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Baptist Youth Activities in Greater Launceston

What are our youth up to in the north of the State? Roger Radford (Summerhill) fills us in on the unified approach taken by Launceston and Longford churches.

Launceston Combined Youth

7-9pm, 4th Friday every month

I am excited to share with you all the wonderful events that the greater Launceston area Baptist Youth has had in 2023.

It has been an incredible year filled with fun, fellowship, and growth. We have had the pleasure of coming together and enjoying each other’s company through a range of exciting activities.

The first event we had was Bowling, where we had a friendly competition and shared many laughs. We all appreciated the chance to let our hair down and relax in each other’s company.

Our second event was held at Newstead Baptist, where we enjoyed a range of games that challenged our strategic thinking and teamwork skills. It was great to see everyone working together and having a great time.

More recently, we had a Laser Tag event, where we gathered for an action-packed day of running around and dodging lasers. It was a great opportunity to let loose, have fun, and bond with each other.

Plans for the year ahead

As we move into 2023, we have an exciting lineup of events planned.

On the 28th April, there will be a Sports and Skate event. Then Basketball games on 26th May, where we can show our competitive spirit and have a great time cheering each other on.

There will also be a Trivia Night on 23rd June, which will be a fantastic opportunity to learn new things and share our knowledge with each other.

We are still planning our fourth event on 28th July, and will confirm the details soon. Be sure to stay tuned for more information about this exciting event.

Please come!

I am grateful for the wonderful year we have had so far and am excited about the upcoming events for 2023. I encourage all youth to come along and get involved in these events. They are a great way to meet new people, have fun, and grow in faith together.

For more information, please reach out to Daniel Hutchison (, Liam Conway (, Jessie Radford ( or Roger Radford (

Taking Great Strides in Basketball

LBA Baptist

Basketball in Launceston - Baptist Youth Activities
LBA Mens’ Teams Huddle

Launceston Baptist Basketball Report

Over the New Year period, two of our teams, a men’s and a women’s team, attended the 50th National Baptist Basketball Carnival in Adelaide. We also sent one junior player who had the fantastic opportunity to suit up and play with an Adelaide team.

Although none of our teams made it to the finals this year, it was a thrilling experience to be back at the carnival after a two-year hiatus due to the global situation. The camaraderie, sportsmanship, and faith-filled atmosphere were truly inspiring.

In even more exciting news, the 2024 National Baptist Basketball Carnival will be hosted by Launceston! This will be a wonderful opportunity for our community to showcase our beautiful city and welcome fellow Christian basketball enthusiasts from around the nation.

Season news

Our LBA Baptist regular season has recently kicked off, and we have seen significant growth in participation.

This season, we have six A Grade men’s teams, four A Grade women’s teams. Plus ten B Grade men’s teams, and five B Grade women’s teams.

Games are on Saturday nights at Elphin Sports Centre and Newstead College, and we encourage everyone to come out and support our talented teams.

Questions? Info? Want to get involved? Reach out to Jessie and Roger Radford at

We are looking forward to a fantastic season and the continued growth of our LBA Baptist Basketball League.

Radford Family; Baptist Youth Activities

Roger Radford
At left, Jessie, Roger and their kids

Baptist Youth Activities

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April/May 2023

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Mustard Schools Ministry

Mustard Ministry Tas


Tasmanian Youth

Supporting Our High School Students …

… In Their Mission Field

"The Mustard Lunchtime Groups totally changed my life because it gave me an oopportunity to explore Christianity."

Mustard is a non–denominational ministry focused on transforming lives through Jesus in schools and in particular empowering students to step up and be leaders in their school communities.

We encourage and support students to run student-led Lunchtime Groups where they can come together, discuss faith and explore the bigger questions in life. 

Pastors, teachers, chaplains and mentors are all incredibly important in developing faith in youth, but these days there is a limit to what they can do in the school setting. Therefore, the most powerful influencers are the students themselves.

When students are equipped and encouraged to lead their peers to Jesus, they can have a huge impact in both state and private schools. 


"It was daunting to start our Mustard Lunchtime Group, but through the support of Mustard we figured it out" Angelina

Once we have connected with students who are willing to be bold and lead a Lunchtime Group in their school, we support them in a number of different ways:

  • Personalised mentoring. This includes helping students plan their group, liaising with school leadership, training to lead Bible discussions and praying with them.
  • The Mustard Hub web-app. This gives students access to a range of Bible study resources that work well in the limited time of a school lunch break.
  • Connect them with a network. Other students from around Tassie can encourage share their experiences.
  • Partnering in private schools. We cn also partner with Christian students in private schools to help run chapel services, or big group presentations. This way they can share the gospel in creative and engaging ways.

