ReCharge NEWS September 2023

20th September 2023 | ReCharge News

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    Love your Neighbour

    NAYBA Impact Audit

    Reminder! NAYBA Impact Audit. Tas

    The NAYBA Impact Audit of Tasmania is due by Friday 22nd September!

    As you may be aware, the audit will measure the collective social impact of the faith community in Tasmania, and put a monetary value on the time and resources that are dedicated to serving those in need.

    The survey is designed to be as easy as possible. It should only take about 15 minutes to complete, plus some time to gather the relevant information. 

    Before diving in, please visit the FAQ page to ensure you have all the necessary details at your fingertips. This will also help you decide if there’s someone who should complete the survey on your behalf. You could also watch the instruction VIDEO.

    The survey remains open until Friday 22nd September. Once you’re ready, click the following button to get started:

    Fostering Hope

    Mentoring Program in Hobart

    The next Fostering Hope training day is in Hobart on Saturday, October 14.

    Fostering Hope are a community organisation whose work comes from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus to ‘visit’ and ‘care for’ orphans and widows, to put the lonely in families, to love the fatherless, to care for children, and to love the neighbours in the communities. Tasmanian Baptists partner with Fostering Hope partner to provide foster care to Tasmanian children.

    Through their Mentoring Program, Fostering Hope seeks to provide a “friend with purpose” for kids in care.

    If you are looking for a way to live out your faith in caring for those in need, you can make a difference for a child in care. Please get in touch to talk with about how to be equipped with training, connected with a child, and provided with ongoing support as you mentor. With just a few hours a month, you can significantly impact the life of a child in care for the better.

    Find out more or apply HERE | Reach out to Ellie (

    Fostering Hope Mentoring Day, Hobart 14th October 2023

    Crossover Resource

    Baptism Week Ideas Guide

    15-22 October 2023

    National Baptism Week logo
    Crossover Baptism Week, Oct 2023

    National Baptism Week will be an opportunity for churches, youth groups, small groups and ministries across Australia to celebrate, explore and offer baptism. There are lots of ways to get involved.
    Check out the short explainer video and Ideas Guide, as well as baptism resources on our new Baptism Hub. Joining in is very simple – no need to register or report back – you can use Baptism Week in your own way.

    Resourcing your church, Baptism Week

    Next Steps Video series

    With Karl Faase at Olive Tree Media

    Olive Tree Media, want to resource and empower Christians to engage their friends and neighbours in conversations about faith. That’s why they partnered with Crossover and Baptist churches to resource and equip churches for National Baptism Week, 15th – 22nd October 2023.

    Especially designed for use in the lead-up to National Baptism Week, Next Steps is a quality resource suitable for churches, small groups and youth groups.

    It is designed so anybody can run it at any time within your church to share stories of faith, invite discussion and give people an opportunity to consider their ‘Next Steps’ when it comes to faith and life with Jesus.

    Examples of use

    ·      A 4-week small group series across the life of your church
    ·      Mid-week church-wide course – where people can all come to watch and discuss together
    ·      Run stand-alone groups facilitated specifically as a pointed discipleship tool readying people for baptism
    ·      As a series your church works through in your Sunday services

    WATCH: NEXT STEPS trailer

    Tralier of the Next Steps video - Olive Tree media

    Celebrate with Burnie

    Induction at Burnie Baptist

    The Coppin Family

    Burnie Baptist Church congregation invites you to join with us for the induction service of Pastor Matty Coppin.

    WHEN 2pm, Sunday 24th September, 2023
    WHERE Burnie Baptist Church, 59 Mount Street Burnie
    RSVP For seating and catering purposes by Friday 15th September.
    To Kathy Fogarty | 0408 340 110 |

    You are also invited to a time of fellowship and refreshments following the service.


    Trivia Night at Gateway

    Time to have some fun at Gateway Baptist

    Gateway Baptist are hosting an evening fundraising event featuring trivia questions, fun, food and good company, and a silent auction with lots of goodies available!

    You, your friends and family are all welcome to join in and raise funds for Operation Christmas Child. It will be $10/person to participate.

