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Oct 2022, Annual Assembly

ABOVE: Assembly October 2022, L to R – Paul Manning (BWA); Sherry and Geoff Maddock (BMA); Stephen Baxter and Ben Cochrane; Worship time; Those Gathered!

23rd November 2022 | ReCharge News November 2022

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    Faith and the Arts Summer School

    Returning to the Hive of Inspired Creativity

    POATINA: Sunday 8th to Friday 13th January 2023

    W: |
    M: 0425 275 013
    Registration and Pricing > (THIS could be a wonderful Christmas gift for a loved one!)

    FATA 2023 promo

    This year’s theme: Hive.

    After two years online, the annual faith and the arts school in Poatina will be held in-person!

    Whether discovering FATA for the first time or returning – you can explore how to infuse faith with art, and art with faith.

    The FATA team are praying for God’s grace on the time of encouraging, up-skilling and living in community.

    Get ready to continue your creative journey …

    The Gatherings Team are planning a spiritual and creative journey that will have attendees chewing on how, why and what we communicate, with our diverse creative languages.

    Keynote Speaker: Lucinda Coleman

    TOM and PAT

    A new book by Ivan Jordan (Yolla Baptist)

    Forward by Rev. Tim Costello AO

    Front Cover

    Tom Fleming is one of my heroes; a man who suffered under the Japanese in WW2 but turned his suffering into service of the Warlpiri people at Yuendumu. I am proud to be a Baptist Minister because of the character and witness of this spiritual giant. Ivan Jordan has given us a jewel in providing understanding of one of the most significant chapters of Christian mission in this nation’s history

    Tim Costello


    Back Cover

    RRP is $35 less 40% for trade, plus freight.
     If Church groups order five or more copies, they will qualify for the 40% trade discount. Order here >


    Phone: 08 9362 5955 (Intnl +61 8 9362 5955)
    Tuesday and Friday 1pm to 5pm W.A. time

    Please ensure the following are included in your email or letter to Hesperian Press: 

    • Book title
    • Number of copies
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Address
    • Postage
    • Full credit card details (or BSB details)

    Hesperian Press | P.O. Box 317 Victoria Park W.A. 6979
    Tom and Pat info >

    News from Crossover

    Helping Australian Baptists Share Jesus

    News from Crossover - Streams of Living Water Spring Appeal 2022

    Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them

    John 7:38 (NIV)

    The recent Crossover Spring Appeal, Streams of Living Water, is a huge success! A big thank you to those who signed up to give to Crossover on an ongoing basis.

    Ask questions about supporting:

    Director of Crossover Andrew Turner (who conducted Tas Baptists’ recent leadership review) explains what the appeal is all about in this video.
    OR you could read Andrew’s letter to churches.

    The generosity of supporters gives Crossover the ability to:

    • Create new resources (like the new Christmas resource, Missing Peace?)
    • Run events (such as hosting the recent online Australian Baptist Prayer Gathering)
    • Provide encouragement to Aussie Baptists (it’s time to read the new article about young adults exploring church!)
    • And offer invaluable training (more and more churches are using the Plan A resource).

    Every dollar given is a blessing. Each donation comes closer to Crossover’s goal:

    To see our Baptist movement baptising twice as many new believers each year by the end of the decade.

    Streaming GOOD. Television

    Find out about GOOD. TV

    Australian Christian Channel have a free streaming service to provide positive entertainment options.

    In an ever-changing world it’s great to know some things do not need to change. There is so much good to look forward to, which is why the people at GOOD. are committed to providing positive entertainment options so people can always watch something they can trust and rely on.

    This is more than just a wide variety of programs. It includes a standard of viewing bringing more goodness into your life, with content to provide you with peace of mind. And will make you feel good at the same time.

    GOOD. provide quality movies, TV series, documentaries and much more. You have the choice you want, without the stress of the not-so-good stuff that you do not want for your family.

    As well, GOOD. is FREE, without any hidden costs or monthly bills.

    Check GOOD. out here > (

    World Women’s Day of Prayer

    Day of Prayer event at Claremont Baptist Church
    Women gathered to pray at Day of Prayer events around Tasmania

    On Saturday 22nd October, women gathered at Claremont and Ulverstone Baptist churches to pray for women around the world. They also gave funds to assist with Baptist projects in our Pacific region.

