Day of Courage En-courages

Day of Courage - EmpowHer Tasmania. 18 Nov 2023 EmpowHer Day of Courage En-courages

ABOVE Top: Jenny Baxter asks for volunteers to demonstrate C-O-U-R-A-G-E; Below: Speakers on the day

The EmpowHer Day of Courage

Baptist Financial Services


By Fiona Bradley

On Saturday 18th November, women from across Tasmania gathered at Longford for the inaugural statewide event, hosted by EmpowHer. 

The Day of Courage sold out weeks ahead of time, with over 120 people from different denominations across Tasmania. The event provided an opportunity to connect with others learning to live out their God-given potential, hearing stories of courage.

Keynote speaker, Rev. Karen Wilson (Perth WA), opened and closed the event. Currently the President of Baptist World Alliance Women, Karen spoke openly and warmly. In particular, she focussed on a recent accident, which taught her courage in the midst of her international schedule. 

Mixing humour with insight, she also told of her hiking trip in 2020 along the famous Camino de Santiago trail. Karen explained how the hike forged courage at a key point in her life, and inspired listeners to be well-grounded in courage. As she spoke, she provided practical tips and challenged the audience to do the same.

Four other Tasmanian women provided candid testimonies about how their lives had been shaped by courage. Each story was very different and described courage in grief, change, trauma and at work.

A “Gathering”, not a “Conference”

Jenny Baxter, State Director of EmpowHer, explained how the event and theme emerged as an idea with the EmpowHer team.

“We wanted to make it more of a gathering than a conference, and focused on small touches toward this. Such as having people sitting around tables rather than facing the stage. As well, we provided grazing platters over lunch with live background music, rather than singing during the event itself.”

According to Jenny, Karen Wilson was an obvious choice for main speaker.

“I know her personally. She’s warm, very accessible. And she has great stories from her travels meeting with courageous women in all parts of the globe,” she said.

One highlight of the day was the Baptist World Day of Prayer* session, when attendees prayed for women worldwide. Funds were raised for projects, in particular those organised by Baptist Women of the Pacific.

Day of Courage 18 Nov 23 - EmpowHer Tasmania
Day of Courage En-courages
By standing shoulder-to-shoulder, women affirmed that Courage is stronger when with others.

Jenny said the Day of Courage exceeded expectations, going way beyond what she thought was possible. “The event highlights the power of our stories and the benefit of showing up and getting together as women on the journey.”

Others present on the day agreed

Attendee Michelle Walters said, “It was lovely to spend time with like-minded women. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing this beautiful day together and sharing your gifts and talents with us”. 

“Excellent, well organised, loved the little extras like gift bags, coasters. Food was superb. Great to have women from different denominations come together. Karen was excellent. Thank you to all those who made the day happen,” said attendee Anita Brooker.

“Well done on a beautiful event and doing such a great job gathering people from across denominations and from around the state,” said attendee Danielle Ratcliffe.

Fiona Bradley
Hobart Baptist Church

In Other News
Fiona has agreed to take on the position of Tas Baptist Communications Manager from January 2024!

EmpowHer Team: Jenny Baxter (S), Jenna Blackwell (N), Wendy Marston (N), Gabe Fife (NW). Ann Robertson (S), while unable to attend on the day, assisted with the organising of the event.

EmpowHer Day of Courage En-courages
Karen Wilson shared dinner with the team before the Day of Courage. From left: Jenny, Karen, Jenna, Wendy, Gabe.

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Day of Courage En-courages

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October/November/December 2023

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Heartlands Spring 2023

EH Heartlands News - EmpowHer

Heartlands is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of Tasmanian women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

Table of Contents


    EmpowHer Day of Courage

    What happened on the big day?

    the EmpowHer Day of Courage
    Rev. Karen Wilson
    Karen Wilson

    WHEN: Saturday 18th November 2023 Riverlands Baptist (Longford)

    KEYNOTE: Rev. Karen Wilson President of the Baptist World Alliance Women, and CEO of the Global Leadership Network Aus/NZ.

    Fiona Bradley (Hobart ) gives a rundown about the Day of Courage, when women from many denominations gathered with us for one day of en-couragement.



    HOPE is always an option, even when you have no solution.

    God Whispers


    Women ~ Ministry ~ Leadership

    These three words do not always easily fit into one sentence.

    Here is a reading list to find out more. The following come highly recommended. …

    Emboldened TaraBeth Leach, Intervarsity Press USA
    Throughout Scripture and church history, women have been central to the mission of God. But all too often women have lacked opportunities to minister fully. Many churches lack visible examples of women in ministry and leadership.Tara Beth Leach, senior pastor of her denomination’s flagship church, issues a stirring call for a new generation of women in ministry: to teach, to preach, to shepherd, and to lead. Buy it here >
    Better Together Danielle Strickland, W Publishing
    Better Together is a beacon of hope in a challenging storm. It’s where thoughts can be rechanneled and hope rekindled as author Danielle Strickland offers steps toward a real and workable solution. Her premise is that two things are needed for change: imagine a better world, and understand oppression. Understanding how oppression works is an important part of undoing it. Buy it here >
    Marg Mowczko is an Australian theologian committed to writing articles about the mutuality and equality of men and women in Christian marriage and ministry, plus Bible studies and articles about life in Jesus.


    The Importance of Being Grateful

    Can you consciously give thanks today?

    God provides in such amazing and subtle ways. We so often take it for granted, or think it is co-incidence. God is over our lives in such prolific detail every single day.

    Have you ever noticed the glory of eucalypt leaves, shiny wet after rain?