    The Trivia Night will take place at 7pm on Friday 29th September 2023

    Artway Studio and Gallery, behind Gateway Church
    22 Wellington Street

    By 25th September to help with catering.
    Jill Ashdown 0439 354 849 | Christine 0409 632 641

    Baptist Mission Australia

    Jit and Jan Yawan

    Lanternlight Ministries, Thailand


    Several Tasmanian Baptist churches support Jit and Jan Yawan through Baptist Mission Australia. In the introduction to their latest newsletter, they write:

    We are so thankful for all of you who continue this journey with us as we continue to to seek to be hands, feet and voice of Jesus here in Sangklaburi in western Thailand.

    We are in the wet season and the three-month period of Buddhist Lent. In our attached newsletter there’s lots more information and links to a video and a booklet for special prayer for Thailand during this season. This season has similarities in every Buddhist country and community.

    Read More: DOWNLOAD YAWAN NEWS (1MB) >

    Staying Informed in the Asia Pacific

    APBF Digest

    Published three times/year the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation Digest is full of interesting articles about the work and thinking of Baptists in our region.

    The current issue is all about RELEVANCE in our current culture. The relevance of church, of youth ministry, of overseas missions, and of humanitarian aid. READ IT HERE (18MB) >

    August 2023 APBF Digest

    Read More ReCharge!

    August/September 2023

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    Recharge news September 2023

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    ReCharge News July 2023

    Scott Pilgrim

    Scott Pilgrom Baptist Mission Australia

    Baptists Nationally

    Ministry Profile

    In previous years, Scott Pilgrim was the Executive Pastor at Crossway Baptist Church (Vic), and had senior roles in BaptistCare NSW-ACT, and Baptist Churches of NSW/ACT.

    But what does Scott do now, and why does that matter to Tasmanian Baptists?

    I was born and grew up in Newcastle. So, although I love living in Melbourne and it’s home, I will always be a “Newy boy”. It’s one of those types of places.

    Newcastle was a great place to grow up, close to family, and actively engaged in sporting teams as a child/youth. Newcastle is home to some great beaches and so we spent a lot of time at the beach, then heading back to my grandparent’s home five minutes away. As a child, Newcastle was an industrial city – home to the BHP Steelworks, where my father and his father worked. These industrial roots kept the city grounded and authentic.

    I lived in Newcastle through all my schooling days and then landed my dream job as a cadet journalist at The Newcastle Herald.

    I grew up in what I now understand was a “God-fearing” home, rather than in a family that had a deep personal relationship with Jesus. In my teens, I started attending a Presbyterian Church. The ministers of the church – a young husband and wife ordained couple – influenced me greatly. They gave me opportunities to explore ministry at a young age and encouraged me in my journey with Jesus.

    In my late teens I started attending a Baptist church and for the first time in my life met a male mentor figure, who clearly and passionately loved Jesus. He had a significant impact in my life, and during this period in the 1980s, Jesus became real to me!

    A national spread

    I am married to Megan, who is a nurse. We are a blended family (a Brady Bunch family for those old enough to know the show!) All up, Megan and I have eight children.

    We have five adult children who live in NSW and the Northern Territory, aged from 31 to 20. And we also have three children with us in Melbourne, a 13-year-old daughter, a 12-year-old son, and a 10-year-old daughter. It’s delightful to see how our younger kids engage so regularly with the benefit of technology in staying connected to their older siblings.

    Scott Pilgrim with Megan, and his three youngest

    After growing up in Newcastle, I moved around in my young adult years living in a few different places in NSW, working as a journalist. I then spent most of my adult years back in Newcastle.

    Megan and I with our three youngest children moved to Melbourne at the beginning of 2017 as I took up the role of Executive Pastor at Crossway Baptist Church.

    Melbourne is a great city to live in. [Better than Sydney, but don’t tell them that!] It has so many things you can do, and I love the culture and diversity of the city. Although it’s not the beaches of Newcastle, I love relaxing and walking along the bay and in the eastern suburbs where we live. We are spoilt with so many beautiful green spaces. And yes, the food is great – so many good options to choose from.

    It’s also very much home for our younger kids. Melbourne is home for them and they all love playing basketball.

    Scott’s work now

    I serve as the Executive Director of Baptist Mission Australia, our movement’s international intercultural mission agency. In my position, I head up our work across the world, and our National Team is spread across Australia. And yes, I do travel a lot! I am currently writing from Norway where I am attending the Baptist World Alliance Gathering.

    Most of my travel is to places well off the tourist maps, where our teams and partners serve in communities in Africa and Asia. And we’re growing our ministry in Australia, including our partnership with Citywide in Hobart. It’s good to see many different parts of the world – but it’s always great to get home to my family.

