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24th May 2023 | ReCharge News

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    Women’s Collective

    For women in Launceston

    Calling all women in Launceston and surrounds who are interested in growing in their faith-in-action journey. You might be leading or interested in leadership, serving, or wanting to grow in faith that leads to action. This is a new space for you! Join with other women who want a safe space to process and learn together.

    No life qualifications necessary. This is not a small group, or a Bible study. It’s a collective of women who are serious about learning and living in the ways of our good God, doing the journey with others, and hopefully having some laughs along the way.

    Get in touch to express interest or find out more: |

    Women's Collective for femaile leaders, Launceston

    About Us

    Jenna Blackwell is Tasmanian Baptists’ Mission Leadership Coach. Gabi Dunn works for the Anglicans. They are housemates, great friends, and peer supports in ministry. With the support of their organisations, they are collaborating to bring a new space for women.

    No, they don’t think events/gatherings have to be gender-specific. But yes, they acknowledge the complexity of life and history, and that sometimes you just need a space with other women.

    Jenna Blackwell, Gabi Dunn
    Jenna Blackwell; Gabi Dunn

    Advocacy and support for Myanmar

    National Council Resolution:

    Adopted 17 May 2023

    The National Council of Australian Baptist Ministries [ABM] stands in solidarity with all the church communities from Myanmar that are members of State Unions affiliated with ABM. We grieve with them as they witness their family and friends displaced, persecuted, and killed at the hands of the Myanmar military.

    Myanmar Map

    We note, that according to the United Nations, an estimated 1,584,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) were reported across Myanmar as of 30 January 2023, and there are more than 1 million refugees and asylum seekers in neighbouring countries. Church buildings have been destroyed and pastors detained.

    We call on the Australian government to:

    • Increase humanitarian visas to refugees from Myanmar, particularly from ethnic areas such as the Chin, Kachin, Karen and Karenni States. This is where people have been displaced and waiting for settlement for upward of 35 years.
    • Increase humanitarian aid to these ethnic areas that struggle to receive international support due to Myanmar Government restrictions.
    • Increase pressure on the Myanmar government through further sanctions against individuals and companies associated with the Myanmar military. In addition, with further action at ASEAN and the UN.
    • Increase pressure on the Indian Government to issue exit permits to refugees who have already been granted Australian visas.

    We commit ourselves to prayer, to continue to speak out on behalf of the people of Myanmar, in particular those connected to our church community members from Myanmar, and we commit to providing material support to displaced communities in Myanmar and border refugee camps.


    May Mission Month

    No matter where you are, you can journey alongside your neighbours and friends.
    Being an alongsider means listening, showing hospitality, bringing peace and humbly sharing the good news of Jesus. 

    It means praying and seeking the Spirit’s leading. It means loving the people God has put in your world, as well as loving the world. 

    Being an alongsider means sharing God’s love in genuine, active and relevant ways. It means partnering together with each other and God – sending and being sent, giving and receiving. Working together as partners in God’s mission. 

    Watch the video to find out more …

    Stamps for Overseas Mission

    Help raise funds for Baptist Mission Australia

    For over 50 years, Australian Baptists have collected and sold postage stamps to raise money for Baptist Mission Australia (!) . This simple fundraiser generates about $70,000 every year!

    Accumulations, old stamp albums, postal history and other stamp memorabilia are also very welcome.

    Jill Ashdown, of Gateway Baptist, oversees this ministry in Tasmania, and anyone can assist by collecting stamps. Stamps received by our churches can be delivered to the Tasmanian Baptist State Office at Riverlands Longford.

    What to do

    • Prepare the stamps by cutting the stamps off the envelope, leaving a 5mm border around the edge.
    • Collect a bundle in a box, envelope or bag.
    • Drop them off to Riverlands Longford, 159 Wellington St, Longford. The office is open 9am-12pm Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri. Or else, call to arrange a suitable time: 6391 2202.

    Other questions
    Contact the Tasmanian ‘stamp lady’ Jill Ashdown: 0439 354 849 or

    Gateway Stamp Collecting night
    Stamp sorting and trimming night at Jill Ashdown’s place

    23rd Baptist World Congress

    Living the Good News

    Brisbane, 7-12 July 2025

    Watch the video explaining the symbolism behind of the logo for the Baptist World Congress 2025.

    The Creation Discovery Centre

    Good conversations

    The Creation Discovery Centre, based at Seahorse World Beauty Point, has had an amazing summer tourism season. The Centre is run by many of our people who attend The Point Baptist Church, which also meets on the premises.

    A display at the Creation Discovery Centre

    During the summer, many hundreds of visitors including numerous non-believers have taken Christian resources, Bibles and tracts. We praise God for one woman who gave her life to the Lord at the centre in March.

    Email Craig Hawkins at if you would like to hear about the latest developments and testimonies from the museum.

    Here are a few stories:

    • Di is an atheist who came in seeking answers and left encouraged with a Bible after hearing the gospel.
    • Mark and Betty came in to buy fossils for their grandson at the end of the day. Two hours later they left after going through the museum, which was not part of their original plan. Mark said, “I have never before heard the message tied in with real history.” They were both very interested and took Christian resources with them as well as a couple of fossils for the grandson!
    • Pray for Carla who had been witnessed to for over three years by a faithful Christian and came in while a school group was receiving a presentation. After a while she went to the front counter to speak with Rachelle and her friend saying, “It all makes sense now”.
      She repented of her sins there and then, which included occult involvement, and now needs to find Christian connections in the rural area where she lives.

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    Tearfund’s Rubbish Campaign

    plastic, plastic, plastic

    New campaign highlights the human cost of our global plastic waste crisis

    Rubbish Crisis, Tearfund, ReCharge News May 2023

    The Rubbish Campaign, by Christian agency Tearfundis highlighting the human cost of the global plastic waste problem and calling on Australian households to join the effort to address this rubbish crisis.

    As Australian Christians, let’s unite to address the urgent waste crisis that is unfolding: in our households and around the world. Already suffering the worst impacts of COVID-19, extreme weather and hunger, growing landfills are making poverty worse for vulnerable communities around the world. 

    Between 2000 and 2019, plastics production doubled and plastic waste generation more than doubled, with nearly two thirds of this coming from plastics with lifetimes of under five years. (OECD, 2022).

    Tearfund is encouraging Australians to be part of the solution and to demonstrate their care for their global neighbours by signing their petition.

    The petition calls on the Australian Government to do all it can to influence global negotiations and ensure that this plastics treaty helps end the world’s rubbish problem.


    Perth Baptist’s Ministries

    Being active in the community

    For more information about any of these activities, see the Facebook page: | READ Perth’s Church Profile >

    • Weekly Sunday Cafe
      Please get in touch for locations
      • 4pm, Adults
      • 4pm, Young People
    • Bread Run 6:45-7pm, Tuesdays
      More than just picking up the remainder of the day’s bread from a local bakery, this is a time for people to pick up pre-cooked meals (when available), coffee, and discussion.
    The Bread Run at Perth Baptist
    • Home groups
      Please get in touch for locations
      • 10am, Thursdays
      • 7:30pm, Thursdays
    • Ladies Craft Group
      1:30pm, Tuesdays
    • Men’s Fellowship
      10am, Alternate Wednesdays
    Eskleigh Residents
    Perth Baptist has a long-standing relationship with the residents of Eskleigh Home for people with disabilities

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