    Or our stunning, ever-shifting backdrop of clouds.

    Or how water, our source of life, literally falls out of the sky!

    True. Sometimes we may feel unseen in our complex world. But if you take a moment to notice the little things, and express your gratitude today, you will find your big problems are either less important, or shift radically.

    • Take a moment to express your gratitude and you will find your big problems are less important.

    Our abundance of water, ability to find car parking spots, sunshine at the right moment, a beautiful rainbow to encourage you, and yes, even wet leaves, are provision by a loving God who sees so much more than we can imagine.

    What’s one “normal” thing you can be thankful for today?

    Jenny Baxter
    State Director, EmpowHer

    PS To read regular short reflections from Jenny, join the I Am Better Together Facebook group.

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    Heartlands Spring 2023

    EmpowHer Day of Courage

    Day of Courage 2023, All women are welcome to this special women's gathering, the EmpowHer Day of Courage on Saturday 18th November 2023 at Riverlands Longford.

    Women’s Gathering

    TABLE OF CONTENTS (Click/tap to speed-scroll)

      So sorry – we have sold out!

      But it isn’t too late to join the waitlist

      Become Well-Grounded

      Learn to live out your God-given potential at this special women’s gathering

      On Saturday 18th November, all women are invited to attend the EmpowHer Day of Courage gathering at Riverlands, 159 Wellington Street, Longford.

      This is the first statewide event to be hosted by EmpowHer and promises to be a fantastic day of growth, challenge and connection.

      The day will commence with morning tea at 9:30am, and conclude at 3:30pm.

      Watch the video introducing keynote speaker Karen Wilson


      Earlybird $45 – finished on 5th September

      Regular $55 – 6th September to 31st October
      Maximum capacity has been reached – but you are still welcome to join our waitlist.

      Late $65 – From 1 November
      If you do need to join our waitlist, this will be the price if you are successful.

      Major sponsor for the Day of Courage – Baptist Financial Services

      Baptist Financial Services

      What to expect

      Here’s what will happen on the day . . .

      Keynote speaker sessions
      Karen Wilson

      Karen Wilson, President Baptist World Alliance Women.
      Karen lives in Perth WA, and has a long association with women from all walks of life in Australia and globally.

      READ Karen’s article It’s a New Day >

      Local content and participation

      Including . . .


      * Kelsea Clingeleffer, Program Coordinator Baptist World Aid.

      * Short talks from three Tasmanian women explaining their personal moments of courage: Bianca Murray (N); Jing Priest (S); Jacqueline Austin (NW)

      * Beautiful, delicious and thoughtfully-prepared food during morning tea and lunch.

      * Round table discussions in small groups.

      supporting women globally

      * Pray for women overseas for World Day of Prayer.

      * The Tasmanian launch of the global Women’s Leadership Network.

      * Opportunities to donate to Baptist World Aid through Transform Aid International.

      Why you should be there

      • To be encouraged and inspired.
      • To hear stories from other women of faith.
      • To make new friends with other like-minded women.
      • To be inspired and empowered to live out your God-given calling.
      • To take a day out for yourself to be nourished in body, soul and spirit.
      • To increase your global awareness of women’s challenges in other countries.
      • To increase your faith as you pray for women and their work within their communities.

      What women are saying

      “All women welcome”. I love that. Let’s be united!

      Ruth Hanlon, Ministry Development Officer for Women, Anglican Diocese Tasmania

      I can’t wait to be there!

      Jing Priest, Hobart Baptist Church

      We’re going to have such a good time.

      Keynote speaker Karen Wilson, President Baptist World Alliance, Women



      Maximum capacity has been reached. There is now a wait-list system in place.

      Earlybird rate ($45) Finished onTuesday 5th September

      Regular rate ($55) Available 6th September to 31st October

      Late rate ($65) From 1st November

      The Day of Courage Team

      The organising team are a dedicated group of women, representing each region in Tasmania. They are planning a fantastic women’s gathering just for you!

      Each one has special giftings and skills in enabling, gathering and administrating events, and they are all working hard to create an exceptional day for every attendee.


      Jenna Blackwell

      Jenna Blackwell City Baptist Formation Pastor; Tasmanian Baptists Mission and Leadership Coach
      Jenna loves encouraging people to walk courageously in their God-given calling. She also loves tea, funny animal videos, the beach, and nature in general.

      Wendy Marston

      Wendy Marston TasRail – Customer Service Officer; Tas Baptist Council; Marriage and Funeral Celebrant.

      Wendy is Tassie born and still loving it here. She is involved in the leadership team at Newstead Baptist church.


      Gabe Fife

      Gabe Fife Teacher’s Aide, Leighlands Christian School

      Down-to-earth and friendly, Gabe desires to see all women empowered and living their fullest lives in Christ. She is married to Louis, and serves alongside him at Ulverstone Baptist Church.


      Jenny Baxter

      Jenny Baxter State Coordinator EmpowHer; Communications Manager Tasmanian Baptists
      Jenny enjoys creating connections between women locally and nationally. She also serves on the Communications team at Hobart Baptist Church, and walks a lot, mostly at the beach or in the bush.

      Ann Herbert* Now retired
      Ann formerly managed a social policy team in the Tasmanian Government. She is now an elder and active member of the teaching team at Citywide Baptist Church. 

      *Unfortunately, Ann is unable to attend on the day.

      FAQ for the Day of Courage women’s gathering

      Will there be accommodation available?