    I’m privileged to lead a team – that’s the real joy of what I do. And I was invited to step into the position in a time of rapid change around the world and with Western mission agencies like ours needing to re-imagine and re-invent who we are and what we do. It’s why I resonate with the journey that you’re on as Tassie Baptists.

    So, when people ask me to summarise what I do I like to use these images – team leader, pastor of global teams, cultural curator, Spirit-seeker and change agent. And I get to lead alongside a great team, including Suse and Caryn, two outstanding younger female leaders who serve with me on our Leadership Team.

    A global perspective

    I get excited when with others we can share in missional imagination and look to the Spirit to lead us in new ways. As well, I get excited that God would graciously invite me to share in his mission, in the joy of pursuing shalom in our broken world.

    There are also wonderful possibilities of partnership and innovative collaborations, which will be at the future of global mission. And one last thing which excites me – I get encouraged every day that the organisation I lead only exists because of the partnership we have with Baptist people across the country.

    The biggest challenge I have comes because we live in a rapidly changing world, and the face of world Christianity and international mission is experiencing seismic shifts. The days of the “West to the rest” are behind us, but we can get trapped in this traditional paradigm.

    By the year 2030, 70% of all followers of Jesus will live in the global south, and we have the opportunity to explore what new polycentric partnerships will look like as we move ahead. We must face up to these changes in our world, while also celebrating all that God is doing among our current inspiring and passionate team members, serving around the world.

    The days of the “West to the rest” are behind us. We can get trapped in this traditional paradigm. 
Scott Pilgrim

    The wounded healer

    My best piece of advice? Wow that’s a hard one. How about the learning from a number of authors, including Henri Nouwen, that a theology of brokenness helps us best understand leadership.

    I love Nouwen’s image of the “wounded healer”. We can try to hide our wounds and scars, but I am so glad that I have come to see them as very much a part of who I am as a broken person, and that I am in absolute need for the Spirit to be at work in my life. And while he restores me, I am graced with the privilege of standing alongside other broken people, seeking to bring hope, love, acceptance and care.

    Please pray for wisdom as we seek to discern the ways of the Spirit in this changing context. Pray for courage in the decisions we need to make. And I would value prayer for my on on-going health challenges as I navigate a pain management journey.

    Short ‘n’ Sweet

    am looking forward to . . . A holiday with my wife in Italy! 

    I am worried about . . . followers of Jesus who can’t respect the views of others.

    I am confident that . . . the Spirit is at work across the world!

    I am joyful about . . . people passionately committed to missional re-imagination and justice!

    I would like to change . . . where the Sydney Swans are on the table.

    I am at my best when . . . I trust God, be myself and act courageously!

    Scott Pilgrim BMA

    Scott Pilgrim
    Executive Director
    Baptist Mission Australia

    Scott Pilgrim

    More Ministry Profiles

    Read ReCharge

    June/July 2023

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    Geoff Maddock in Tasmania

    Walking alongside, Baptist Mission Australia in Tasmania

    Local Mission

    Relocating for May Mission Month!

    Geoff Maddock

    Geoff Maddock, is the Tas/Vic Leader for Baptist Mission Australia


    As the State Leader for Tasmania, it is my privilege to relocate to Tasmania for the month of May to walk alongside* our Baptist churches. 

    First and foremost, I seek to listen and learn what God’s people in Tasmania are experiencing as they step out in mission – across the street and around the world! 

    I’m also honoured to be sharing in church gatherings each Sunday across May and attending pastors’ gatherings and Tas Baptist events throughout the month. 

    I’m also honoured to be sharing in church gatherings each Sunday across May

    I would also hope to visit with anyone interested in intercultural mission (local and global) or curious about the work of Baptist Mission Australia as we adapt our organisation to a rapidly changing world mission context. 

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out with a phone call, text or email to arrange a time with me.  I will be in the North West for the first 10 days, then around Launceston for the next 10 days, finishing my time with just over a week in the South of the state.

