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Self-help group in Bangladesh; change makers
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Pictured Above: A self-help group meets

Deep Thought

The Change Makers

Melissa Lipsett, CEO Baptist World Aid, explains the impact of women who are empowered to change their world.

It’s illegal, but 40 per cent of girls in Nepal are married before they turn 18, and seven per cent before they turn 15.  The Nepalese government is hoping to eradicate child marriage by 2030, but is this even possible?  Will this ever change?

I believe it will. Here’s why

I recently returned from Kapilvastu in West Nepal. It’s a region that has major development challenges and a general lack of adequate services. For example, there are no toilet facilities or running water in people’s homes. There are few opportunities for people to generate income and, sadly, high levels of gender-based violence and child marriage.

The challenges are overwhelming, but here’s the thing: communities ARE overcoming them. Baptist World Aid works with local Christian Partners who share our belief in the dignity, value and equality of all people (Gen 1:26-27).

Our Partners bring the locals together in community groups, and it’s the locals who lead the transformation of their communities. Ninety per cent of these community leaders are women. They’re known as self-help groups, and they’re courageously changing their world.

Our Partners bring the locals together in community groups, and it’s the locals who lead the transformation of their communities.

What self-help groups do

Working as a committee, with elected positions such a chairperson and treasurer, members collaborate to make the changes they want to see in their community. These women showed me how they had depolluted their pond and water source.

Some of them have started small businesses.  And I heard stories of how they confronted perpetrators of domestic violence as a commanding group of 17! I saw leadership, determination and courage from the same people who were, until recently, considered less than their husbands, brothers and sons.

"Kumari" Self-help group Nepal, change makers

Emerging from poverty

Every one of these women, these “change makers”, has a story. Many married as children and didn’t have the opportunity to go to school. Quite a few are now mothers, surrounded by little people with constant needs that are hard to meet. In the past they might have given a daughter in marriage to ensure she—and her remaining siblings—would survive.  

But the gains they’ve made in emerging from poverty means they now say, ‘No more! We will not allow our daughters to suffer as we did’. And they mean it.

‘No more! We will not allow our daughters to suffer as we did’.

As I travelled through the area, I could see that poverty is effectively diminished and girls attend school.

One extraordinary facet of these self-help groups is that are made up of traditionally antagonistic social groupings, but with no infighting. They are too busy changing the world.

I wonder if what would happen if we were too?

Melissa Lipsett

Melissa Lipsett is the CEO of Baptist World Aid and is the keynote speaker at the coming EmpowHer Day of Wonder in March 2025.

Melissa is a servant leader, playing active roles across the church and Christian humanitarian aid and development sector. She believes leadership matters, and so does the call of God on our lives.  She is an outspoken advocate for the importance of hearing women’s voices and empowering them to use their God given gifts and graces for the sake of our world.

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This article was first published in reCharge, Nov/Dec 2022

NEWS: November 2022 | December 2022

Change Makers

EmpowHer Day of Courage

Day of Courage 2023, All women are welcome to this special women's gathering, the EmpowHer Day of Courage on Saturday 18th November 2023 at Riverlands Longford.

Women’s Gathering

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Click/tap to speed-scroll)

    So sorry – we have sold out!

    But it isn’t too late to join the waitlist

    Become Well-Grounded

    Learn to live out your God-given potential at this special women’s gathering

    On Saturday 18th November, all women are invited to attend the EmpowHer Day of Courage gathering at Riverlands, 159 Wellington Street, Longford.

    This is the first statewide event to be hosted by EmpowHer and promises to be a fantastic day of growth, challenge and connection.

    The day will commence with morning tea at 9:30am, and conclude at 3:30pm.

    Watch the video introducing keynote speaker Karen Wilson


    Earlybird $45 – finished on 5th September

    Regular $55 – 6th September to 31st October
    Maximum capacity has been reached – but you are still welcome to join our waitlist.

    Late $65 – From 1 November
    If you do need to join our waitlist, this will be the price if you are successful.

    Major sponsor for the Day of Courage – Baptist Financial Services

    Baptist Financial Services

    What to expect

    Here’s what will happen on the day . . .

    Keynote speaker sessions
    Karen Wilson

    Karen Wilson, President Baptist World Alliance Women.
    Karen lives in Perth WA, and has a long association with women from all walks of life in Australia and globally.

