Partners in Christian Mission

Empowering Youth Across Tasmania

We believe God created people to thrive, not just exist.

We believe our "being" is the foundation of our "doing."

'I am surrounded by things that fight for my attention; I am pulled in all directions - it feels easier not to choose.
But apathy leads to death. When I choose to seek God - to love and serve others, to courageously step out of my comfort zone - I find peace, love, life and meaning.'

  • We encourage you to live life to the full out of the love, identity and security God offers us in Jesus.

  • We encourage you to discover and live out your unique calling for the glory of God.

  • We encourage you to live and share the good news of Jesus in your unique context, both in word and deed.

We want to help you develop a depth of faith that is greater than Sunday service attendance; a faith that helps you to not just endure, but to flourish amidst the challenges of an ever-changing world. We encourage you to be a leader worth following - someone who is committed first and foremost to God, committed to leading yourself and the people around you, and committed to engaging with community in culturally appropriate ways that reveal the truth, love and hope of Jesus Christ.
We encourage you to be you and to have a voice in our community.

Opportunities to engage with our vision:

  • Connect to a local church and/or youth group
  • Mentoring
  • Strengths focused coaching (Gallup CliftonStrengths, thanks to Strengths Network South Pacific)
  • State and regional gatherings

Do you have questions or want to get involved? Use our contact form on the "contact us" section of this website, or email Jenna Blackwell (Mission and Leadership Coach) via

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Northern Baptist Basketball League - Launceston

Feeling sporty? Or just want to get involved? Consider joining the Baptist Basketball Club. Play basketball with/against new friends from other churches in the area. Launceston games are held on Saturday nights. Your Launceston contacts Jess, Roger and Megan would love to hear from you! Contacat them via Facebook

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Local Churches Across the State

You can find out more information and ask questions by emailing the State Coordinator, or by contacting one of these local churches across Tasmania:

Citywide Baptist (Mornington and Lenah Valley) (

Deloraine Baptist (

Gateway Baptist (Launceston) (

George Town Baptist Church (

Hobart Baptist (

Lifeway Baptist (Devonport) (

Summerhill Baptist (

The Point Baptist (

Ulverstone Baptist (

Wynyard Baptist (

Please note that not all our churches are listed here.

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