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At the July 2023 Pastors and Families Muster guest speaker Bree Mills spoke about her work and research with micro churches, and what it means to be a missional leader.

Leadership in churches is evolving in response to an increasingly complex world. Traditional leadership models, including corporate strategies, are revealing their limitations. While we might be growing resistant to the term “missional” from overuse, missional leadership is gaining traction in academic and practical ministry contexts, demonstrating it has some valuable insights to offer to our current circumstances.

What is missional leadership?

Missional leadership reframes a leader’s role by shifting from organizational leadership to participating in the broader mission of God.

It directs our attention away from budgets and buildings, and towards observing and engaging in God’s work around us. According to Nelus Niemandt, missional leadership involves the “the Spirit-led transformation of people and institutions by means of meaningful relationship to participate in the mission of God.”[1]

This approach not only models the leadership of Jesus, it resonates with the aspirations of young leaders who seek to make purposeful impacts in their world.

In my opinion, there are five elements of missional leadership:

1. It is Spirit-Led

Missional” often spurs images of something action-orientated. Yet, missional leadership is primarily fuelled by a deep abiding in Jesus (John 15). This deep connection shapes, empowers, and directs the missional engagement.

To participate in the mission of God we must first know him deeply, seek to discern where is already at work, and then engage in ways he leads us to.

2. IT is change-orientated

It is all about transformation. We are constantly desiring to change and to grow as disciples of Jesus, to be transformed into the likeness of Christ.

Not only should we desire this for ourselves, but for our churches and our communities. We are invited to be agents of His change in our community, working for His justice and mercy as we abide in Him (Micah 6:8).

3. IT is both individual and communal

This style of leadership is not for the individual superhero wanting to make a name for themselves. Missional leadership thrives in collaborative teams, driving transformation in individuals and institutions.

It recognises that the church can change and has continued to change throughout the centuries. Missional leadership is concerned with the interplay of both people and institutions.

4. IT prioritises people over programs

Programs do not bring about life change, people do. Missional leadership prioritizes authentic relationships over mere programs. It acknowledges that people drive genuine life change rather than initiatives.

Programs support relationships but they don’t take the place of them.

Missional leadership prioritizes authentic relationships over mere programs
5. IT results in purpose-driven action

Missional leadership helps people to participate in the mission of God in tangible ways. Not just by praying for or paying for someone else somewhere else, but by engaging in small ways in the here and now. This style of leadership believes God calls every person to be a missionary where they live, work and play.

Every person is gifted and skilled for the work God has prepared for them to do (Eph 2:10), missional leadership release people into that purpose. 

A redefinition

Missional leadership helpfully redefines church leadership, emphasizing a Spirit-led approach, openness to change, the value of relationships, and the empowerment of individuals to fulfill their purpose in God’s mission.

By embracing these principles, we can navigate the complexities of our changing world and foster vibrant, impactful communities of faith.

Bree Mills is an ordained Anglican minister and doctoral student in the area of Missional Leadership, focusing on innovative leadership in the Australian context. Until the end of 2020, she was Senior Associate Minister at Glen Waverley Anglican Church, Melbourne. Now, along with her husband and kids, they are part of a new micro church network church plant and lead a community called The Village. She loves to read, wakeboard, and go for long walks in new places, preferably near the ocean!

[1] C. J. P. Niemandt, “Discerning Spirituality for Missional Leaders,” in Leading in a VUCA World: Integrating Leadership, Discernment and Spirituality ed. J. Kok and S. C. van den Heuvel (Switzerland: Springer Open, 2019).

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June/July 2023

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 Missional Leadership

ReCharge NEWS Feb 2022

Cradle Mountain


Table of Contents

    Tamar Island Walk & Picnic

    12:30-2:30 Sunday 27th February

    An EmpowHer* Event

    EmpowHer Tamar Walk 27Feb 2022

    All women are welcome to join the Tamar Island Walk and Picnic, 12:30-2:30pm, Sunday 27th February 2022.

    The Tamar Island walk is a short 4km return boardwalk, just 10 minutes drive from the heart of Launceston.

    It will begin with a BYO picnic. Please also bring a picnic rug &/or chair, as tables are limited.

    This is an all-access walk and children are welcome under your supervision.

    MORE INFO/REGISTER: Wendy 0407 675 414; or Belinda 0408 267 188

    Download Brochure >

    *EmpowHer is an activity of Tasmanian Baptist Women

    Nationwide Prayer Gathering

    Prayer gathering

    Prayer Gathering of Australian Baptists

    Please join your Baptist family at 7:45pm on Tuesday 1st March for a Zoom prayer gathering.

    We will pray for God to work within our lives, our families, our churches, our communities our Baptists partners, our States/Territories, our nation, and our world.

    We especially want to pray for our BaptCare family as they battle COVID outbreaks in aged care facilities, and support exhausted staff.

    As well we will pray for the situation in Myanmar, for the people of Tonga, and for the unfolding situation in the Ukraine.

