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About Us: Who Are We?

Currently there are about thirty churches and fellowships associated with the Baptist Union of Tasmania. Tasmanian Baptists are linked with the Baptist Union of Australia and the Baptist World Alliance.


The main objectives of the Union, as set forth in the Act of Incorporation (1888, amended 1902), include

  • Promotion of the unity, spiritual health and effective functioning of the churches.
  • Promotion and support of missionary work
  • Training of candidates for the Ministry
  • Giving advice, direction and assistance when requested by churches
  • Holding real property in trust for our churches


The Union acts by its Assembly and through its Officers, Council, committees and task forces. The Assembly is a representative gathering made up of the Officers of the Union, accredited pastors of constituent churches and delegates appointed by member churches.

The current Superintendent, Stephen Baxter, is part of the Mission Leadership Team (MLT) - this team is compromised of the following:

  • Mission Director / Team Leader South: Stephen Baxter
  • Team Leader Town and Country Churches: Jeff McKinnon
  • Team Leader North (Launceston): Maddy Svoboda
  • Team Leader North West: VACANT
  • Tasmanian Director of Australian Baptist Women (ABW): Jenny Baxter
  • Multicultural Coordinator: Joel Ortiz

The role of the MLT is to provide visionary leadership by:

  • Praying and discerning God's direction for Tasmanian Baptists
  • Reccomending missional strategies to Council
  • Communicating the vision for approved missional strategies to pastors and churches, and nurturing their implementation.

The Administrator oversees the day-to-day running of the Union and provides administrative assistance to Council, MLT and the churches. The current Administrator is Rodney Marshall and the Assistant Administrator is Karen Buckney. These roles all work together with the primary objective of assisting and encouraging local churches in exercising their mission of extending the Kingdom of God.

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