    Geoff Maddock
    0436 470 535 |


    In the Northwest (Ulverstone). 30th April to 10th May
    • 30.4.23—Wynyard Baptist Church
    • 5.5.23—Tas Baptists Assembly (Newstead)
    • 6.5.23—Tas Baps Assembly (Newstead)
    • 7.5.23—Ulverstone Baptist Church
    In the North (Launceston – Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies). 10th to 22nd May  
    • 10.5.23—Launceston Pastors’ coffee catchup
    • 14.5.23—Newstead Baptist Church
    • 17.5.23—Launceston Pastors’ coffee catchup
    • 21.5.23—Gateway Baptist Church
    In the South (Hobart). 22nd to 29th May    
    • 28.5.23—Citywide Baptist Church

    I am looking forward to meeting with as many Tasmanian Baptists as possible, and walking alongside during May.

    VIDEO: Watch below to find out more about Alongsiders.


    Baptist Mission Australia is intentionally developing an alongsider”approach.

    We do this around the world as our intercultural team members come alongside people in their local communities and embody the good news by word and deed, in ways that make sense in that culture.

    We’re also committed to doing this as we come alongside mission partners across the world and in Australia. This is identified in our 2021-2025 Strategic Roadmap where we envisage “new dynamic missional-focused partnerships with Baptist associations and churches across our Australian movement.”

    Following conversations with Tasmanian Baptist leaders, engagement with churches and our own discernment processes, we sense God’s Spirit encouraging us to make ourselves available to journey with Tasmanian Baptists on your missional reimagination journey.

    [From the ‘Tasmanian Baptists Alongsider Statement’, May 2022]

    Read More ReCharge!

    April/May 2023

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    ReCharge NEWS April 2023

    26th April 2023 | ReCharge News

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      Geoff Maddock Visits Tassie!

      As the Baptist Mission Australia State Leader for Tasmania, it is my privilege to relocate to Tassie for the month of May to walk alongside our Baptist churches. 

      Geoff and Sherry Maddock
      Geoff and Sherry Maddock


      First and foremost, I seek to listen and learn what God’s people in Tasmania are experiencing as they step out in mission – across the street and around the world!  I’m also honoured to be sharing in church gatherings each Sunday across May and attending pastor gatherings and association events throughout the month. 

      I would also hope to visit with anyone interested in intercultural mission (local and global) or curious about the work of Baptist Mission Australia as we adapt our organisation to a rapidly changing world mission context. 

      Please don’t hesitate to reach out with a phone call, text or email to arrange a time with me.  I will be in the North West 30th April-10th May. Then around Launceston 10th May to 22nd May. And will finish my time in the South of the state from 22nd May to 29th May.

      Following conversations with Tasmanian Baptist leaders, engagement with churches and our own discernment processes, we sense God’s Spirit encouraging us to make ourselves available to journey with Tasmanian Baptists on your missional reimagination journey.

      Geoff Maddock
      Baptist Mission Australia | | 0436 470 535

      Atrocities in Myanmar

      A call for prayer via Australian Baptist Ministries

      The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation condemns in the strongest terms possible the recent aerial bombing of civilian villages in Pazikyi, Kanbalu of Sagaing region in Myanmar, which resulted in the deaths of over 100 innocent civilians.

      This attack is a gross violation of international humanitarian law and a blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life.

      As members of the Baptist World Alliance, who stand for justice, peace, and respect for human dignity, we are deeply saddened at this heinous act. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost their loved ones, homes and belongings in this inhumane attack.

      We ask our member conventions and churches to pray for the people of Myanmar during these difficult times and to stand in solidarity with them as they seek justice and peace.

      READ: Full press release >

      Riverland’s Ministries

      There is so much going on at Longford! To find out more, or to attend/participate in any of these ministries please check their website (, call 6391 2202, or email Office hours are 9am-12pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

      • 10-11am Mondays and Tuesdays, Libraries Tasmania, Adult Literacy – during school term)
      • 11am-12pm Mondays, Prayer Group
      • 10am-12pm Tuesdays, Threads of Friendship
      • 5.30-9pm Tuesdays Young Adults Group – off site
      • 10am-12pm Wednesdays, Bible Small Group
      • 9.30-11.30 am Thursdays, Stay & Play – during school terms
      • 3-5pm Thursdays, Girls Youth Group – during school terms
      • 11.30am-1.30pm. Thursdays, Bible Discovery Group
      • 7-8.30pm Thursdays, Bible Small Group – fortnightly, off-site
      • 10.30am-12pm Fridays, Neighbours – fortnightly
      • Fridays, Riverlands Youth group – 3rd Friday of each month, during school terms
      • 11am-1pm Fridays, Meals on Wheels – operate Monday-Friday each week
      Riverlands Minsitries. Snr Pastor Rodney Marshall, Meals on Wheels, Sta & Play, Associate Pastor Liam Conway
      Snr Pastor Rodney Marshall, Meals on Wheels, Stay & Play, Associate Pastor Liam Conway

      Grief Companion Training

      Do you know people who are grieving? Would you like to learn how to support them? You could attend this seminar, being run by New Mornings at Ulverstone Baptist.