    REGISTER: bit.ly/ABMpraywithus22 >

    DOWNLOAD Flyer for distribution >

    Leading with Courage – Muster

    For Tas Baptist Pastors and Leaders
    ReCharge News
    At the Muster in September 2021

    WHEN: Lunchtime Monday – Lunchtime Tuesday March 7-8, 2022
    WHERE: Hobart Baptist Church
    WHO: Appointed key leaders of Tasmanian Baptist churches
    WELCOME! It will be a great opportunity to meet newly appointed pastors around the state.

    With great pleasure and expectation, Tasmanian Baptist pastors and key church leaders are invited to the upcoming Pastors’ Muster, 7th-8th March 2022.

    Gathering together as leaders never fails to be a rich time.

    With just 24hrs together, some big conversations will focus on the importance of leading with courage.

    We will create a safe to share with others – a courageous aspect of leadership. For this reason, only pastors, and leaders of churches without a pastor, have received invitations.

    If you are missing your invite email please contact jenna@tasbaptists.org.au

    Recent Inductions

    Exciting times for Tasmanian Baptist Churches

    It has been an unprecedented few weeks, as five pastors were inducted during January and February, 2022. They are Dan Hutchison (Newstead), Matt Henderson (Hobart), Liam Conway (Riverlands); Jeff Percival (Lower Barrington); and Dan Evenhuis (Citywide).

    • Dan Evenhuis, ReCharge news
    • Laim Conway, ReCharge News
    • Jeff Percival, ReCharge News
    • Daniel Hutchison, ReCharge News
    • Matt Henderson, ReCharge News
    Welcome LIAM AND HANNAH!
    New Associate Pastor for Riverlands

    Liam Conway joined Riverlands Christian Community as Associate Pastor and was inducted by Maddy Svoboda at Riverlands on 6th February 2022.  The service was followed by a BBQ lunch.  A very special morning, it was wonderful to see many visitors who came in support of both Liam and Hannah, as they join the Riverlands family. 

    Please pray Liam and Hannah will settle in well with the Riverlands church family, but also the wider community of Longford. 

    Safer Spaces Toolkit

    Australian Baptist Ministries pull together to create a great resource

    Sunflowers, ReCharge News

    In 2021, ABM recognised domestic abuse resources are often available only by region, and wanted to create a resource which could be accessed by any pastor anywhere, with access to the Internet. The outcome is now available as a resource for use in localities across Australia.

    Baptist women from around the country made up the project working group. Between them, they have expertise in pastoral leadership, theology, teaching, domestic abuse and project management.

    Together they created the Safer Spaces Toolkit: standagainstdv.net >

    The Safer Spaces Toolkit is a work in progress so feedback and suggestions are welcome. To get in touch, send an email using the CONTACT PAGE >

    GLOBAL LAUNCH: 16th Feb
    Baptist Mission Australia

    You are Invited!

    Scott Pilgrim, GIA to BMA, ReCharge News

    Global Interaction has become Baptist Mission Australia

    One of the nation’s oldest mission organisations has changed its name as it looks to strengthen its partnership with Baptist churches across Australia and international partners around the globe.

    Executive Director Scott Pilgrim (pictured) invites you to the GLOBAL LAUNCH!

    This is your invitation to join with teams around the
    world to dedicate this year of ministry to God.
    Together we will pray, commission our teams
    and say, “Come Holy Spirit”.


    Newstead Farewells Marion Sherriff

    27 July 1935 – 16 January 2022

    Ted and Marion Sherriff

    Marion was born on the 27th July 1935, and went peacefully to be with her Lord on the 16th January 2022. She spent over 70 years of her life living in Launceston in the suburb of Newstead, as a child and then for most of her married life.

    Marion was farewelled on the 21st January from Newstead Baptist.

    Marion and her sisters attended Newstead Baptist where they attended Sunday School, Camps and Church. It was there that Marion came to a faith and belief in Jesus Christ as her Saviour. At Newstead, she also met Edward Humphrey ‘Ted’ Sherriff and they married in the church on the 26th May, 1956. Ted later became the President of the Baptist Union of Tasmania.

    Marion loved God in a deep and personal way. She loved God’s Word, the Bible. Coming to church, for Marion, meant learning about God, meeting with God, and singing together to rejoicing with God’s people. It brought her happiness and gave her strength through life’s sorrows and disappointments.

    Added to family duties of raising four children, Marion was a faithful member at Newstead Baptist for over 60 years serving through Sunday School Teaching, Christian Endeavour, the Missionary Committee, Ladies’ Meetings like Homemakers and Baptist Women’s Fellowship, Chat’n’Choose creche co-ordinator, hospitality and more.

    Marion will be sadly missed by her ‘loved’ Ted, and many family members. We know that she is now at peace and in no pain with her Lord.

    Christian Life & Witness Courses

    Training to sharpen your evangelism skills

    WHEN: 21st February to 12th March 2022
    WHERE: In various churches in the Launceston and Hobart regions, including Baptist churches in Westbury, Perth, Launceston (Gateway), George Town and Hobart.

