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engaging your community:

Using Coaching to Develop Leaders

By Jenna Blackwell

It is important to realign our investments of time, energy, finances and resources to reimaging and reengaging afresh with what God is doing in Tasmania.

Are we afraid to give up Sunday church gatherings because we don't trust that something new might arise? Mission and Leadership Coaching with Jenna Blackwell

One of the major ways to reengage with our communities is a focus on coaching leaders, disciples, followers of Jesus, missionaries, and people of God. It is a call to let our finances reflect our values and priorities.

We often do all we can to protect what we think is good. But when it looks like a fruit tree has died, there’s a dilemma – to graft or to uproot? My avocado tree earlier this year suffered damage and I had to face this very question.

A question was posed to me: ‘Are we afraid to give up Sunday church gatherings because we don’t trust that something new might arise?’

This is an uncomfortable question that raises different things in each of us. Our reaction will be different based on personality, values and experiences.

If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.

Tom Northup

Act and reimagine

Tom Northup[1] says, “All organisations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.” So, if we want different results, we have to be courageous enough to act and to reimagine.

Tasmanian Baptists want to realign for the sake of the Kingdom of God, for the sake of Tasmanians, and for the sake of member churches and faith communities.

  • Support the development of new faith communities
  • Improve communication – both from Tasmanian Baptists and to member churches and faith communities
  • Train and empower servant-hearted leaders, disciples and missionaries to walk the intersection of worship, community and mission
  • Help people discover their unique calling and to reimagine with God what this could look like in everyday life, and reengage with others as they walk this out

One major way we are realigning is through coaching. One day a week, I can now coach anyone in our churches, but particularly women and young adults. Tasmanian Baptists cover all costs to recipients through my employment.

This is massive! By way of comparison, most coaches charge a minimum of $100/hour.

About Christian coaching

Christian coaching is “an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God’s calling,” suggests Keith Webb[2].

Coaching enables the journey of spiritual transformation. As a participant-owned activity, it results in action. Coaching can be short term or long term, project or individual based. For example, focus on:

  • General growth and transformation – developing self-understanding of personality, strengths, gifts and values …
    • Balance/margin/preventing burnout
    • Role/missional engagement and initiatives
    • Problem/project to work on solutions and outcomes

Now is the time to act,! To try new things and to decide how to graft or uproot. We don’t want to still be talking about it in five years’ time, with no growth.

New Growth

Jenna's Avocado tree: Mission and Leadership Coaching with Jenna Blackwell
Jenna’s avocado tree

Here’s my avocado tree more recently, starting the new growth process.

It’s time to reimagine getting involved with what God is doing in Tasmania. And to reengage, welcoming our communities to experience the presence of God afresh, with cultural understanding.

Please get in touch with me to discuss the benefit to you and your church through coaching!

Jenna Blackwell

Jenna Blackwell
Mission and Leadership Coach

[1] lmgsuccess.com/about-tom-northup

[2] keithwebb.com/about


Mission and Leadership Development with Michael Henderson

Leadership Development
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engaging your community:

By Michael Henderson

I see my role as holding hope for you, the leaders, and churches, of Tasmanian Baptists.

Holding hope

Holding hope, that our God has not abandoned us. That he is with us, that he is always doing a new thing in our midst, and that he is trustworthy to his promises of grace and beauty and love going out across our state and world.

Hope, despite the challenges and events that surround us. I hold hope, and try to give hope and courage, that we can respond to the challenges, and see people in our communities grow in their awareness of God and what he can do in our world.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

Isaiah 43:19

Noticing, with Courage

God is always taking us beyond the horizon. He is always doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:18-19), and our role is to notice it and join in with courage. If this requires us to reimagine what is possible, then that is what I, and our Tasmanian Baptist leadership, are here for. Here is my list of priorities and ways that I, and we as Tasmanian Baptists Leadership, can support your church:

Love your community’s heart … so you can join your community’s story and what God is already doing there. Because church can’t be defined as good church people saving bad community members.

Listen to and support pastors and leaders … where you are at, understanding your challenges and opportunities and helping you succeed. This includes helping you understand and implement the new state strategy around the new vision of church.

Inspiring your church

Finding out what God is already doing changes everything

Church measures that tell your story … because every church measures things, and sometimes they are terrible measures that reinforce a negative story. But if the measurements reinforce a positive story, change is possible.

Listening prayer and innovation in the church … because finding out what God is already doing changes everything.

Young leader development … especially around leadership.

Rethinking finance and giving … because there are contemporary fundraising methods, used by other non-profit organisations, that are culturally appropriate to church.

I am so looking forward to what we can do together. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Michael Henderson

Michael Henderson
Mission and Leadership Development


Wynyard Baptist Facility Upgrade

Wynyard Baptist Facility Upgrade
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Wynyard Baptist Church Celebrate

New upgrades make all the difference to community engagement

Wynyard Baptist Pastor, Owen Muskett, often considers how to enable Wynyard Baptist church to engage the local community.

Owen Muskett, 2020
Owen Muskett

Men’s Shed? No worries!

Carols with the Waratah-Wynyard council? Great!

Funeral services for local personalities? What an opportunity!

Local connection is wonderful, but at the same time, Owen felt their building was letting them down. The foyer area was cramped and uninviting, and the toilets were due for an upgrade.

Late in 2019, Owen explained his vision for a more accessible and inviting building entrance. Meeting with the church leadership, he suggested a few changes to the space occupied by the foyer, crying room, church library, and cleaners’ storage, as well as upgrading the out-of-date toilets.  

His idea was to create a large and welcoming foyer area with purpose-built café and kitchen. He suggested building new toilets as a small extension to the main building and relocating the library to the back wall of the existing auditorium. As well, a window could be altered to become the main entrance, including a large awning for protected driveway drop-offs.

New Foyer, Wynyard Baptist Facility Upgrade
New foyer area with kitchen back left, and former main entrance at the back.
The new entrance is to the right, out of frame.

But the main reason for the change, Owen reasoned, was the potential for greater community engagement.

Funding the Wynyard Baptist Facility Upgrade

Soon after Owen explained the vision to the membership, someone (who remains anonymous) dropped by with an envelope. This person told Owen they “saw the vision and wanted to help”!

Asking Owen not to open the letter for at least 10 minutes, they quietly left. Shrouded in mystery Owen agreed, and 10 minutes later, discovered a cheque for $100,000.

Well now there was no stopping them!

From plans to action

The church leaders began to make their plans with the blessing of the membership, and by early 2020 it was clear the work would go ahead at some stage during the year. With the church unable to meet from the middle of March when the COVID-19 lockdown began, it was the perfect time to begin the demolition and building works.

To make best use of the money, the church decided to both build, and project manage, the demolition and construction using as much volunteer labour as possible. As a result, many of the retired men of the church pulled together, working about 5 hours/day for several weeks.

In a few short months, the new foyer area with entrance, the café and brand-new toilets were available for use. The café boasts a state-of-the-art espresso machine, and cups of coffee purchased before and after services contribute to Wynyard’s missions work overseas.

New Toilets, Wynyard Baptist Facility Upgrade
New toilets extension

As well, visitors to the church are greeted with a much more friendly space, and the good people of Wynyard Baptist are excited to welcome many people from outside their fellowship in the years ahead.

In Owen’s excitement he keeps coming back to the generous anonymous donation, which at time of writing, is still being spent on the Wynyard Baptist facility upgrade.

His conclusion? “You just gotta ask!”

Owen and Dawn Muskett
Owen and Dawn Muskett