      WHEN 9:30am-430pm, Saturdays 20th May AND 3rd June 2023
      COST Day 1 only – $75 (Conc. $55) ) | Days 1 + 2 – $120 (Conc. $85)
      WHERE Ulverstone Baptist Church Hall, 60 Alexandra Road, Ulverstone, 7315
      INFO Contact New Mornings: | 03 6411 6212
      OR download the flyer:

      What’s Going On – Summerhill

      For more information about any of these activities please contact Maddy Svoboda:

      • Primary school mentoring at Summerdale (as well as training of mentors), runs weekly throughout the week.
      • Playgroup, 10am-12pm, Wednesdays during school term facilitated by the Salvos.
      • Chat and Choose, every Friday morning during school terms.
      • Craft Group, Saturday mornings once a month.
      • High school Youth Ministry, 7-9pm, 2nd Friday of the month (when not involved with the combined youth initiatives).
      • Life groups, throughout the week.
      • A service in our local aged care facility. We hope to extend to another service soon.
      Summerhill Baptist Ministries

      Stand with the People of Myanmar


      More than ever, the people of Myanmar need to know that others stand with them. They need to know they are not forgotten.

      Two years on from a military coup, Myanmar is rocked by violence, oppression and instability. The economy has collapsed, there are severe shortages of food, fuel and other basic supplies. Families are forced to separate, churches continue to be damaged. Pastors have been arrested. The military continue to ignore basic human rights. 

      Since the coup, more than 3000 people have been killed and 16,000 people detained. Almost 1.6 million people are displaced within Myanmar and 1.1 million refugees and asylum seekers from Myanmar live in refugee camps on the Thai and Indian borders and within other towns in Thailand and India. 

      Please invite your faith community in sacrificially giving to our Stand with Myanmar appeal, so that together we can make a tangible and practical difference in the lives of people who continue to live with trauma and uncertainty.

      What’s Going on – City Baptist

      City Baptist Church in Launceston has people, as well as activities that people can connect with relationally.

      • Street chaplain (Stephen Avery), coming alongside those in need on our streets
      • Advocacy 
        • Housing provided for refugees (Ivan James)
        • The homeless and those fleeing Family and Domestic Violence (Kay Hunter)
        • Climate activism (Sally Staley, Wendy Miller and friends)
      • Drop in Centre in the Red Dove Café
        6pm-7pm Saturdays, 52 weeks per year (Jeff McKinnon).
      • City Baptist Community Garden –  69 Station Rd, St Leonards (Steve and Marie Pearce)
      • Learning Circle (hosted by Garry Billing and Jeff McKinnon) for those wanting to grow in discipleship, spirituality and mission (three-week sessions)
      • Young adult dinners with Jenna Blackwell
      • Friday Frolics – Intergenerational social outing on last Friday of the month (Merelyn Briton)

      Find out more here > | City Baptist on Facebook >

      Some of the faces at City Baptist, L-R: Tracey and Stephen Avery; Jeff McKinnon; Jenna Blackwell; Kay Hunter

      What’s Going on – Gateway

      The Baptist churches in and around Launceston want to work more closely together and point people to activities going on in other Baptist churches.

      Over the coming weeks reCharge NEWS will highlight one church’s activities, this week, with Gateway Baptist.

      Gateway Baptist, Craft Group, Artway, Basketball, Mentoring and lifeskills
      Gateway’s Ministries most weeks:
      Shekinah House Team

      Volunteering and low level counseling with homeless people
      11am till 3pm, Tuesday to Friday

      Bible Study

      Ladies study with coffee
      3rd and 4th Tuesday of each month  
      Wednesday group
      5:30 – 6:30pm Wednesday
      Eat, Share, Pray Midweek Group
      6:30-8:30pm, Thursday


      Art Therapy and Lessons 12 noon – 2pm Wednesday and Thursday   
      Craft Group 6:30-9pm, Wednesday               

      Walking Group

       Ladies 10am Thursday

      Baptist Basketball

      Saturday Evenings

      To enquire about any of these activities please email:

      Easter Camp at Perth

      In 1954, Perth Baptist hosted an enormous Easter Camp!
      Thank you to those who responded about the year this photo was taken.

