Hobart Vision Church

Jun 22, 2022
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Growing Tas Baptists

Hobart Vision Church

The Hobart Vision (Korean ) Church is a Korean-speaking church which was accepted into Tasmanian Baptist at the May 2022 Assembly. Usually, 60-70 people (including about 27 kids) meet at Hobart Baptist on Sunday afternoons, as well as a smaller number for early weekday prayer meetings.

The church also streams their services, which are picked up in Hobart, across Australia and also in Korea!

About Pastor Samuel at Hobart Vision Church

Pastor Samuel Jo

Pastor Samuel Jo has been with Hobart Vision Church since July 2019. Samuel has five children. The oldest son, Abraham, is in Melbourne for his 2nd year at Monash University. The youngest is five years old in kindergarten. Pastor Samuel graduated from Hillsong Leadership College majoring in worship-leading.

Samuel is pleased to tell ReCharge about Hobart Vision church, saying, “First of all, I am very grateful to introduce our church, and thank Tasmanian Baptists for giving me this opportunity.”

How it all began

Hobart Vision Church dates back 28 years, when it started with one faithful family of an ordained deacon under the name of ‘Hobart Cheil Church’.

The church was without a pastor and the Sunday service was all about playing a tape brought from Korea, and having a meal together after the sermon. For those who missed Korea, meeting Koreans once a week, and eating Korean food, was a time to experience their hometown.

At this time, regardless of their beliefs, the non-Christians who shared a longing for Korean food with Koreans later became truly valuable leaders.

The church had a pastoral ministry and gathered in Sandy Bay to serve Korean Christians for over 24 years as a part of the Uniting Church.

Hobart Vision Korean Church
Worship service and sharing a meal

Making moves

However, four years ago the current Hobart Vision Church left the Uniting Church as a result of theological differences over sexuality. Consequently, it planted again as an independent church, without a pastor.

Finding a church building wasn’t easy, but the church was able to rent and use St Stephen’s Church (the Red Chapel church, Sandy Bay), where they have worshiped for the past four years. Then, earlier this year, the meeting venue changed to Hobart Baptist Church.

Hobart Vision Korean Church
Hobart Vision Church children sing in the Red Chapel, Sandy Bay

A place to come back to

Hobart Vision Korean Church
Meeting in the Hobart Baptist “Tab”

Since 2019 the church has seen steady growth. The church originally planted with 70 members, and shrank to 30 within a year. It then grew to 70 again within a year. Pastor Jo Sung-min once confessed that all of this was God’s grace, saying, “I’m really happy that it is a church where the members, who have forgotten the church before, can come back to Christ!”

The church is so pleased to have been accepted into the Tasmanian Baptist Union. To determine the denomination we would join, our members needed a firm biblical position in relation to sexuality. However, the biggest reason is the member-centred voting policy of the Baptist denomination. And further, rather than insisting on white Australians, the Baptists opened wide doors for us to become one with them.

Vision and Mission

Hobart Vision Church has a grand vision. The goal is to grow the Korean diaspora into influential believers in Korean and Australian society, trained in Hobart. That is why we are doing our best to provide Sunday School and Korean Language School for the next generation.

The goal is to grow the Korean diaspora into influential believers in Korean and Australian society, trained in Hobart.

Hobart Vision Church is closely connected to the Korean community in Hobart by serving and supporting elders in Hobart, and helping the Hobart Korean community committee. The church also uses the parent network through schools to create opportunities for connection.

We regularly stream our services such as our weekday early morning services, and Sunday services. There are not great number of viewers in Hobart yet, however there are many more viewers in Melbourne and Sydney, and also in Korea who are support our eMinistry. 

Hobart Vision Church

What you need to know . . .

Meeting times
  • 6-7am Weekdays: Early Morning Services
  • 8-9pm Fridays: Holy Spirit Prayer
  • 3-4:30pm Sundays: Worship Service
In addition to Sunday services
  • Korean Language School
  • Taekwondo in Long Beach
  • Friday Night Prayer Meeting
  • Cell Meeting (small group meeting)

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