    READ Karen’s article It’s a New Day >

    Local content and participation

    Including . . .


    * Kelsea Clingeleffer, Program Coordinator Baptist World Aid.

    * Short talks from three Tasmanian women explaining their personal moments of courage: Bianca Murray (N); Jing Priest (S); Jacqueline Austin (NW)

    * Beautiful, delicious and thoughtfully-prepared food during morning tea and lunch.

    * Round table discussions in small groups.

    supporting women globally

    * Pray for women overseas for World Day of Prayer.

    * The Tasmanian launch of the global Women’s Leadership Network.

    * Opportunities to donate to Baptist World Aid through Transform Aid International.

    Why you should be there

    • To be encouraged and inspired.
    • To hear stories from other women of faith.
    • To make new friends with other like-minded women.
    • To be inspired and empowered to live out your God-given calling.
    • To take a day out for yourself to be nourished in body, soul and spirit.
    • To increase your global awareness of women’s challenges in other countries.
    • To increase your faith as you pray for women and their work within their communities.

    What women are saying

    “All women welcome”. I love that. Let’s be united!

    Ruth Hanlon, Ministry Development Officer for Women, Anglican Diocese Tasmania

    I can’t wait to be there!

    Jing Priest, Hobart Baptist Church

    We’re going to have such a good time.

    Keynote speaker Karen Wilson, President Baptist World Alliance, Women



    Maximum capacity has been reached. There is now a wait-list system in place.

    Earlybird rate ($45) Finished onTuesday 5th September

    Regular rate ($55) Available 6th September to 31st October

    Late rate ($65) From 1st November

    The Day of Courage Team

    The organising team are a dedicated group of women, representing each region in Tasmania. They are planning a fantastic women’s gathering just for you!

    Each one has special giftings and skills in enabling, gathering and administrating events, and they are all working hard to create an exceptional day for every attendee.


    Jenna Blackwell

    Jenna Blackwell City Baptist Formation Pastor; Tasmanian Baptists Mission and Leadership Coach
    Jenna loves encouraging people to walk courageously in their God-given calling. She also loves tea, funny animal videos, the beach, and nature in general.

    Wendy Marston

    Wendy Marston TasRail – Customer Service Officer; Tas Baptist Council; Marriage and Funeral Celebrant.

    Wendy is Tassie born and still loving it here. She is involved in the leadership team at Newstead Baptist church.


    Gabe Fife

    Gabe Fife Teacher’s Aide, Leighlands Christian School

    Down-to-earth and friendly, Gabe desires to see all women empowered and living their fullest lives in Christ. She is married to Louis, and serves alongside him at Ulverstone Baptist Church.


    Jenny Baxter

    Jenny Baxter State Coordinator EmpowHer; Communications Manager Tasmanian Baptists
    Jenny enjoys creating connections between women locally and nationally. She also serves on the Communications team at Hobart Baptist Church, and walks a lot, mostly at the beach or in the bush.

    Ann Herbert* Now retired
    Ann formerly managed a social policy team in the Tasmanian Government. She is now an elder and active member of the teaching team at Citywide Baptist Church. 

    *Unfortunately, Ann is unable to attend on the day.

    FAQ for the Day of Courage women’s gathering

    Will there be accommodation available?

    We have secured Friday night accommodation (17th November) with the Poatina Chalet for attendees. This is a 20-minute drive from the venue.
    Please call or email the Chalet to book your motel room for $125. Includes breakfast.
    6397 8290 | poatina.chalet@fusion.org.au

    I have dietary requirements, what should I do?

    If you added your dietary requirements to your registration info, then you are good to go. But if you need to change or confirm anything, please get in touch: empowher@tasbaptists.org.au

    Can I carpool?

    There is no official Day of Courage carpool. However, do get in touch and we may be able to arrange transport for you with another attendee: empowher@tasbaptists.org.au

    What’s the parking like at Riverlands?

    There is plenty of on-site parking available.

    Will I need to bring anything?

    Notebooks and pens will be provided. You may like to bring a Bible with you. Morning tea and lunch will be provided as part of the registration cost. While water will be available you may like to bring your own drink bottle.

    Is Childcare provided?

    Unfortunately there is no childcare. If you have children, we encourage you to find care for them. If this is not possible, you may bring your little one/s but you will be responsible for their care. There will be no child care available at this event.