      Perth Baptist Easter Camp, approx date 10940s

      READ MORE Perth Baptist Church Profile

      What’s Going On – Newstead

      Walk this Way - Newstead Baptist
      Walk this Way 

      2-4pm first Sunday of the month

      Family friendly short walks aimed to be an intergenerational opportunity to create space in creation to walk and talk.

      Life Groups

      Tuesday Life Group 7-9pm in Prospect
      Thursday Life Group 7-9pm in Newstead
      All Welcome! Join a Life Group here >

      In the Community

      Chat’n’Choose 9:30-11:30am Thursdays, at the church.
      Crafts, Conversations, Friendship, Fun. Men and Women of all ages are Welcome.

      Drop-in Centre meets every Friday 1-3pm in “The  Lounge” at the church
      Games for all generations, just drop-in to meet new friends

      Alpha at Newstead Baptist Thursday nights from 1st June 2023

      To enquire about any of these activities at Newstead, please email

      Mid-Year Assembly

      Friday/Saturday 5th/6th May, Newstead Baptist (NB new venue!)

      The May Assembly is coming up very fast! All Tasmanian Baptist churches are eligible to have at least two voting delegates in attendance, plus pastors and Tas Baptist Council Members. As well, interested individuals are welcome to attend. However, all attendees do need to register.

      Assembly papers will be sent to Church Secretaries via email on Thursday 6th April.


      7-9pm, Friday 5th May: Dinner ($30)
      9:30am-3pm, Saturday 6th May: Morning tea and Lunch ($15)

      Payments and registrations will be due to the Tasmanian Baptist office by Monday 5th May 2023. As well as the regular registration process, we are trialing an online payment/registration system. So watch out for that!

      Views of October Assembly 2022
      Views from Tas Baptist Assembly, October 2022

      CROSSOVER Easter Resources


      This Changes Everything is an Easter series that’s ready to go. There are message outlines that you can take, leave or adapt. But the bonus is the artwork for promoting and inviting, easily editable to include your church details.
      All free, because Crossover is here to help you share Jesus.

      Ally & Sally is the shortest soap opera you’ve ever seen! 3x 1-min episodes you can show in church, or embed in your weekly email, or both. Each episode can stand alone, but the story builds – and twists – with a positive encouragement to share our great news.
      Perfect for showing right before promoting the Easter Offering in the three weeks leading up to Easter!

      watch ally & sally

      Read More ReCharge!

      April/May 2023

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      ReCharge News April 2023

      Walk the World Winners!

      Walk the World = Baptist Mission Australia

      Baptists At Our Best

      Congratulations Lifeway Baptist

      Baptist Mission Australia award for praying, walking, driving and time in the garden! 

      Last November, Baptist Churches nationally were encouraged by Baptist Mission Australia to pray for their community, neighbourhood and the world in the Walk the World campaign.

      Lifeway Baptist in Devonport took up the challenge, and their efforts so impressed Baptist Mission Australia, that they won a prize!

      Jenny Mountney of Lifeway Baptist explains what happened.

      Baptist Mission Australia’s November initiative of “Walk the World” and praying over a three-day period really captured the heart of the Lifeway community.

      There were people praying as they drove the streets, walked the streets and undertook activity across the state, country and overseas. The intentional prayer focus was for our community, state, country and intercultural teams, wherever they were.  

      From the youngest in Sunday Tribes, to the most elderly, it is thought over 60% of the community took part. Nothing inspires people more than a challenge – and an amazing purpose – to bring our world to the Lord. We asked for healing and peace, strength and vision.

      Baptist Mission Australia provided prayer guides, and children’s resources and activities. Our insomniacs prayed through their nights. The workers took moments in their day to walk and pray. The bushwalkers marvelled at God’s glory while counting steps and kilometers. 