      We have secured Friday night accommodation (17th November) with the Poatina Chalet for attendees. This is a 20-minute drive from the venue.
      Please call or email the Chalet to book your motel room for $125. Includes breakfast.
      6397 8290 |

      I have dietary requirements, what should I do?

      If you added your dietary requirements to your registration info, then you are good to go. But if you need to change or confirm anything, please get in touch:

      Can I carpool?

      There is no official Day of Courage carpool. However, do get in touch and we may be able to arrange transport for you with another attendee:

      What’s the parking like at Riverlands?

      There is plenty of on-site parking available.

      Will I need to bring anything?

      Notebooks and pens will be provided. You may like to bring a Bible with you. Morning tea and lunch will be provided as part of the registration cost. While water will be available you may like to bring your own drink bottle.

      Is Childcare provided?

      Unfortunately there is no childcare. If you have children, we encourage you to find care for them. If this is not possible, you may bring your little one/s but you will be responsible for their care. There will be no child care available at this event.

      Is this event just for Christians?

      All women are welcome at this event. However, if you are not happy to learn about your God-given potential, then this gathering may not be for you.

      Is there a concession rate?

      There is no official concession rate for this gathering. We have subsidised the costs by finding a sponsor to make this special day affordable for everyone. However, if the cost is stopping you from attending, please get in touch to discuss:

      Refund Policy

      If you find you are no longer able to use your ticket, our preference is that you find someone to pass the ticket onto. Please let us know, so we know who to expect by contacting

      If you are unable to find someone, or if this is too difficult for you to arrange, given the circumstances, we can arrange a refund. Please note you will not be reimbursed your booking fee.

      If you need to request a refund, please email and state your name, account name, BSB and account number. Thank you

      If you have other questions . . .

      Please email Our team will be happy to answer your enquiries.

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      August/September 2023

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      Empowher Day of Courage Women’s Gathering

      All women are welcome to this special women’s gathering, the EmpowHer Day of Courage on Saturday 18th November 2023 at Riverlands Longford.

      Heartlands Winter 2023

      Heartlands Winter 2023 is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of Tasmanian women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

      Table of Contents


        EmpowHer Day of Courage


        Karen Wilson

        Saturday 18th November 2023 | Riverlands Baptist (Longford)

        Speaker: Karen Wilson, President of the Baptist World Alliance Women, and CEO of the Global Leadership Network Aus/NZ.

        Join the EmpowHer team and women from around the state as we gather for the Day of Courage. This will be a 21st-Century gathering (not a Conference!)

        THEME: Well Grounded | Postcards now available to invite your friends!

        Day of Courage


        The end for
        Australian Baptist Women

        Jenny Baxter

        Did you know Australian Baptist Women has been ‘a thing’ since the 1930s? But as all things begin, so all things must end.

        By EmpowHer State Leader Jenny Baxter

        Australian Baptist Women ends


        Being Transformed

        Jenna Blackwell

        Jenna Blackwell, a member of the Tasmanian Baptists’ Mission and Leadership Development Team, gives insight into God’s amazing heart of grace.

        Inner Critic: Why don’t you have everything together?
        Jesus’ gentle voice: Did you hear about the disciples I chose?

        Tuning in to the Heart of God-Jun23


        Villain-Origin Story?

        or Testimony in Progress

        As the EmpowHer Day of Courage nears, Heartlands News will feature some deeper thinking articles for readers to press into the idea of being “Well-Grounded”.

        Maddie Mandall (Queensland Baptist Women) writes: If we allow our wounds to fester, they end up driving us and defining us in monstrous ways.

        Heartlands Winter 2023, Villain Origin story, or Testimony in the making?

        To find out about EmpowHer events and activities for women in Tasmania, please subscribe to HEARTLANDS!


        Heartlands Winter 2023

        ReCharge NEWS June 2023

        21st June 2023 | ReCharge News

        Click Item to Read

          School Chaplains

          Positions Vacant with Scripture Union Tas

          Provide emotional, social, and spiritual support to school communities…

          Scripture Union has multiple chaplaincy positions available across Tasmania. Chaplains provide emotional, social, spiritual, and often practical support to school communities. They are in the prevention and support business: helping students find a better way to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown, loneliness, depression and anxiety.

          SU Chaplaincy models the compassion and unconditional love demonstrated and taught by Jesus, as recorded in the Bible. Chaplains will be sensitive to, respectful of, and available to all regardless of beliefs or religious affiliations. All SU Chaplaincy staff and volunteers are empowered and equipped to champion a child-safe culture, and are committed to the highest standards of safety and care in our work with children, young people and families.

          See positions available in Tasmania >

          Chaplaincy in Tasmania

          Last Daughter

          In Cinemas – but you can arrange to watch at your church!

          After being raised by a white family, a young girl is taken away and returned to the Aboriginal family she didn’t know. Decades later, she’s on a journey to discover where she truly belongs.

          Brenda’s first memories were of growing up in a loving white foster family, before she was suddenly taken away and returned to her Aboriginal family. Decades later, she feels disconnected from both halves of her life. But the traumas of her past do not lie quietly buried. So, she goes searching for the foster family with whom she had lost all contact.

          INFO for Churches > | READ review >

          WATCH at the movies: Launceston Star > | Hobart State Cinema >

          WATCH the trailer:

          Our Baptist Values

          From Australian Baptist Ministries

          As mentioned at the May Assembly

          A great resource for your church or small group, the Values Project* is designed to help individuals, churches and groups reflect, talk and learn about our identity and values as communities of faith within the Australian Baptist movement.

          The Values Project strengthens our sense of identity, encourages connectedness and community across our movement, and informs decision making and leadership.

