2022 World Day of Prayer

Oct 10, 2022
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Praying for Baptist Women

14th October – 13th November, 2022

Women from more than 100 countries will gather around the first week of November for World Day of Prayer. This event was launched by the Baptist World Alliance Women over sixty years ago after World War II had shattered unity between the nations. Once again, this need is as desperate as ever, especially for the many Baptist women in Ukraine and Russia.

Here in Tasmania, two regional events are planned for Saturday 22nd October.

  • NORTHWEST: 10am, 22nd October at Ulverstone Baptist.
  • SOUTH: 2pm, 22nd October at Claremont Baptist

Many Papuan women will walk up to three days through the jungle so they can be part of the World Day of Prayer.

What’s the World Day of Prayer?

The World Day of Prayer sets aside a time in which women and men pray for their global sisters. The Prayer Guide lists prayer requests from all over the globe, requesting God’s intervention over issues of domestic violence, human trafficking, armed conflict, and areas devastated by natural disasters.

Here in the Pacific region, many will gather to be part of this global movement. Over a thousand will gather in Papua, with many women walking up to three days through the jungle so they can be part of the World Day of Prayer.

Yet, others will gather in churches and homes in Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, PNG, Vanuatu, and Tonga. The Pacific Island have the highest rates of domestic violence in the world so the need for prayer is desperate.

World Day of Prayer 2022
L to R: Women pray for our world; Sewing machines, Vanuatu; Day of Prayer 2021; Gardening project, Fiji.

Financial Support

As part of the gathering, women will bring a monetary gift which will be used to finance the work of Baptist World Alliance Women, and also our regional branch, Baptist Women of the Pacific. International projects supported by the Baptist World Alliance Women include a women’s outreach in Iraq, a safe shelter for women in Jamaica, and nurses aid training in Myanmar.

Within our own region, offerings have funded a gardening project which enabled Fijian women to feed their family and community during Covid-19. Purchased sewing machines for women in Vanuatu, and funded literacy programmes for women in the highlands of PNG.


Elissa Macpherson

Elissa Macpherson
President, Baptist Women of the Pacific


Invitation to Day of Prayer by BWA Women Executive Director Merritt Johnston

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