    In each location, small groups prayed for international regions about specific prayer requests. These included prayers such as:

    • Nations recovering from COVID (Carribean and Asia)
    • Domestic abuse (Pacific and Caribbean)
    • Unexpected pregnancy support programs (Latin America and Canada)
    • Shelter for victims of human trafficking (Asia/Azerbaijan)
    • Reconciliation for indigenous people (Australia and NZ)
    • Peaceful elections (Africa)

    Baptist women are doing astounding work across the globe!

    Tasmanian funds raised 2021: $560
    Tasmanian funds raised 2022: $869

    Day of Prayer events in Tasmania were re-started in 2021 after an underwhelming Australian response to raising funds in 2020 of only $365.

    It’s not too late to participate!
    You can pray or donate any time until the week of 13th November 2022.

    Australia’s Aid Increases

    From Micah Australia

    In the recent budget, the Government announced $1.4 billion of additional aid to our region over the next four years!

    Micah Australia welcomes these increases while continuing to call strongly for further urgent aid to help fight famine in the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.

    WATCH: Micah Australia’s Tim Costello (Exec. Director) and Matt Darvas (National Director) respond to the Budget from Canberra

    READ how Baptist Word Aid are helping in the fight against famine in the Horn of Africa >

    Fostering Hope

    Fostering Hope’s vision is to find a family for every child who needs one.

    Fostering Hope recruiting now!

    Tasmanian Baptists work with Fostering Hope to encourage churches and families to both provide, and support, foster carers.

    Along with recruiting new carers, Fostering Hope supports people on the journey with connection, training, pastoral care, and mentors for children. As well, they offer trauma-awareness training for churches so they can be safe places for all children and adults. 

    Currently, Fostering Hope are looking for more fostering families to offer homes for children who need them.

    There is also a need for respite carers to offer extended family and community around full-time foster and kinship families and we just don’t have the families to ask.

    Children without the protection of their parents are the most vulnerable in any community. These children need families and communities to offer them hope, healing, and a childhood free of adult stresses and full of fun. 

    If you would like to know more about Fostering Hope’s work, or have someone from the team talk at your church or run a trauma-awareness training, please get in touch. 

    Mary Dickins

    Mary Dickins
    Fostering Hope

    Christian Book of the Year Award

    The Forest Underground: Hope for a Planet in Crisis

    SparkLit winner, Christian book of the year award, 2022

    The winner of the Christian Book of the Year Award 2022 is The Forest Underground: Hope for a Planet in Crisis, by Tony Rinaudo.

    The book tells the story of a revolution in reforestation that is transforming the lives of subsistence farmers around the world. An inspiring and irresistible story of one man’s obedience and God’s faithfulness.

    The awards are presented every year by, who aim to advance God’s Kingdom by empowering Christian writers, publishers and distributors.


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    October/November 2022

    CHRISTMAS IDEAS For Baptists from Crossover
    AROUND THE CHURCHES October/November 2022
    ANNUAL ASSEMBLY Report by Anthea Maynard
    FAMINE In the Horn of Africa Melissa Lipsett, CEO Baptist World Aid
    PRISON MINISTRY By Cameron Brett of Prison Fellowship Tasmania
    DEEP THOUGHT The Sound of Silence By Denise Stephenson
    FROM THE MISSION DIRECTOR: Does God Really Care? By Stephen Baxter
    SCHOOLS MINISTRY: Mustard Lives Transformed by Jesus
    CHURCH PROFILE: Newstead Baptist

    READ October 2022 NEWS
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    ReCharge News November 2022

    Stand Sunday 2022

    Stand Sunday 2022. Fostering Hope

    During September

    Stand Sunday 2022

    Fostering Hope is Tasmanian Baptists’ official foster care agency

    Stand Sunday is a way for us to all rediscover the importance that Jesus puts on caring for vulnerable children in our community.

    Individual Christians have fostered, offered kinship, and informal care for decades, but overall the church in Australia is not responding to this local need. Fostering Hope believes if the church in Australia takes seriously the call to open our homes and churches to vulnerable children, there would be more than enough homes for all the children who need one.

    Stand Sunday 2022

    Stand with Carers

    The early Church was known for its sacrificial care for widows and orphans. Can you imagine the ripple effect in our community if Christians took this seriously today and we became known as the place that offered families and communities of respect, healing, and kindness to everyone in the system?

