Partners in Christian Mission

Empowering Youth Across Tasmania

We exist because we care about youth. We desire that every Tasmanian child, teenager and young adult be given opportunities to flourish in life: first as kids and teens, then as they grow into adults. We do this by pursuing:

- discovery, of our world, our relationships with others, and our God

- discipleship, giving it our all in life and as we follow Jesus

- integrity, before a people, a place and Jesus

We passionately believe that God is the hope for youth to flourish, both in this life and for the eternal one that's coming. Like you, we value jobs and education and relationships and the latest iPhones, they just aren't our primary hope in life.

Jesus set our youth mission in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20 and 22:37-40):

- We, Tasmania Youth, desire to be passionate disciples of Jesus Christ,

- Who love God with all our heart, soul, mind and will, and allow Jesus to empower us to love our neighbours as ourselves,

- Who chase peace, forgiveness, compassion, restoration, kindness and love,

- And, who call others to be passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.


Our statewide youth strategy in divided into three regions, each with a coordinator that works with individual churches across that region. They would love to have a conversation with you:

Dan Hutchison in the SOUTH (

Jenna Blackwell in the NORTH (

Michael Henderson in the NORTHWEST (

Together we run Statewide and Regional Events, join up with other likeminded Tassie and Mainland Groups, and connect with individual churches across the State.

Local Churches Across the State

You can find out more information and ask questions by emailing the State Coordinators, or by contacting one of these local churches across Tasmania:

Citywide Baptist (Hobart) (

Lifeway Baptist (Devonport) (

Gateway Baptist (Launceston) (

Hobart Baptist (

Summerhill Baptist (

The Point Baptist (

Ulverstone Baptist (

Wynyard Baptist (

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