          Four free episodes are available, along with corresponding Scripts, Facilitator’s Guide, Discussion notes, and sermon ideas.

          They are a great basis for discussion and understanding Baptists, particularly for those new to the movement.

          The 4-5 minute videos each focus on one of our four values: 1. Jesus-Centred; 2. Community; 3. Mission; 4. Freedom

          WATCH Value 1: Being Jesus-Centred

          * The Values Project was made possible by the support of Baptist Insurance ServicesBaptist Financial Services and Baplink.

          Famine Relief Announcement

          News from Micah Australia

          As reported in reCharge in November 2022, the Horn of Africa is suffering a severe famine. So it is encouraging to learn that in the recent federal budget, the government announced Australia will contribute $29 million from the Humanitarian Emergency Fund to partners in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

          This includes:

          • $15 million to address increased humanitarian, displacement and protection needs of people in drought-affected areas in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.
          • $4 million to provide food and nutrition support to the most vulnerable in Yemen.
          • $10 million for food and monetary assistance to refugees and vulnerable populations in Lebanon and Jordan.

          Read the full story >

          Samine relief from Australia's federal budget 2023

          EmpowHer Day of Courage

          Heads Up!

          Saturday 18th November 2023, Riverlands Longford

          Karen Wilson
          Karen Wilson, who lives in WA, is excited to come and be with us!

          Calling all women! EmpowHer are gathering women around the state for a Day of Courage.

          SPEAKER: Karen Wilson President, Baptist World Alliance Women; CEO Global Leadership Network Australia.

          Watch out for more details available soon.

          On the Move

          City Baptist Launceston

          Have you heard City is moving to two new locations?

          Our Sunday Gatherings will be held at The Boathouse, 55 Lindsay Street Invermay, for at least the next 12 months. The Boathouse is an attractive modern building in the Seaport precinct, overlooking the North Esk River and Trevallyn, and next to Riverbend Park. Our first Gathering there will be on 18 June.

          Our Drop in Centre will remain operating on Saturday nights out of the Red Dove Café in the Pilgrim Uniting facilities in Paterson Street.

          City Baptist Launceston - some people
          City Baptist Launceston – some of our people

          Events at Hobart and Perth

          Hobart Baptist’s Luminous Festival

          For more details visit, or Eventbrite for essential free bookings (catering).

          Hobart Baptist church is again running its mid-winter festival, Luminous. This is the third year for Luminous, which aims to shed light on important topics for the people of Hobart during Dark Mofo. The festival runs for two weeks from 8-25 June and hosts conversations around spirituality and hope and showcases installation art.

          Luminous Main events 2023
          • 6pm, Thursday 8th June, FESTIVAL LAUNCH AND ARTWORK

          Michael Henderson’s art installation opens. Michael is an artist based in lutruwita / Tasmania and his work is entitled: The Seed of Life, Weighed Down. He uses symbols and metaphors to tell stories about identity, faith and longing. 
          The artwork will be open from 12pm-6pm until 16th June.

          • 6pm, Tuesday 13th, Thursday 15th, Tuesday 20th June, LUMINOUS CONVERSATIONS

          Over successive evenings with free refreshments, this year’s topics ask, ‘Is Tasmania A Place for Everyone?;How can we help Tasmanian Children flourish?’; and ‘How Do We Create Healthy Families?’ Each of the conversations are a safe space for discussion, and not just for people of faith. We value the unique journey and point of view each of our panellists can contribute. 

          • 6pm Friday 23rd June Luminous Carols
          • 10am Sunday 25th June A traditional Christmas Service

          All are welcome to the festival and entry is free, but bookings for evening events (catering) are essential.

          Luminous Carols, Christmas in winter

          Perth Tabernacle’s coming events

          Women’s Collective

          For women in Launceston

          Calling all women in Launceston and surrounds who are interested in growing in their faith-in-action journey. You might be leading or interested in leadership, serving, or wanting to grow in faith that leads to action. This is a new space for you! Join with other women who want a safe space to process and learn together.

          No life qualifications necessary. This is not a small group, or a Bible study. It’s a collective of women who are serious about learning and living in the ways of our good God, doing the journey with others, and hopefully having some laughs along the way.

          Get in touch to express interest or find out more:

          Women's Collective for femaile leaders, Launceston

          About Us

          Jenna Blackwell is Tasmanian Baptists’ Mission Leadership Coach. Gabi Dunn works for the Anglicans. They are housemates, great friends, and peer supports in ministry. With the support of their organisations, they are collaborating to bring a new space for women.

          No, they don’t think events/gatherings have to be gender-specific. But yes, they acknowledge the complexity of life and history, and that sometimes you just need a space with other women.

          Jenna Blackwell, Gabi Dunn
          Jenna Blackwell; Gabi Dunn

          Read More ReCharge!

          June/July 2023

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          ReCharge News June 2023

          Heartlands Autumn 2023

          Heartlands Autumn 2023 is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of Tasmanian women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

          Table of Contents


            World Women’s Day of Prayer

            WORLD dAY OF PRAYER 2022

            Last October, Day of Prayer events were held around Tasmania. Did you get to one of them? These are incredibly encouraging times of hearing, praying and giving.


            • HEARD about the work, and worlds, of women around the globe.
            • PRAYED for the women, some of them have devastating stories.
            • GAVE to the amazing projects, run by women, which are changing families and communities.

            In 2020, Australian women raised a total of $365.
            In 2021, Tasmanian women raised a total of $560.
            And in 2022, Tasmanian women raised a total of $869! WOOT!