      Watch Lifeway’s video report

      Excited responses

      It was an amazing weekend filled with hope and joy. Plus, we are excited to receive the award for Australian Baptist Churches Walk the World winners! So many amazing stories came from the initiative, and it is quite surreal that Lifeway Baptist was selected. A huge thank you goes to every person who supported, prayed, walked and rode praying for our world. 

      Teagan Dwyer-Riviere, Communications Manager at Baptist Mission Australia, said “Our team was so blown away by the amazing report you shared about how your whole church community got involved in Walk the World in November last year! It was so encouraging to read of the creative ways people of all ages, abilities and interests engaged in prayer. It sounds like it was a very rich time of prayer and community engagement.”.

      Senior Pastor Nicholas Alexander was ecstatic. “It’s super encouraging for Lifeway, both for the mission’s team who work so hard, and for all of us in our prayer life.”

      We at Lifeway are looking forward to receiving our first prize of a whole of church morning tea and guest speaker from Baptist Mission Australia. Fingers crossed this can take place in May Missions Month! 

      Read ReCharge

      February/March 2023

      Recent (PDF) Issues of ReCharge

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      Walk the World Winners

      ReCharge NEWS Feb 2022

      Cradle Mountain

      FEBRUARY 2022

      Table of Contents

        Tamar Island Walk & Picnic

        12:30-2:30 Sunday 27th February

        An EmpowHer* Event

        EmpowHer Tamar Walk 27Feb 2022

        All women are welcome to join the Tamar Island Walk and Picnic, 12:30-2:30pm, Sunday 27th February 2022.

        The Tamar Island walk is a short 4km return boardwalk, just 10 minutes drive from the heart of Launceston.

        It will begin with a BYO picnic. Please also bring a picnic rug &/or chair, as tables are limited.

        This is an all-access walk and children are welcome under your supervision.

        MORE INFO/REGISTER: Wendy 0407 675 414; or Belinda 0408 267 188

        Download Brochure >

        *EmpowHer is an activity of Tasmanian Baptist Women

        Nationwide Prayer Gathering

        Prayer gathering

        Prayer Gathering of Australian Baptists

        Please join your Baptist family at 7:45pm on Tuesday 1st March for a Zoom prayer gathering.

        We will pray for God to work within our lives, our families, our churches, our communities our Baptists partners, our States/Territories, our nation, and our world.

        We especially want to pray for our BaptCare family as they battle COVID outbreaks in aged care facilities, and support exhausted staff.

        As well we will pray for the situation in Myanmar, for the people of Tonga, and for the unfolding situation in the Ukraine.

        REGISTER: >

        DOWNLOAD Flyer for distribution >

        Leading with Courage – Muster

        For Tas Baptist Pastors and Leaders
        ReCharge News
        At the Muster in September 2021

        WHEN: Lunchtime Monday – Lunchtime Tuesday March 7-8, 2022
        WHERE: Hobart Baptist Church
        WHO: Appointed key leaders of Tasmanian Baptist churches
        WELCOME! It will be a great opportunity to meet newly appointed pastors around the state.

        With great pleasure and expectation, Tasmanian Baptist pastors and key church leaders are invited to the upcoming Pastors’ Muster, 7th-8th March 2022.

        Gathering together as leaders never fails to be a rich time.

        With just 24hrs together, some big conversations will focus on the importance of leading with courage.

        We will create a safe to share with others – a courageous aspect of leadership. For this reason, only pastors, and leaders of churches without a pastor, have received invitations.

        If you are missing your invite email please contact

        Recent Inductions

        Exciting times for Tasmanian Baptist Churches

        It has been an unprecedented few weeks, as five pastors were inducted during January and February, 2022. They are Dan Hutchison (Newstead), Matt Henderson (Hobart), Liam Conway (Riverlands); Jeff Percival (Lower Barrington); and Dan Evenhuis (Citywide).

        • Dan Evenhuis, ReCharge news
        • Laim Conway, ReCharge News
        • Jeff Percival, ReCharge News
        • Daniel Hutchison, ReCharge News
        • Matt Henderson, ReCharge News
        Welcome LIAM AND HANNAH!
        New Associate Pastor for Riverlands

        Liam Conway joined Riverlands Christian Community as Associate Pastor and was inducted by Maddy Svoboda at Riverlands on 6th February 2022.  The service was followed by a BBQ lunch.  A very special morning, it was wonderful to see many visitors who came in support of both Liam and Hannah, as they join the Riverlands family. 