    Is this event just for Christians?

    All women are welcome at this event. However, if you are not happy to learn about your God-given potential, then this gathering may not be for you.

    Is there a concession rate?

    There is no official concession rate for this gathering. We have subsidised the costs by finding a sponsor to make this special day affordable for everyone. However, if the cost is stopping you from attending, please get in touch to discuss: empowher@tasbaptists.org.au

    Refund Policy

    If you find you are no longer able to use your ticket, our preference is that you find someone to pass the ticket onto. Please let us know, so we know who to expect by contacting jenna@tasbaptists.org.au

    If you are unable to find someone, or if this is too difficult for you to arrange, given the circumstances, we can arrange a refund. Please note you will not be reimbursed your booking fee.

    If you need to request a refund, please email jenna@tasbaptists.org.au and state your name, account name, BSB and account number. Thank you

    If you have other questions . . .

    Please email empowher@tasbaptists.org.au. Our team will be happy to answer your enquiries.

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    August/September 2023

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    Empowher Day of Courage Women’s Gathering

    All women are welcome to this special women’s gathering, the EmpowHer Day of Courage on Saturday 18th November 2023 at Riverlands Longford.

    NO LIMITS Women’s Symposium

    No Limits Women's Symposium

    Women in Leadership

    Heartlands News

    Encouraging Women

    Ann Herbert (Citywide) explains what took place at the recent No Limits conference. Other attendees pictured above are Jenna Blackwell (City), Zahara Rehrmann (Summerhill), Tracey Avery (City), Jenny Baxter (Hobart), and Kez Hutchison (Wynyard).

    Inspiring, challenging, thought-provoking, impactful!

    These were some of the words 105 women used to describe the No Limits women’s symposium held in Brisbane on 10-11 February 2023. Not only that, there was awe-inspiring worship, and opportunities for great fellowship.

    Baptist Women of the Pacific, which is part of the Baptist World Alliance, organised the conference with the intention of connecting, equipping, and mobilising women for Christian ministry across the Pacific region. They successfully did this with women attending from New Zealand including Māori, Tonga, PNG and Australia.

    No Limits Women's Symposium
    Rousing worship times; Short talks speakers respond to Q&A

    Six Tasmanian women, from Wynyard, Launceston and Hobart, enjoyed attending the conference together. The sessions explored what the Bible teaches about women, particularly with regard to their role, purpose, and potential to serve the Body of Christ and help grow God’s kingdom on earth.

    The sessions explored what the Bible teaches about women, particularly with regard to their role, purpose, and potential to serve the Body of Christ and help grow God’s kingdom on earth.

    Historical and cultural contexts

    On the Friday night, Dr Christa McKirland, lecturer in Systematic Theology at Carey Baptist College in Auckland, noted the importance of understanding the historic and cultural contexts in which the books of the Bible were written. She also emphasised the importance of being careful not to interpret individual verses in isolation from the whole of the letter or book in which these are located. She especially encouraged in-depth study of gendered passages, which historically have caused controversy.

    God has given each of you a gift.
    Use it to build up others in the Lord.

    Marg Mowczko

    Saturday morning began with some rousing worship, followed by theologian Margaret Mowczko, who has specialised in early Christian and Jewish studies. She spoke about the apostle Paul’s theology of ministry. In particular, she looked at Paul’s teaching about the mutuality of women and men in Christian marriage and ministry. She finished her presentation with the encouragement: “God has given each of you a gift. Use it to build up others in the Lord.

    No Limits Women's Symposium
    Megan Powell du Toit; Conference speakers and panellists

    Bible survey with a twist

    Rev. Megan Powell du Toit, from the Australian College of Theology[1], provided a stimulating overview of the biblical story of God with women. Starting at Genesis, she explored how God sees and values woman, sees the pain sin has caused them, and how he acts to mitigate sin’s impact. From the matriarchs of Genesis and Exodus, through the female judges and prophets, Jesus’ foremothers, to the female leaders of the New Testament, Megan showed how God has continually used women to help achieve his purposes.

    The stories show that God’s mission for the church includes women and that God releases their gifts for God’s glory. Rev. du Toit encouraged each of us to fully use our God-given gifts for the sake of the Gospel.