            Great work everyone! Watch out for the Day of Prayer opportunities in your region in October 2023, and make a difference to our world.

            NORTHERN EVENT

            Weekend Wind-Down

            Fireside Chats EmpowHer event 17th March 2023

            WHEN: 7-8:30pm Friday 17th March 2023
            WHERE: Hoo Hoo Hut, Trevallyn Nature and Rec Area (Duck Reach Rd)
            WHERE? Change of plan! New location: Liv-Eat Kings Meadows,
            Shop 143 Hobart Rd. SEE MAP
            WHAT: Wind-down for the weekend and enjoy supper!
            WHO: All women welcome
            INFO: Wendy (0407 765 414); Mary (0408 335 618)
            FLIER: Unfortunately, the flier is now out of date and no longer available.

            SO FAR IN 2023

            Women in Leadership

            No Limits Conference Feb 2022, Heartlands Autumn 2023

            Ann Herbert explains what took place at the recent No Limits women’s conference in Brisbane, when many of the sessions explored the importance of women in church leadership.

            Pictured above are Tasmanian attendees Jenna Blackwell (City), Zahara Rehrman (Summerhill), Tracey Avery (City), Ann Herbert (Citywide); Jenny Baxter (Hobart), and Kez Hutchison (Wynyard) . Plus the speakers panel, and the women gathered.

            ON THE LOOKOUT?

            WANTED: Southern Team Members

            EmpowHer are looking for additional team members in Southern Tasmania.

            If you regularly attend a Baptist church, enjoy being with women, and are good at organising things, then how about joining our team?

            Please contact Jenny Baxter to find out more:

            EmpowHer Southern Tas Activities, Heartlands Autumn 2023
            Recent EmpowHer Southern Tasmania events

            Heartlands Spring 2022


            Learn to Live with Less

            Heartlands Autumn 2023 - Live with Less

            How one family stopped shopping for a year

            Ethical consumption isn’t just about what you buy; it’s also learning to live with less.

            Here’s how one family took drastic action to discover what they really need for a fulfilling life.

            From Baptist World Aid.

            To find out about EmpowHer events and activities for women in Tasmania, please subscribe to HEARTLANDS!


            Heartlands Spring 2022

            Heartlands Autumn 2023

            Heartlands Spring 2022

            HEARTLANDS news is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of Tasmanian women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

            Table of Contents

              Diary Dates

              Check the details on these events by scrolling down.
              Have you subscribed to Heartlands to find out about events in your region?

              • Pro-Tip: DOWNLOAD invitations to invite your friends by email, or print some for your church, or another group.

              DAY OF PRAYER, northwest

              DOP NW event 2022

              Ulverstone Baptist
              10am, Saturday 22nd October
              RSVP Mon 17th Oct

              DAY OF PRAYER, south

              DOP South event 2022

              Claremont Baptist
              2pm, Saturday 22nd October
              RSVP Sat 15th Oct

              MORNING TEA, northwest

              Morning tea in Latrobe

              Monclair of Latrobe
              10am,Saturday 12th November

              World Women’s Day of Prayer

              Late October/Early November 2022

              World Day of Prayer 2022, Heartlands Spring 2022
              Heartlands Spring 2022, Day of Prayer 2022

              President of Baptist Women of the Pacific Elissa Macpherson explains what the Day of Prayer event is all about.

              This event was launched by the Baptist World Alliance Women over sixty years ago, after World War II had shattered unity between the nations.

              Read More >

              Heartlands Spring 2022

              Action for You

              FOMO or JOMO?

              Do you suffer from FOMO? It is so easy to have a Fear Of Missing Out!

              The Joy of Missing Out, Heartlands Spring 2022
              You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and
              clothed me with joy. Psalm 30:11 (NIV)

              We don’t want to miss out what’s on social media. So we scroll, and keep on scrollinig.

              We don’t want to miss out on that delicious cake or muffin. So we stack the kilos on.

              We don’t want to miss out on that special moment, or this event, or the other big gathering. And in the process wear ourselves out.

              But check this: THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!

              Have you heard of JOMO?

              The “Joy Of Missing Out” is easy too.

              Stop scrolling, and ease your anxious heart.

              Say NO to that cake – and enjoy a slimmer you.

              Take a break from endless commitments, to make some space to rest your body, soul and spirit.

              Instead of being fearful of missing out, choose JOY and relief in taking time out. Today.

              Women Making a Difference

              From one Generation to the Next

              Love Beyond our Backyard

              Heartlands Spring 2022

              Three generations of northwest Baptist women leave a wonderful legacy across the world.

              Sophia Russell recently chatted with three women from the same family from Wynyard: Shirley Wilson, daughter Cindy and granddaughter Kelsea Clingeleffer. Kelsea is the International Programs Coordinator at Baptist World Aid.

              Read More >

              To find out about EmpowHer events and activities for women in Tasmania, please subscribe to HEARTLANDS!


              Heartlands Spring 2022

              HEARTLANDS News Winter 2022

              HEARTLANDS is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of Tasmanian women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

              Table of Contents

                Diary Dates

                Check the details on these events by scrolling down.
                Have you subscribed to Heartlands to find out about events in your region?

                • Fri/Sat 24/25 June SOUTH Shelter Retreat – read the overview!
                • Sunday 31st July NORTH Cosy Cuppa, Chat & Craft at Westbury Baptist
                • Saturday 17th September NORTHWEST Coffee and Walk, Latrobe
                • Late Oct/Early Nov World Women’s Day Of Prayer – events across the state

                OVERVIEW: SHELTER Retreat

                Southern Event

                FRI/SAT 24-25 June 2022, Blackmans Bay

                How the Shelter retreat weekend unfolded

                OUR THEME: SHELTER

                Shelter Retreat, Heartlands Autumn 2022

                Everyone needs it. God provides it. We sleep, eat and live in it.