We would love your support in our ministry across Tasmania.
You can partner with Mustard by:

1. Connecting us with students

Mustard Schools Ministry

Do you know a student who would like to lead a Lunchtime Group?  Can you connect us with a youth group, a youth camp, church or school. Then, we can visit and invite youth to consider starting a Lunchtime Group!

If you are a teacher, chaplain, or staff member at a school, you could play an integral role in supporting a Lunchtime Group.

2. Praying for students

The Mustard Schools Ministry is alive and active in Tasmania

There is a prayer network praying for our student leaders, and a special prayer chain for our students during exams. You can receive prayer emails and help cover these brave young people in prayer.

You can sign up to receive prayer emails here:

3. Financially

We rely on the generous donations of individuals and churches to employ our State Director, Nicole Mayall. Funds are also needed to help resource our Lunchtime Group leaders.

You can become a grower through a one off or regular donation by signing up at:

4. Volunteering

“Looking back, it feels like God has brought me a full circle.  When I started in Year 12, I wasn’t a Christian, then through Mustard I became a Christian and now I’m working at my school as a Chaplain and I help support the Mustard Lunchtime Group.” 

Nicole Mayall Mustard Ministry Tas

Mustard needs volunteers! Help mentor lunchtime students, sing, act or speak at our big group schools’ presentations and provide administrative support.

For more information about Mustard, or how you can help, please contact Nicole Mayall at

Nicole Mayall attends Citywide Baptist Church.

Mustard Schools Ministry

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Hobart Baptist Youth

ABOVE: HBC Youth From left, Yvette, Elizabeth, Fiona, Bryce, Hyland, Hannah, Timothy, Jeremiah.

Hobart Baptist Youth

The youth at Hobart Baptist meet three times a month on Sundays, and have some great events happening every so often on Saturday nights. They are led by two of the dads, who are hard-working and valued members of the Hobart Baptist congregation.

In this issue of ReCharge, some of the youth wrote reflections on their activities.

HBC Youth is all about knowing God and His word and inviting others to do the same. We have heaps of fun together, and do some pretty cool stuff. 

Activities nights

One week we had a scavenger hunt, when we ran around the church finding Bible verses and looking for the clue. Another time we went to K-Mart, and we were given $10 and had to buy specific items under the 4 categories: the most things (in a packet), the most useful, the bluest, and the healthiest things. But all for under $10. 

We did these things to spend time together and focus on creating and establishing relationships

We also did some mini golf at Putters. That time, we split up into four teams of 3-4 people and spent two hours competing against group members.  

It was great to do these things to spend time together outside of a youth session and focus on creating and establishing relationships and getting together with people outside of our church.

Fundraising initiative

At HBC we have a strong refugee Karen community. Last year, Pastor Paw Nay, a significant member in the Karen community, informed us of the need for Bible school teachers within the refugee camp in Thailand.  So, as a youth group we raised over $1800 for one teacher’s salary to teach in the Bible school in a refugee camp on the Thai border.

To raise this money, we held barbeques and collected donations from the people in the church. We also had a ‘volunteer’ outside advertising the barbeque to invite people. In December we were able to present pastor Paw Nay with legit stacks [of money]. This year we hope to raise the same amount of money, but in two instalments.

HBC youth fundraiser
HBC Youth Fundraiser, 2021

What else is going on?

Our youth have big plans for the rest of the year!

In addition to a regular Sunday morning Bible study, we make time to get together for some fun activities. These plans include a bonfire night, movie night, Zone 3, games night, rock-climbing, aquatic centre, and BBQ and activities night. Our Saturday night activities are a great chance to invite friends who mightn’t be involved in churches or youth group.

Find us on the HBC website: 

Written by HBC Youth

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The Man (or Woman) in the Mirror

Man in the mirror (or woman)
Advance Header

youth and young adults:

A Check on your own attitudes and responses to the world. Who is that “Man in the Mirror”?
By Jenna Blackwell

Do you listen to Michael Jackson? It can be difficult not to sing along to songs like Beat It, I Want You Back, or Man in the Mirror. A friend recently played a Jackson song as a trivia night question, and while it didn’t create an uproar, it certainly started discussion!

Not sure what I’m talking about? Welcome to cancel culture – the culture that ‘cancels’ a person, group or organisation due to a conflict in values. It is now at work in our community today.

Michael Jackson: This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
Man in the Mirror

Predominantly, it happens when there is a perception of immoral or unethical production, content, or in Jackson’s case, inappropriate behaviour with young people.

A Growing Awareness

People in today’s society, especially younger adults, are affected by mistrust, abuse and non-transparency. It may be because of their own experiences or learnt second-hand from the experiences of their parents. It includes the unbridled use of the planet’s resources, often fuelled by greed and unsustainable practices. Young people have an awareness in their hearts of the need for justice, equality, and fairness.