    Empowered women

    Sela Havili

    The final speaker, Rev. Sela Havili, shared her journey of becoming an Anglican priest who serves New Zealand’s Tongan communities. Hers was an inspiring story of the challenges she faces, and the blessings she is receiving, as God uses her to help build His kingdom amongst these people. She passionately encouraged us to be “women empowered by the Spirit to reveal the love of Christ.”

    In addition to these four presentations, we enjoyed lively and stimulating panel discussions, plus inspiring presentations from five women about the local and global work they are doing across the Pacific region. 

    Responses to the No Limits women’s symposium


    The conference encouraged me to learn and question things that I have just gone along with. And I was inspired by all those passionate women who have stepped into their calling. I want to encourage other women to go next time!

    Tracey Avery, City Baptist


    I found it so encouraging to see women empowered in utilising their gifts, strengths and calling from different nations. I want to emphasise that women just GO if there is another opportunity.

    Jenna Blackwell, TB Leadership and Mentor Coach; TBW Team (North); Ministry Team Assistant City Baptist


    Even though in the past I have always been very sceptical of women’s conferences, I loved having a women’s space to be sisters together. It was a time of theological depth and the relational authenticity, and it was inspiring. I loved hearing from my sisters across the South Pacific.

    Dr Christa McKirland – conference speaker

    Blessed with new birth

    I was so encouraged to have the opportunity to take five stellar Tasmanian women to Brisbane to attend the No Limits women’s symposium. It made me aware we are blessed to have so many women in our midst who are willing to rise to the challenge, take a lead, and use their God-given gifts. They are the shoulders upon which others will now stand.

    Jenny and Elissa

    Jenny Baxter, State Director Tasmanian Baptist Women

    While it was my dream as a leader in women’s ministry to see this event happen, I was still overwhelmed by the response. The need to speak justice into this area is even greater and devastating than I realised. There are new seeds to create an online community of support and similar events in other parts of Australia and the Pacific. Most overwhelming were the stories women shared in the breaks. There were stories of frustration, sadness and grief. Incredibly intelligent women, given amazing gifts, were being limited if not oppressed, my heart broke anew. I felt like God was birthing something new that day so we will pray and listen.

    Elissa Macpherson, Conference Organiser and President, BWP; National Director, ABW

    1 Megan also co-hosts the podcast, With All Due Respect, with Rev. Dr Michael Jensen

    No Limits Women’s Symposium

    Heartlands News

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    February/March 2023

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    ReCharge NEWS December 2022

    ReCharge NEWS December 2022

    14th December 2022 | ReCharge News December 2022

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      Tas Baptist Dates, 2023

      NB: The dates published in the TB Handbook 2022 have been updated, as below

      10-11 FebruaryNO LIMITS Women’s Conference. See Below
      20 FebruaryPastors and Leaders Muster, Hobart Find Out
      25 MarchTas Baptist Council
      9 AprilEaster Sunday
      5-6 MayMid-Year Assembly, Newstead
      17 JuneTas Baptist Council
      11-13 July Pastors and Leaders Muster, Northwest Find Out
      23 SeptemberTas Baptist Council
      12 SeptemberPastors and Leaders Muster, Launceston Find Out
      20-21 OctoberAnnual Assembly, Riverlands Longford
      18 NovemberTas Baptist Council


      Women’s Symposium

      This symposium is for women who are interested in what the Bible teaches about women.

      Baptist Women of the Pacific
      Please contact Jenny Baxter to join the Tasmanian cohort: jenny@tasbaptists.org.au
      10-11 February 2023, Friday evening and all-day Saturday.|
      Riverlife Baptist Church, 47 Jennifer St, Seventeen Miles Rocks, Qld
      Dr Christa McKirland; Marg Mowcsko; Rev. Megan Powell du Toit; Rev. Sela Havili
      Find out more about the speakers


      I Heard the Bells movie

      Christmas is not always merry. Indeed, the season’s festivities can make some people’s despair feel particularly bitter.

      This was the case for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, one of America’s best-loved poets of the 19th century – and the subject of a new film I Heard the Bells, to be released in select Australian cinemas on 1 December.

      READ more about it > (Eternity News)

      BOOK tickets (Hobart and Launceston): iheardthebellsmovie.com.au

      WATCH the trailer, below.


      A Christmas Concert

      Beauty Point, Launceston, Smithton, Devonport

      Stephen Atkins Christmas, TB News December 2022


      Baptist World Aid

      Sick and tired of giving trinkets to people who already have everything? Why not give a Better World Gift instead!