                But how do you live in the SHELTER of the Most High God?

                “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
                will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

                Psalm 91:1

                Overview of the SHELTER Retreat

                Denise Stephenson and Jenny Baxter
                Denise and Jenny
                • The retreat was led by Denise Stephenson (LifeWay) and Jenny Baxter (Hobart)
                • A rejuvenating literal Sabbath, from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday
                • Delicious home-cooked meals, in an intimate setting
                • Great connection with old and new friends
                • Amazing harp music – live and in-person!
                • Times of input, plus silence and reflection
                • Creative activities to keep minds focussed, and hands busy
                • A trip to the beach to explore and reflect
                • Private counselling and prayer opportunities
                • A real sense of God’s SHELTER in this busy world

                Denise and Jenny are available to run similar women’s retreats in other parts of Tasmania.

                To express interest please contact Jenny at

                What’s Coming Up?

                Pig Island Walk, Latrobe

                Northwestern Event

                10:30am Saturday 17th September
                Pig Island Walk with EmpowHer, Sept 2022

                Invite Others! Download Brochure

                Join a friendly leisurely walk at Pig Island Latrobe on the Mersey River.

                Continue with coffee at at Monclair of Latrobe and Madame M Cafe.

                All women welcome!

                RSVP or MORE INFO:

                Gabrielle – 0421 434 138

                International Women’s Day of Prayer

                Late October/Early November 2022

                This year there will be Day of Prayer events held in the north, northwest and south of Tasmnia as we pray toether and raise funds for Baptist women working on some amazing projects in developing countries.

                Subscribe to HEARTLANDS to find out details of these events as they come to hand!

                Cosy Cuppa, Chat & Craft

                Northern Event – NOW OVER!

                2:30PM, SUNday 31st JULY 2022

                Invite Others! Download brochure

                Come along for a cuppa and craft at Westbury Baptist for a relaxed afternoon together.

                We will be joined by special guests Maria Hutchison (Newstead) and Lacey Holloway (Westbury).

                RSVP or MORE INFO:

                Jenna – 0488 330 390; Belinda – 0408 267 188 | Or via our Facebook group: EmpowHer (North)

                Action for You

                Invite someone along

                Have you noticed that not everyone is back yet?

                Winter walk at the beach
                We all need each other!

                Post-Covid hesitancy is a thing. Maybe it’s because people are reluctant to move out of their houses and safe spaces. Or maybe we got used to managing on our own.

                Whatever the reason, it’s true to say we all need each other. Being part of a community is critical to good mental and emotional health.

                Whether or not you are wary about getting back into circulation, why not ask a friend to come with you? That could be as simple as going for a walk together on the beach, grabbing a coffee at a local café, or heading off to the gym or church together.

                Or maybe you could invite someone to one of the EmpowHer events lined up in your region.

                It’s a good time to be the blessing!

                God’s Whisper

                It’s so easy to think up your own answer to a problem. Instead, remember to listen for God’s still, quiet voice.

                By Jenny Baxter

                Too many people and not enough food!
                How many times have you been caught in that situation? I have to admit, I’ve been there a few times. Tiny servings of apple crumble, and thinned-down pumpkin soup have featured on my table, much to my horror.

                Read More >

                To find out about EmpowHer events and activities for women in Tasmania, please subscribe to HEARTLANDS!


                ReCharge NEWS April 2022

                ReCharge News April 2022

                ReCharge News 27th April 2022

                Table of Contents

                  Heartlands Autumn 2022

                  Heartlands News

                  The latest Heartlands news is here!

                  • EmpowHer events coming up.
                  • Praying with Intention
                  • Exciting women’s ministry at The Point Baptist
                  • The Science of Seeing God

                  Baptcare Foster Care Training

                  Fostering Hope

                  Shared stories, Shared lives

                  WHERE: Wellspring Anglican Church (Grosvenor St, Sandy Bay), or on Zoom
                  WHEN: 9-4:30pm Saturdays 7th and 14th May
                  REGISTER: For in-person or Zoom

                  Volunteer for KidzFest!

                  Tasmania Celebration with Will Graham

                  Kidzfest is a free family-friendly event for pre-school and elementary age children. It’s going to be great!

                  Volunteer for Kidzfest >

                  HOBART 1:30pm 21st May, MyState Bank Arena

                  LAUNCESTON 10am 28th May, Silverdome

                  Kidzfest begins with music guests and “The Quest,” an interactive presentation with a fun Gospel message. There will be petting zoo, games, balloon animals and other fun activities all for free!

                  Kidzfest at the Silverdome
                  KIDZFEST LAUNCESTON
                  Kidzfest Hobart
                  KIDZFEST HOBART

                  Tickets are required to attend Hobart events: (not for Launceston!)

                  FIND OUT MORE Tasmania Celebration with Will Graham >

                  SHELTER – EmpowHer Retreat

                  5pm-5pm, 24-25 June 2022

                  Shelter Retreat June 2022

                  Led by Denise Stephenson (LifeWay) and Jenny Baxter (Hobart), this retreat will focus on sheltering in God’s presence.

                  Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

                  Psalm 91:1

                  If you are weary and burdened with life, and need some time to enter God’s presence to reflect, restore and rest, then come along!

