Hobart Baptist Youth

Jun 15, 2022
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ABOVE: HBC Youth From left, Yvette, Elizabeth, Fiona, Bryce, Hyland, Hannah, Timothy, Jeremiah.

Hobart Baptist Youth

The youth at Hobart Baptist meet three times a month on Sundays, and have some great events happening every so often on Saturday nights. They are led by two of the dads, who are hard-working and valued members of the Hobart Baptist congregation.

In this issue of ReCharge, some of the youth wrote reflections on their activities.

HBC Youth is all about knowing God and His word and inviting others to do the same. We have heaps of fun together, and do some pretty cool stuff. 

Activities nights

One week we had a scavenger hunt, when we ran around the church finding Bible verses and looking for the clue. Another time we went to K-Mart, and we were given $10 and had to buy specific items under the 4 categories: the most things (in a packet), the most useful, the bluest, and the healthiest things. But all for under $10. 

We did these things to spend time together and focus on creating and establishing relationships

We also did some mini golf at Putters. That time, we split up into four teams of 3-4 people and spent two hours competing against group members.  

It was great to do these things to spend time together outside of a youth session and focus on creating and establishing relationships and getting together with people outside of our church.

Fundraising initiative

At HBC we have a strong refugee Karen community. Last year, Pastor Paw Nay, a significant member in the Karen community, informed us of the need for Bible school teachers within the refugee camp in Thailand.  So, as a youth group we raised over $1800 for one teacher’s salary to teach in the Bible school in a refugee camp on the Thai border.

To raise this money, we held barbeques and collected donations from the people in the church. We also had a ‘volunteer’ outside advertising the barbeque to invite people. In December we were able to present pastor Paw Nay with legit stacks [of money]. This year we hope to raise the same amount of money, but in two instalments.

HBC youth fundraiser
HBC Youth Fundraiser, 2021

What else is going on?

Our youth have big plans for the rest of the year!

In addition to a regular Sunday morning Bible study, we make time to get together for some fun activities. These plans include a bonfire night, movie night, Zone 3, games night, rock-climbing, aquatic centre, and BBQ and activities night. Our Saturday night activities are a great chance to invite friends who mightn’t be involved in churches or youth group.

Find us on the HBC website: hobartbaptist.org.au 

Written by HBC Youth

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