Mission and Leadership Development with Michael Henderson

Jun 17, 2021
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engaging your community:

By Michael Henderson

I see my role as holding hope for you, the leaders, and churches, of Tasmanian Baptists.

Holding hope

Holding hope, that our God has not abandoned us. That he is with us, that he is always doing a new thing in our midst, and that he is trustworthy to his promises of grace and beauty and love going out across our state and world.

Hope, despite the challenges and events that surround us. I hold hope, and try to give hope and courage, that we can respond to the challenges, and see people in our communities grow in their awareness of God and what he can do in our world.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

Isaiah 43:19

Noticing, with Courage

God is always taking us beyond the horizon. He is always doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:18-19), and our role is to notice it and join in with courage. If this requires us to reimagine what is possible, then that is what I, and our Tasmanian Baptist leadership, are here for. Here is my list of priorities and ways that I, and we as Tasmanian Baptists Leadership, can support your church:

Love your community’s heart … so you can join your community’s story and what God is already doing there. Because church can’t be defined as good church people saving bad community members.

Listen to and support pastors and leaders … where you are at, understanding your challenges and opportunities and helping you succeed. This includes helping you understand and implement the new state strategy around the new vision of church.

Inspiring your church

Finding out what God is already doing changes everything

Church measures that tell your story … because every church measures things, and sometimes they are terrible measures that reinforce a negative story. But if the measurements reinforce a positive story, change is possible.

Listening prayer and innovation in the church … because finding out what God is already doing changes everything.

Young leader development … especially around leadership.

Rethinking finance and giving … because there are contemporary fundraising methods, used by other non-profit organisations, that are culturally appropriate to church.

I am so looking forward to what we can do together. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Michael Henderson

Michael Henderson
Mission and Leadership Development