                  INFO: The retreat is non-residential, and will be held in Blackmans Bay.
                  COST: $45/person NB. There are other ways you can contribute if money is an issue – so get onto us!
                  ARE YOU IN? Call or SMS to reserve your spot, and we will send you more info: 0401 652 566
                  BROCHURE Download here

                  Ministry Training at WEC

                  Cert IV Christian Ministry and Theology

                  WEC Cert IV course

                  Eastern College Australia are offering accredited units at its delivery site in Launceston. Worldview Centre host evening classes where you can complete units towards a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology.

                  The Tuesday evenings include catered meal breaks.

                  Unit Costs $300/unit

                  Where Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies, 41 Station Road, St Leonards, TAS 7250

                  Download Brochure

                  Dates for remainder of 2022

                  5pm-8:30pm 14 June-30 August (10 weeks): Christian Ethics
                  5pm-8:30pm 13 September-29 November (10 weeks): Discipleship

                  Tasmania Celebration

                  Since 1950, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has held Crusades across the globe to proclaim God’s love to people who need Jesus Christ. Today, Will Graham Celebrations continue this life-changing mission.

                  A Celebration is not just an evangelistic event; it is a process of prayer, training, outreach, and follow-up that takes place over a 12-month period—and it begins and ends with the local church.

                  The Tasmania Celebration is scheduled to take place in May 2022, just a few short weeks away.

                  In Hobart, the Tasmania Celebration will be held at the My State Bank Arena on 21st May. In Launceston, the main events will be at the Silverdome on 27th-29th May.

                  Will Graham at the Silverdome

                  PRAY for the Events

                  Commit to praying; privately, within your Connect Groups and prayer gatherings.
                  Click HERE to download prayer points as we pray together in unity.

                  Here’s what’s happening. All events are FREE!

                  Tasmania Celebration HOBART My State Bank Arena

                  Kidzfest Hobart

                  Click dates for more details
                  HOBART TICKETS >

                  Tasmania Celebration LAUNCESTON Various Venues

                  Click dates for more details

                  PERTH RESIDENTS!

                  Perth Baptist is running a bus to attend the 29th May event at the Silverdome.
                  For more info, please email or call  0418 130 221.

                  Advocating for the Most Vulnerable

                  Micah Australia is a coalition of Christian aid agencies who lobby the government on behalf of the world’s poor, vulnerable and oppressed. Micah Australia’s Executive Director, Tim Costello, is one of Australia’s best-known community leaders and a sought after voice on social justice issues, leadership and ethics.

                  The 2022 federal government Budget, released on 31st March, revealed some major wins. This included the announcement that the government will increase the intake of Afghan refugees. 

                  Watch the video from National Director, Matt Darvas, to find out more:

                  Matt Darvas Micah Australia

                  There were also some incredible outcomes for Micah’s End Covid For All campaign. This is the direct result of months of campaigning for Australia’s neighbours in crisis.

                  You can take action

                  • Please spread the good news and thank Minister Alex Hawke (Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs) for responding, by sharing this Facebook post.
                  • Through Micah’s latest campaign, A Safer World For All, the momentum will be sustained in the lead-up to the federal election. It’s an unmissable opportunity to call on Canberra to support our neighbours in crisis.

                  EmpowHer Northern Walk

                  Saturday 21st May 2022

                  APBF Congress 5-7 Sept, Korea

                  5-7 September 2022, Online

                  Since the formation of the Asia Pacific Baptists Federation in 1975, and the first historic gathering of Baptists in 1979 in Hyderabad, India, the APBF Congress has met regularly every five years. As a result they have touched thousands of Baptists through the Congress.

                  APBF has witnessed the faithfulness of God in Asia and the Pacific over the period of 40 years as the Baptists of Asia and the Pacific has grown to almost 40,000 churches today.

                  The 10th APBF Congress again calls Baptists to gather with the theme “Stronger Together” in its first Hybrid Congress (available to both in-person and online attendees). Attendees will witness yet again God’s faithfulness. In-person will allow you to interact face-to-face with the speakers, while online will provide a seamless flexibility to join the Congress from your location.

                  STOP PRESS! Due to an overwhelming response, all registrations for in-person attendance have now closed.

                  ONLINE Registrations still available > Early bird regos ($30) are due by 30th April 2022.

                  Find out about speakers and program >

                  New Look for Baptist World Aid

                  Here’s some exciting news: if you stop by the Baptist World Aid website, you’ll find a new look and a new visual identity. The look might be new, but they are still committed to ending poverty so all people can enjoy the fullness of life God intends.

                  (Even now, BWA’s Ukraine appeal is helping Christian Partners care for displaced families.)  

                  BWA will also print a new quarterly 16-page magazine for supporters, Better World Magazine, which will hit mail boxes in the next few weeks and includes news updates, inspiring features and even a column on ‘Curly Questions’.

                  DOWNLOAD the “Design Explainer” (1MB) >

                  Midyear Assembly

                  Mission Director, Stephen Baxter

                  Friday/Saturday, 6th-7th May 2022

                  A heads-up that our next Tasmanian Baptist Assembly will take place at Riverlands Longford on Friday night 6th May, and Saturday 7th May.

                  As always, Assembly will be an inspiring time of challenge, encouragement and connection.

                  On Saturday, Scott Pilgrim of Exec. Director of BMA will speak. “Business” is kept to a minimum, and the focus will be our theme for 2022: (en)Courage.

                  If you are not a regular attendee and would like to attend you are very welcome. It is important to note, however, that only official church representatives have voting rights.

                  Church Secretaries watch out! Information for Assembly, will soon come your way to distribute to delegates.