People in today’s society, especially younger adults, have been affected by mistrust, abuse and non-transparency.

The rise of clothing companies who value ethical practices and sustainability is a response to the is a concern of many, including the younger generation. This is because consumers boycott companies due to unethical treatment of workers. And more younger adults switch to ethical banks and superannuation funds.

Recently, our Mission Director, Stephen Baxter wrote, “The challenges facing churches are not due to the Church gone wrong, but a world grown different . . . God uses times like these to reform and renew his Church.”

Actions Speak Louder

So, what does this have to do with ministry for children, youth, and young adults?

These days, character speaks more than competency, and trust must be built and maintained. We have a message that needs to be heard by those who have never heard it, and by those who have heard a different variation of it.

We have a message that needs to be heard by those who have never heard it.
"Man in the Mirror"

It is a message of hope in Jesus Christ – not just for eternal life, but for transformation, change and love – here and now.

In these days of cancel culture, when character, integrity and aligning actions speak volumes (and the lack of such speaks even louder), we have a message that needs to be heard.

Since I started working for Tas Baptists a few years ago, several youth groups have shut down. Two new ones started, but overall, the youth scene has significantly decreased. This is sad and frustrating. And, while I am prone to take responsibility upon myself, we all have a part to play.

If younger people are willing to pay more for something that has a greater impact, what’s stopping them connecting with the cost of following Jesus?

Ponder these Points

As we imagine how to re-engage with younger generations (or any of society), let me present you with some points to ponder:

  • Following Jesus is costly. If younger people are willing to pay more for something that has a greater impact, what’s stopping them connecting with the cost of following Jesus?
    • Is it purely a lack of knowing or hearing? Or is it not being exampled?
    • Is it a lack of trust based on history – how we’ve treated people and the planet?
  • How well do speak of, and example, our Jesus of compassion, mercy, truth and forgiveness?
  • Do we value their voice? Are we too caught up in our well-known and well-loved songs?
  • Quite practically, is our tea and coffee ethically produced and traded? In other words, do we care more about Kingdom values or dollar values?

Checking that Man in the Mirror

Two questions for you to consider as you go about your work today, your church meetings and your Bible study.
"Man in the Mirror"

So, I have two questions for you to consider as you go about your work today, your church meetings and your Bible study. Let me challenge you to check yourself in the mirror.

  1. What are you doing with Jesus’ message of hope?

  2. How can you (and your church) share it, and example it, with the young people in your life?

Maybe today, you can take one small step towards sharing that message of hope with our young people.

Jenna Blackwell

Jenna Blackwell was, until recently, overseeing the Baptist youth and young adults’ ministry in Tasmania. She is the Tasmanian Baptists’ Leadership Development Coach, and a member of the AB Next Generations taskforce.



Merge Youth Citywide
Advance Header


Citywide’s Merge Youth Kick Goals

A Great Space for Teens

Matthew Henderson leads MERGE Youth, Citywide’s youth program. He also serves as an Elder, and on the Teaching Team

The MERGE youth program at Citywide Baptist church has been a lot of fun during 2021.

At MERGE, we provide a space for teenagers where they can let down their hair and blow off some steam. At the same time, we create space for conversations and group discussions. These are spiritually uplifting, spiritually educational, and spiritually healthy for everyone who participates.

MERGE Olympics

This year we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other better, as I am new to the role of leading this group. We’ve also learnt a lot about heroes from the Old Testament, which is an area of biblical learning often overlooked.

Merge is blessed to have several very talented young leaders as part of the team. It’s exciting to give these committed and gifted young adults the permission and opportunity to test out their leadership skills.

A Different Spin

Earlier this year we had a fantastic night with a ‘Glow in the Dark theme.’

It’s amazing how many games and activities have a different spin when your only lighting consists of a few florescent head and wrist bands! This year we also celebrated Christmas in July, with a big Christmas-themed night of activities and fun. Finally, just last week, the 2021 MERGE Olympics took place. We had another great night filled with fun and friendship.

For me, the best part of our MERGE youth group is the genuine friendships that have developed. As well, we enjoy deep and important conversations about the Bible, Jesus, and the issues faced by young people. They are trying to navigate a complex and confusing world, and need help!

So far, 2021 has been great. And we’re looking forward to having even more great times together as the year progresses.

About Matt

Matt Henderson is married, and father to three boys (21, 13 & 8). His two younger sons are both on the Autism Spectrum. Currently, he’s completing a Bachelor of Ministry at Alphacrucis College in Hobart. He enjoys working with young people and sharing Jesus with them, loves to play games, watch movies, and he’s an amateur film maker.

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