        Please pray Liam and Hannah will settle in well with the Riverlands church family, but also the wider community of Longford. 

        Safer Spaces Toolkit

        Australian Baptist Ministries pull together to create a great resource

        Sunflowers, ReCharge News

        In 2021, ABM recognised domestic abuse resources are often available only by region, and wanted to create a resource which could be accessed by any pastor anywhere, with access to the Internet. The outcome is now available as a resource for use in localities across Australia.

        Baptist women from around the country made up the project working group. Between them, they have expertise in pastoral leadership, theology, teaching, domestic abuse and project management.

        Together they created the Safer Spaces Toolkit: >

        The Safer Spaces Toolkit is a work in progress so feedback and suggestions are welcome. To get in touch, send an email using the CONTACT PAGE >

        GLOBAL LAUNCH: 16th Feb
        Baptist Mission Australia

        You are Invited!

        5-6PM, WEDNESDAY 16TH FEBRUARY 2022
        Scott Pilgrim, GIA to BMA, ReCharge News

        Global Interaction has become Baptist Mission Australia

        One of the nation’s oldest mission organisations has changed its name as it looks to strengthen its partnership with Baptist churches across Australia and international partners around the globe.

        Executive Director Scott Pilgrim (pictured) invites you to the GLOBAL LAUNCH!

        This is your invitation to join with teams around the
        world to dedicate this year of ministry to God.
        Together we will pray, commission our teams
        and say, “Come Holy Spirit”.


        Newstead Farewells Marion Sherriff

        27 July 1935 – 16 January 2022

        Ted and Marion Sherriff

        Marion was born on the 27th July 1935, and went peacefully to be with her Lord on the 16th January 2022. She spent over 70 years of her life living in Launceston in the suburb of Newstead, as a child and then for most of her married life.

        Marion was farewelled on the 21st January from Newstead Baptist.

        Marion and her sisters attended Newstead Baptist where they attended Sunday School, Camps and Church. It was there that Marion came to a faith and belief in Jesus Christ as her Saviour. At Newstead, she also met Edward Humphrey ‘Ted’ Sherriff and they married in the church on the 26th May, 1956. Ted later became the President of the Baptist Union of Tasmania.

        Marion loved God in a deep and personal way. She loved God’s Word, the Bible. Coming to church, for Marion, meant learning about God, meeting with God, and singing together to rejoicing with God’s people. It brought her happiness and gave her strength through life’s sorrows and disappointments.

        Added to family duties of raising four children, Marion was a faithful member at Newstead Baptist for over 60 years serving through Sunday School Teaching, Christian Endeavour, the Missionary Committee, Ladies’ Meetings like Homemakers and Baptist Women’s Fellowship, Chat’n’Choose creche co-ordinator, hospitality and more.

        Marion will be sadly missed by her ‘loved’ Ted, and many family members. We know that she is now at peace and in no pain with her Lord.

        Christian Life & Witness Courses

        Training to sharpen your evangelism skills

        WHEN: 21st February to 12th March 2022
        WHERE: In various churches in the Launceston and Hobart regions, including Baptist churches in Westbury, Perth, Launceston (Gateway), George Town and Hobart.

        The Christian Life and Witness Course helps believers deepen their faith in Jesus Christ and share Him with others. Specifically, during the Tasmania Celebration with Will Graham in May 2022. But also, on their own as they witness to friends, family members and co-workers.

        During the two-hour/week, three-week course, participants will learn:

        • Biblical principles on living a life that pleases God and points other people to Him.
        • Practical tips and advice about sharing Jesus Christ with people who do not yet know Him.
        • How to best support new Christians and help them grow in their faith.

        Check out dates, times and locations > |

        Tasmanian Baptist Key Dates, 2022

        Dates for your Diary
        Some participants at Tasmanian Baptists Annual Assembly 2021; ReCharge News
        Some attendees at Assembly, Oct 2021

        7-8 March 2022                Pastors’ Muster in Hobart                             

        26 March 2022                 Council Meeting              

        6-7 May 2022                    Mid-Year Assembly at Riverlands       

        18 June 2022                    Council Meeting

        26-27 July 2022               Musters: Regional with PM sessions

        10 September 2022        Council Meeting

        3-5 October 2022             Muster: Pastors and Families

        28-29 October 2022        Annual Assembly at Riverlands

        19 November 2022          Council Meeting


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