The Longing of the Heart

Jul 01, 2021
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The Longing of the Heart

By Ray HawkinsBeauty Point
There were many places waiting for me,
So many things to do and see.
Then, unexpectedly,
All this changed.
My life was rearranged,
 New desires took hold of me,
Changing me completely.

Unseen, unheard by those around me,
The Holy Spirit made me see Calvary,
And bade me surrender 
To Jesus, the Saviour,
And walk with Him faithfully,
Into the future’s uncertainties,
Trusting His grace and Sovereignty.

Every-time I share in Holy Communion
This longing in my heart has its reunion
With the One for whom it yearns,
And the words, “Only until He returns”
Holds that promise, I’ll see Him face to face.
Such is the wonder, the power of His grace,
Drumming deep within my heart is this song …

I want to see Jesus,
See Him face to face.
I want to meet Jesus
And fall at His feet.
I want to say to Jesus
My words of gratitude …
“Thank you, Jesus, thank you,
For loving me, saving me,
Changing and keeping me
Through time and eternity”

©August 13 2019 Ray Hawkins.

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