                  Crossover Easter 2022

                  Crossover Easter appeal 2022: Make a World of Difference

                  History has shown that nothing transforms lives, communities, the world, like people coming to know Jesus. Sharing Jesus is so vital, what if we had more confidence, more wisdom, suitable methods and more really useful resources. Crossover passionately focusses on helping Australian Baptists share Jesus.

                  There are three ways Churches can get involved: CLICK to find out >

                  Donate to CROSSOVER Here

                  Please support Crossover this Easter!

                  Tasmania Celebration 2022

                  HOBART – 21st May | LAUNCESTON 27th-29th May

                  Prayer events in Launceston and Hobart

                  Tasmania Celebration

                  Will Graham will be in Tasmania in May for the Tasmania Celebration. Let us make sure we cover the entire event in prayer before, during and afterwards!

                  Prayer meetings are scheduled in the north and south of the state over the next few months.

                  All are welcome!

                  Click HERE to find a prayer meeting near you.

                  Christian Life and Witness Course

                  Do you want to know how to easily share your faith with others?
                  Or perhaps you would like to be a prayer partner/counsellor at the Tasmania Celebration?

                  Then look no further! This 3 x 2-hour-session course is being run in Hobart and Launceston, and you can pick up missed sessions online.

                  Check course dates/locations > | Check Course Online > (Facebook Group)

                  Read More!

                  April/May 2022 ReCharge

                  May Assembly Overview
                  Around the Churches
                  Pastoral Profile: Dan Evenhuis
                  Fostering Hope: Respite Carers needed!
                  Deep Thought: Mike Frost – Becoming wise
                  Being Strong and Courageous
                  Wynyard Baptist Food Drive
                  Church Profile: Citywide

                  May 2022 NEWS

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                  Keeping you updated with Tasmanian Baptists latest PRAYER, STORIES and NEWS

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                  ReCharge News April 2022

                  HEARTLANDS News Autumn 2022

                  HEARTLANDS is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of Tasmanian women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

                  Table of Contents

                    Diary Dates

                    Watch out for more info coming from your region, directly to you.

                    • Saturday 21st May NORTH Basin Café and Gorge Walk.
                    • Saturday 24-25th June SOUTH Day-Retreat: “Shelter”
                    • Late Oct/Early Nov World Women’s Day Of Prayer – events across the state

                    What’s Happening?

                    Basin Café and Gorge Walk

                    9:30am, Saturday 21st May 2022
                    EmpowHer Walk May 2022, Heartlands Autumn 2022

                    Invite Others! Download brochure

                    Join us for a cuppa at Basin Cafe (RSVP required)

                    A walk through the Gorge to Duck Reach will follow (weather permitting)

                    RSVP ESSENTIAL

                    SHELTER Retreat

                    5pm to 5pm, FRI/SAT 24-25 June 2022, Blackmans Bay


                    Everyone needs it. God provides it. We sleep, eat and live in it.

                    But how do you live in the SHELTER of the Most High God?

                    Shelter Retreat, Heartlands Autumn 2022

                    “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
                    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

                    Psalm 91:1
                    • Led by Denise Stephenson (LifeWay) and Jenny Baxter (Hobart)
                    • $45/person Covers food and materials. (This is a non-residential retreat.) Contact us if you have hesitations about cost. There are other ways you can contribute. Contact us if you have any hesitations about cost. There are other ways you can contribute.
                    • Get your Rego Form Call or SMS Jenny 0401 652 566
                    • Invite Others! Download brochure

                    Action for You

                    Praying with intention

                    Do you often pray like this?

                    Praying with Intention; Heartlands Autumn 2022
                    • God bless Mary
                    • Lord, please look after my son
                    • Jesus, can you please stop all wars
                    • Father, give me a good life

                    These are all good prayers, and quite legitimate, but they are so general! They are all “motherhood prayers” – prayers so broad it is impossible to know if God truly answers them.

                    Instead, pray with intention. Fill those prayers with meaning and talk to God about what worries you. And, when prompted, follow up your prayer with action. Relationship is critical to answered prayer.

                    How different are these prayers to those above?

                    • God, how can I bless Mary today?
                    • Lord, give me wisdom as I call my son, so I can encourage him.
                    • Jesus, I pray about the war in Ukraine. Is there something I can do to assist?
                    • Father, help me to love and care for others around me, even if my life is not so good.

                    It’s a time to be the blessing!

                    Undervalued or Super Loved?

                    Undervalued or super loved, Heartlands Autumn 2022

                    Women’s ministry at Beauty Point

                    By Rachelle Hawkins

                    Since the The Point* Baptist’s inception in 2006, we have endeavoured to hold many outreach events to reach our town of Beauty Point.

                    The message is always about who Jesus is, and why it’s important. These events include men’s dinners, women’s dessert nights, concerts, kids’ clubs, and an annual visit by Texan missionaries who do all the above, and more.

                    We, as a church, long to share the hope Jesus offers.

                    Read More >

                    The Science of Seeing God

                    ANNETTE SPURR, Heartlands Autumn 2022

                    Gratitude and thankfulness for the World, the Universe, and Everything!

                    By A.J. Spurr

                    Recently, I interviewed a young man who had been struggling with addiction since the age of 12. He had completed a program at a Christian rehab centre, and while he was there, he encountered Jesus.

                    “The first thing I noticed,” he said, “was that I could feel the breeze on my skin. I’d never experienced it before, even though it had been happening the whole time. I was finally able to feel it.”

                    So, what had changed?

                    Read More >

                    To find out about EmpowHer events and activities for women in Tasmania, please subscribe to HEARTLANDS!