    We all hear the negative media about child protection systems, workers, and children growing up in care, As Christians, we can step into this space to offer light and hope and point to our Heavenly Father.

    Stand Sunday is an opportunity to stand with the carers in your church or community, and to celebrate them! It is also a time to talk about the needs in Australia and ask people to consider responding.

    When is Stand Sunday?

    Stand Sunday 2022
    Fostering Hope recognises not everyone is able to be a foster carer. But we can all do something.

    Stand Sunday is an international movement. In Australia, we celebrate it on the second Sunday in September (the 11th in 2022) as it is National Child Protection Week and National Foster Carer’s Week in the first two weeks of September. So it is a great time for churches to STAND with children and their carers. However, your church is welcome to participate any Sunday in September.

    Fostering Hope recognises not everyone is able to be a foster carer. But we can all do something. You could be a mentor – Fostering Hope runs a mentoring program for children growing up in care, and connects volunteer babysitters and tutors. As well, we facilitate meals for fostering families, and run trauma-awareness training so churches can have greater understanding of children with extra needs. You may also know some carers in your local community who you could reach out to.

    What to do Next

    VISIT our YouTube channel for this year’s Stand Sunday video
    If the 2022 video isn’t there yet, it will be soon!

    CHECK OUT our website for more information:

    Mary Dickins

    EMAIL your questions to Mary Dickins of Fostering Hope:

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    August/September 2022

    Disaster Strikes Floods in Pakistan – Baptist World Aid
    Around the Churches News and events statewide
    Ministry Profile Ben Cochrane, Somerset
    Deep Thought 21st Century Mission by Laurie Rowston
    From Andrew Turner of Crossover Census Overview
    Church Profile Claremont Baptist
    From the MLT Achieving Lasting Social Change
    Love Beyond our Backyard Three generations of generosity in Wynyard

    August 2022 NEWS
    July 2022 NEWS

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    Stand Sunday 2022

    Supporting Foster Carers

    Caring for Foster Carers

    Your church can care too

    Churches are a huge support network for foster parents, suggests Mary Dickins of Fostering Hope.

    Over the last couple of years, Tasmanian Baptists have partnered with Fostering Hope to encourage churches to care for foster children. It is no secret Fostering Hope believes the local church is ideally placed to wrap around foster, kinship, and other informal carer families in support.

    Foster carers open their homes to children who have been removed from their families of birth, and enter a new world. It is a world of childhood trauma, broken attachments, liaising with the Department, and working with birth families. All while trying to do the most important thing, offering security, belonging, and love to the children in their home!

    Caring for foster carers

    What Christian foster carers need are both other people on the journey who ‘get it’, and their church family.

    The other people who get it are other foster and kinship carers. This is the role of Fostering Hope’s community of Christian foster, kinship, and grandparent carers.

    Church community is also needed to support the carers, the new children in the home, and biological children in foster care families.

    Caring for foster carers

    Stories from carers

    Churches make a HUGE difference for carers. Below are some quotes from our foster carers. Sometimes, church support can be the factor which enables a family to step into fostering in the first place:

    “There are many ways our church has shown they are with us and for us as we foster. We received so much encouragement and prayer as we started the process. One church member looked after our birth children every week so we could attend the training.

    It really makes a big difference to know people are standing with us.

    We asked our small group to be our ‘official’ support network. They have provided meals, babysitting, sourcing a cot – as well as emotional support for us. It really makes a big difference to know people are standing with us, who understand what we are doing and why!” 

    Having people respond when things are exceptionally challenging, can make impossible things possible:

    Foster Carers - just me

Caring for Foster Carers

    “Our two little girls entered our home at 18 months and three years old. Although we’ll never know the full extent of all they experienced in early life, one thing we knew for sure was that food caused them extreme anxiety. It’s likely they hadn’t always been given food regularly, so when mealtimes approached or at shared meal events, like church morning teas, they saw food and ate.

    We had older biological children in our home, so managing the four children after church was extremely challenging. Our church stepped in to help. Each of our foster daughters had someone with them during morning tea. The aim was not to discipline them, but help get a plate of food and sit down. This reduced anxiety for me after church so much. It meant I could enjoy a cuppa and fellowship, and my biological children could hang out with their friends.