    The Christian Life and Witness Course helps believers deepen their faith in Jesus Christ and share Him with others. Specifically, during the Tasmania Celebration with Will Graham in May 2022. But also, on their own as they witness to friends, family members and co-workers.

    During the two-hour/week, three-week course, participants will learn:

    • Biblical principles on living a life that pleases God and points other people to Him.
    • Practical tips and advice about sharing Jesus Christ with people who do not yet know Him.
    • How to best support new Christians and help them grow in their faith.

    Check out dates, times and locations > | tasmaniacelebration.org.au

    Tasmanian Baptist Key Dates, 2022

    Dates for your Diary
    Some participants at Tasmanian Baptists Annual Assembly 2021; ReCharge News
    Some attendees at Assembly, Oct 2021

    7-8 March 2022                Pastors’ Muster in Hobart                             

    26 March 2022                 Council Meeting              

    6-7 May 2022                    Mid-Year Assembly at Riverlands       

    18 June 2022                    Council Meeting

    26-27 July 2022               Musters: Regional with PM sessions

    10 September 2022        Council Meeting

    3-5 October 2022             Muster: Pastors and Families

    28-29 October 2022        Annual Assembly at Riverlands

    19 November 2022          Council Meeting


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    ADVANCE | step by step – Jul/Aug 2021

    My plan for your future has always been filled with hope.
    Advance Header

    My plan for your future has always been filled with hope

    Based on Jeremiah 29:11

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    HOPE. Across the globe this Covid-19 season, we hope like birds in cages.

    We HOPE the virus will dissipate; that vaccinations will help; that loved ones are kept safe.

    How important to remember Jeremiah’s words:
    “God has plans to give us a HOPE and a FUTURE”.

    Take hold of hope by joining the National Prayer Gathering for the Covid Situation on Tuesday 31 August. Find out more below.

    This issue includes . . .
    FROM THE MD: Stephen Baxter with treasures new and old
    INTERVIEW: Liam Conway Ministry Apprentice at Hobart: he is a gift!
    HOSPITALS IN PNG: Prayers answered to avoid closure (a gift of PPE)
    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Jenna Blackwell wrestles with being a missionary in Tasmania
    CHURCH PROFILE: LifeWay Devonport, now ministering in the South!
    MERGE YOUTH: Citywide are kicking goals
    REGIONAL ROUNDUP: City, Latrobe, Westbury, Claremont, Citywide and Hobart
    NATIONAL PRAYER GATHERING: Nationwide prayer against COVID-19
    CONVERGE CONFERENCE: Advocating to our government leaders
    NEED TO KNOW (news):
    GATEWAY turns 145! | EmpowHer Northwest walk | Request from Library Aid International | Tas Baptists’ website | Fostering Hope devotional-zoom | Australian Christian Literature Awards | Baptist Basketball Grand Final | Stand Sunday | Farewell PETER CUTHBERTSON | Ray’s Poem

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    Be blessed this week!


    Jenny Baxter, God's love poured in to you

    Jenny Baxter
    Communications Manager
    Tasmanian Baptists

    ADVANCE | step by step – June 2021

    Love poured out, ADVANCE June 2021
    Advance Header

    My love has been poured out into your hearts through the Holy Spirit

    Based on Romans 5:5

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    This Bible encouragement is such a good one. It’s so heartening to remember that God’s love is literally poured out, into you.

    • MAY ASSEMBLY from a first-timer, Stephen Avery (City Baptist)
    • Q&A with PAUL MANNING the new Baptist Word Aid Tas/Vic rep
    • YOUR CHURCH WILL BENEFIT from running Alpha.
    • PROFILE Hobart Baptist church
    • WELCOME to COUNTRY History made at May Assembly
    • TESTIMONY From Swami to Christian by Ruth Burgess
    • MORE FROM ASSEMBLY Michael Henderson and Jenna Blackwell serve you
    • FOSTERING Q&A with long-term carer Tracey Avery
    • FOOD FOR THE SOUL #nofilterchurch by Spiritual Director Denise Stephenson
    • BAPTISTS IN MISSION The Pastors’ and Leaders’ Muster 
    • FAREWELL Jeff McKinnon With thanks to a passionate servant
    • REGIONAL ROUNDUP Tasmanian Baptists in Action – Perth, Ulverstone, Wynyard, Citywide, Claremont, Hobart
    • NEED TO KNOW: NEWS – Religious Freedom Weekend | Training Day for TaCCs | TWO Online Baptist Conferences | EmpowHer Southern Walk | NCLS Survey 2021 |COVID-19 Crisis in Asia | Perth Celebrates | Hobart’s Luminous Festival | Pastors’ and Leaders’ Muster | Covid-19 in Bangladesh | KidzFest 2022 | Poetry from Ray Hawkins

    Happy Reading!


    All articles are available here: DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE PDF >>>

    Jenny Baxter, God's love poured in to you

    Jenny Baxter
    Communications Manager
    Tasmanian Baptists