      Better World Gifts do much more than meet immediate needs like clean water, food, health and income. They allow people to live with dignity. They can also end poverty, not just for individuals, but for whole communities.

      Better World Gift ideas,
ReCharge NEWS December 2022

      These are gifts that give hope.

      Each gift you give supports the community-driven work, run by BWA’s Christian partners.

      It’s about making a bigger, lasting difference by helping individuals and families develop long-term livelihoods, health, education and leadership skills . . . and that’s a big picture!’

      You will help end poverty, thanks to the lasting impact of your Better World Gifts, along with the wonderful work of people on the ground.

      NEED HELP?

      Visit the Gift Generator HERE > Everything is supplied to help you pick the perfect gift card and make a difference on behalf of your loved one.

      The range includes physical gift items for your friends and family (eg. tote bags, journals, colouring books). As well as gifts to give to communities who need your help (eg. chickens, blankets, emergency shelter)  

      Help is supplied so you can select the perfect gift
      Filter for age group, passions/interests, global region and price range.ad ReCharge


      Love Out Loud Kids’ Videos

      Love Out Loud is a Christian charity, established to produce Christian videos for kids everywhere!

      Featuring 100 videos of 25 minutes duration on the Love Out Loud fresh new website. Lessons are designed to be streamed into a} School Scripture Lessons, b) Kid’s Church, or c) for Parents at home to use with their family.

      All content is available on the website and is 100% free for home and church use. YOU WILL ENJOY …

      • 30 videos for 6-year-olds
      • 30 videos for 9-yeay-olds
      • 40 videos for 11-12-year-olds


      • Visit the website www.loveoutloudoz.com
      • Click on the ‘SIGN UP’ button in the top bar to subscribe to a plan.
      • Enter your details and follow the prompts to complete your registration.
      • Click on the activation link in the confirmation email to verify your account.
      • You are now logged in and can access the lessons by clicking on the ‘lessons’ button in the top bar.
      • You can edit your profile and update or cancel your subscription by clicking on the ‘My Account’ button in the top bar, followed by the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

      The lessons are free for home and church use.


      Click to watch “All About Heaven” (23 minutes)

      Read Nov/Dec ReCharge

      November/December 2022

      Christmas Events Tasmanian Baptist churches celebrate! (from 14th December)
      Deep Thought Dec 2022 The Change Makers by Melissa Lipsett BWA
      How Did we Do in 2022? From the Mission and Leadership Team
      CROSSOVER Christmas Resources Helping Baptists share Jesus at Christmas
      AROUND THE CHURCHES November 2022 Find out what’s been going on!
      ANNUAL ASSEMBLY Anthea Maynard reports
      FAMINE In the Horn of Africa Be Informed by Baptist World Aid

      NEWS: November 2022

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      ReCharge News December 2022

      WALK | PRAY | LOVE

      Walk Pray Love, Heartlands Events, Spring 2021

      Heartlands SPRING 2021

      Walk | Pray | Love Events during November 2021 (scroll down)
      Being an Imperfect Ministry by Jenna Blackwell
      Baptist World Day of Prayer for Women by Elissa Macpherson



      Join with others state-wide to walk, pray, love and enjoy the company of other women.

      NorthMonday 1st Nov7:30-8:30pmHomes and GroupsGlobal Day of Prayer
       Saturday 20th Nov11:30amHollybankHollybank Picnic Adventure
      NorthwestMonday 1st Nov7:30-8:30pmHomes and GroupsGlobal Day of Prayer
       Tues 30th Nov7:00-8:30pmUlverstone Baptist ChurchLadies Evening with Amanda Cox
      SouthFriday 5th November7:30-8:30pmHobart Baptist ChurchGlobal Day of Prayer
       Saturday 13th Nov10am-1pmClaremontWindermere Bay-Claremont Loop

      NORTH – walk | pray | love

      Monday 1st November

      7:30-8:30pm Global Day of Prayer Informal Gatherings
      INVITE FRIENDS! Download Invite >>>

      Global Day of Prayer, North
      Saturday 20th November

      11:30am Hollybank Picnic Adventure
      INVITE FRIENDS! Download Invite >>>

      Walk Pray Love: Hollybank Picnic Adventure

      NORTHWEST – walk | pray | love

      Monday 1st November

      7:30-8:30pm Global Day of Prayer Informal Gatherings
      INVITE FRIENDS! Download Invite >>>