    This was simple and practical, but showed acceptance of our children

    This was simple and practical, but showed acceptance of our children, not judgement, and a willingness to see what we needed. I don’t know if I’d be going to church if this hadn’t happened.

    It is amazing to find a church who are willing to learn about trauma. To learn why children come into care, and goes the extra step to ensure structures and processes work for carers’ children too. Fostering Hope has trauma-awareness training to meet this need for churches.

    Foster Care - Just Me
Caring for Foster Carers

    “Sadly, we had to leave our last church. It broke our heart to do it, but we had to put our foster child first. The church they just didn’t understand our concerns when they started using Facebook to broadcast services live.

    We explained the risks of him being on social media. But their solution was that we should just keep him to the side – meaning he would never be able to engage in services with the other children. 

    They learnt about trauma, understood the complexities of being a carer

    “Our new church now is completely different. They learnt about trauma, understood the complexities of being a carer. Through this learning, they can offer a more child safe program not just for our son, but all children.

    Caring for Foster Carers

    Sal Alas Photography; Mary Dickins

    To find out about Fostering Hope‘s trauma-awareness training for your church, please contact Mary Dickins:

    Read ReCharge

    June/July 2022

    Around the Churches: June/July 2022, North, Northwest and South
    Deep Thought: Courage to Make a Difference by Mark Wilson, ABM
    Ministry Profile: Matt Holloway, Westbury
    TB Growth: Hobart Vision Church
    Our Youth: Hobart Baptist
    From the MD: Hope in the Dark Times
    Church Profile: Gateway Baptist
    Tas Baptist NEWS: June 2022, July 2022

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    You Could be a Respite Foster Carer!

    Fostering Hope

    Respite Carers Needed

    Fostering Hope Seeks Assistance from Tasmanian Baptists

    Tasmanian Baptists have a strong relationship with Fostering Hope, who are intentional about supporting foster carers. Together, we look toward a better future for Tasmania by recruiting suitably trained foster carers, placed in supportive church communities.

    Fostering Hope partners with radio stations ultra106five and Way FM with a state-wide awareness and recruitment campaign for respite foster carers.

    Respite carers are the fun people in a kids life

    There is a huge shortage of respite carers in Tasmania and Fostering Hope believes this is a need the Christian community can rise up to meet. Respite care gives full time carers a break AND offers extended family and community for foster children.

    The best respite care situations are where the respite carers are on the team around the child, and the children don’t even realise they are going to respite, but look forward to hanging out with their friends, ‘foster grandparents’, ‘cousins’ etc.

    Respite carers can be any age or stage of life, and get to be the fun people in the kid’s life! 

    Full Training Offered

    To ensure safety for foster children, respite carers receive the same formal training as full-time carers. Fostering Hope is there to support people through the training and next steps.

    Each term a ‘Preparation for Fostering’ course is offered. As well, new carers are buddied-up with existing carers. Of course, all carers join Fostering Hope’s awesome group of existing carers. Carers agree that one of the best parts about the carer journey is getting to hang out with other carers!

    Training will be provided by BaptCare on Saturdays 7th and 14th May at Wellspring Anglican, Sandy Bay. Attendance by Zoom is also available.

    How Tasmanian Baptists can help

    Fostering Hope ask that Baptist churches download one or more of the images below. Please use them in your bulletin, on your website, or in your social media posts.

    As well, one of the Fostering Hope team members can visit on a Sunday, mid-week event, or anything else!

    How to pray …

    The Prayer: By 2023, all foster children will have respite care, and there are plenty of carers in Tasmania. 

    Mary Dickins, Fostering Hope

    Mary Dickins and the Fostering Hope team

    If you have any questions please contact Mary. She is happy to help you!

    Images to Download

    Select an image, and Save As

    Fostering Hope Respite carers
    Fostering Hope Respite carers
    Fostering Hope Respite carers
    Fostering Hope
    Fostering Hope

    Read More!

    April/May 2022 ReCharge

    Faith Runs Deep Video Series
    May Assembly Overview
    Around the Churches
    Pastoral Profile: Dan Evenhuis
    Deep Thought: Mike Frost – Becoming wise
    Being Strong and Courageous
    Wynyard Baptist Food Drive
    Church Profile: Citywide

    April 2022 NEWS | May 2022 NEWS

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