!
          Deep Thought: Mike Frost – Becoming wise
          Being Strong and Courageous
          Wynyard Baptist Food Drive
          Church Profile: Citywide

          May 2022 NEWS

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          ReCharge News April 2022

          ADVANCE November/December 2021

          Advance step by step NovDec 2021
          Request Print Version via Mail

          This is the final Tasmanian Baptist ADVANCE | step by step

          A new publication, Re-Charge, is now available

          Please note: All previous subscribers to ADVANCE automatically receive ReCharge

          Keep scrolling for the ADVANCE Nov/Dec 2021, Online

          No. 1: 4th November 2021
          ADVANCE November/December 2021 No. 1
          No. 2: 18th November 2021
          ADVANCE November/December 2021 No. 2
          No. 3: 2nd DECmber 2021
          ADVANCE November/December 2021 No. 3

          Painting a Picture of Jesus

          Crossover spring appeal

          crossover update:

          Advance Header

          The Crossover Spring Appeal

          BY Crossover National Taskforce rep, Maddy Svoboda,
          Maddy wonders about altering friends’ perceptions of Jesus, and how the “Crossover Spring Appeal” will help!

          In the 2006 movie ‘Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby’, Will Ferrell’s character Ricky Bobby and his family, as well as his NASCAR teammate Cal Naughton Jr, are having a meal.

          Ricky Bobby gives thanks for the meal of KFC, Dominoes and all manner of food. It makes me wonder how effective a prayer is when asking God to bless this food to our bodies, as Ricky prays to Baby Jesus. He prays over and over to tiny baby, infant Jesus (8-pound 6-ounce baby Jesus who is so cuddly and omnipotent) before his wife stops him.

          Will Ferrell and Ricky Bobby, Crossover Spring Appeal
          Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby

          Everyone has a picture of Jesus

          What impacts me about this scene (apart from the absolutely ridiculous nature of it) is the implicit truth that we all have a picture of Jesus, or God. This picture shapes us – and is an image of Jesus that we gravitate towards.

          Part of our work of evangelism is telling the story, or painting the picture of Jesus, as accurately as we can. This means we can invite people to know Jesus as he is, rather than how we imagine him to be.

          What is Crossover?

          Crossover Spring Appeal

          The ministry of Crossover has richly blessed Tasmanian Baptists. Before COVID-19 struck, Crossover ran conferences for people with a noticeable gift of evangelism. Crossover funds covered the entire cost for each attendee. This meant people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity attend an event like this, could be there.

          Why Crossover’s Spring Appeal?

          In Tasmania alone, 15 people have attended the Emerge Evangelism Conference over the years. As I look back over the list of attendees, I see people who contribute to our life in significant ways. I’m so thankful to be part of Crossover, and to see the fruit from our investment into evangelism and mission.

          Crossover Spring Appeal, As we move towards our vision of seeing Tasmania infused by the kingdom of God, it involves the proclamation of the good news of Jesus

          That’s why Crossover is running a Spring Appeal over the next few months.

          For Crossover to continue to provide resources, and equip the church to proclaim the good news of Jesus, we are asking churches around Australia to commit financially to Crossover. There are multiple ways you and your church can do this.

          Please check out your options at You can also visit the Crossover website to discover resources, including Christmas resources, so you can share Jesus well.

          If you would like to engage in a conversation around the content of this article, please feel free to email me!

          Maddy Svoboda
          Rev. Maddy Svoboda

          Maddy Svoboda