      Global Day of Prayer, Northwest
      Tuesday 30th November

      7:00-8:30pm Ladies evening
      INVITE FRIENDS! Download Invite
      RSVP to Yvette: admin@ub.church by 25th November | $10 pp on the night

      SOUTH – walk | pray | love

      Friday 5th November

      7:30-8:30pm Global Day of Prayer Coffee and Dessert Night
      INVITE FRIENDS! Download Invite >>>

      Global Day of Prayer, South
      Saturday 13th November

      10:am-1:00pm Claremont-Windermere Bay Loop Walk
      INVITE FRIENDS! Download Invite >>>

      Walk Pray Love South Windermere Nay walk

      EmpowHer is an activity of Tasmanian Baptist Women
      Tasmanian Baptist Women

      OUR VISION is to see a network of women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

      Baptist World Day of Prayer for Women

      Say of Prayer, Heartlands Spring 2021

      Heartlands Spring 2021

      Baptist World Day of Prayer for Women by Elissa Macpherson (scroll down)
      Being an Imperfect Ministry by Jenna Blackwell
      Walk | Pray | Love Events during November 2021


      Participate in a Global Event

      Every November, Baptists from all over the planet come together to pray for women, and support them financially.

      From cities far and wide across the world, women and men join the World Day of Prayer. They pray from Cameroon, to Cambodia, to Croatia, and Canberra. They unite in one cry for women: “Lord, help the women of the world, sisters facing persecution, civil war, natural disaster, and poverty.”

      Reunite women . . .

      . . . Who live in desperate times

       Colombian Women at a Day of Prayer event
      Colombian Women at a Day of Prayer event

      The World Day of Prayer began in 1948, in response to the devastation and division created by WWII. To facilitate healing, the Baptist women of Europe organised the first Day of Prayer, aiming to reunite Baptists alienated by war.

      The movement gathered momentum, and now Baptists globally gather in groups of five, 20 and 100s. They represent over 200 Baptist women organizations, and pray in more than 80 languages. They unite in prayer under the banner of Baptist World Alliance Women (BWAW). This is a global collective representing Baptist women from 145 countries. They have networks and projects across the world, but this is the one day they focus on the most important activity of all: PRAYER!

      Just like the devastation of WWII, our world is once again in a global crisis with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, there are Baptist women bravely giving free medical care amid the coup in Myanmar; leaders dealing with devastation caused by earthquake in Haiti; Baptist sisters volunteering as midwives in remote villages in PNG; and yet others providing a 24-hour helpline for women feeling distressed by unplanned pregnancy in Argentina.

      Inspire HOPE

      Leading prayer in Nigeria
      Leading prayer in Nigeria

      Being a light to the world is integral to the call of BWAW. Consequently, as part of the Day of Prayer, an offering finances the ministry and support global projects. This year’s financial gifts will support a frog farm in Thailand, sewing clubs in Vanuatu, a library in Cameroon and a resource kit addressing mental health issues in the Philippines.

      These projects will inspire hope and enable women to flourish.

      You are invited to be part of this day. Why not gather a group to pray, and let the voices of Tasmania join the global movement?

      Elissa Macpherson President, Baptist Women of the Pacific

      Elissa Macpherson
      President, Baptist Women of the Pacific
      Contact Elissa for more information and support.

      Complete guide to running your own World Day of Prayer: BWA World Day of Prayer >>>

      What to do next

      The World Day of Prayer can be held on any day in November.


      7:30-8:30pm Monday 1st November
      Gather in homes and groups to pray.
      DOWNLOAD FLYER >>> |
      Contact Gabe Fife (gabfife@gmail.com)

      7:30-8:30pm Monday 1st November
      Gather in homes and groups to pray.
      DOWNLOAD FLYER >>> | Contact Wendy Marston (wendy.marston@iinet.net.au)

      7:30-8:30pm Friday 5th November 2021
      Coffee and Dessert evening at Hobart Baptist Church.
      DOWNLOAD FLYER >>> | Jenny Baxter (jenny@tasbaptists.org.au)


      Baptist women in Cambodia
      Baptist women in Papua, Indonesia at a Day of Prayer gathering, 2021



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