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Need to Know - Sept/Oct 2021

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Stand Sunday ~ BWA Ethical Fashion Report ~ Praying for Afghanistan and Haiti

EmpowHer Walk (North)

Saturday 18th September

EmpowHer Walk May 2021 looking towards Badger HeadALL WOMEN WELCOME!

9.30am: Meet at Singapore Baker's Cafe Gravelly Beach for brunch/cuppa.
11am: Walk loop track to Paper Beach along the West Tamar, return. Total walk: 9km/2hours. Bring money for Cafe.
Invite your friends! Download brochure >>>
RSVP required. For more info or to register, contact Wendy Marston 0407 675 414 or Jenna Blackwell 0488 330 390

Pictured: Walkers at the last northern EmpowHer Walk, on their way to Badger Head

Stand Sunday during September

Supporting foster carers in Tasmania

Stand Sunday 2021 is on Sunday 12th September - although your church could focus on foster care any Sunday this month.

READ ABOUT FOSTER CARE - June 2021 ADVANCE | step by step >>>

The 2021 Stand Sunday video is now available. You can use it during your church service one Sunday in September, whether you host Stand Sunday, or not.

Download the video from Dropbox >>> | Download video on YouTube >>>

Calling All Artists!

Gateway Baptist Fundraiser for HaitiHaiti Fundraiser at Gateway

Gateway Baptist Church in Launceston are holding a Fundraiser for the children in Haiti who live in the desperately poor district of Despuzeau in Haiti. All monies raised will be sent to Haiti, no expenses will be deducted.

They are calling on all artists who would like to consider being part of this exciting fund raiser by donating a small A5 (1/2 A4) unframed, unmounted drawing, painting, digital art or other which will be sold to the public at their Artway Gallery on 16th October.

If you are able to contribute, or know someone who may be able to, there are a few details to be aware of. The artwork needs to be something someone would love, all are being sold for $100 each, please sign the back, not the front, and provide a little story about yourself. Artwork needs to be received before 24th September.

For more details please contact Ian or Lee Campbell: EMAIL | SMS Ian 0408 128 871 OR Lee 0477 039 771

Ethical Fashion Report

Australians value ethical fashion but struggle to take action

New consumer report reveals majority of consumers want to improve purchasing behaviour

Australian consumers believe ethical purchasing is important, but are failing to follow through on their own beliefs. While 87% want to change their fashion consumption habits to consume more ethically, just 46% indicate they regularly purchase from ethical/sustainable fashion brands.

Find out your shopping typeThe findings come from the new Australian Ethical Consumer Report, released by Christian aid and development organisation Baptist World Aid Australia in collaboration with social research company McCrindle. The report, which draws from national data, seeks to understand the attitudes and beliefs of Australian consumers towards ethical fashion consumption, and uncovers the key motivations for Australians when making purchases. It reveals that most Australians feel a sense of global responsibility and want to change their consumption habits, but cite awareness of ethical brands and expense as the two greatest barriers to doing so.

Accompanying the report is an online quiz which enables Aussie shoppers to identify their own consumer type from Practical Purchasers, Intentional Individualists, Socially-Minded Shoppers, and Conscious Consumers. Those wanting to go one step further can score themselves on the Ethical Consumer Index, which measures their behaviour against the 5 A's of ethical fashion: attitude, agency, awareness, action and advocacy. The 5-minute quiz examines whether Australian consumers are more driven by their personal benefit or the benefit of others, and whether they buy thinking about current needs or future impacts.

'Aussies pride themselves on supporting a 'fair go for all,' and this couldn't be more applicable when examining the issues of injustice surrounding ethical fashion. We see younger generations, and women, more open to changing their habits to align with this value,' said Ashley Fell from McCrindle. 'The 'My Shopping Type' online quiz gives consumers a chance to see how they compare against their peers on this important issue, as well as being empowered with steps towards aligning their purchases with their values,'

'This report reveals we have a long way to go when it comes to ethical consumption and understanding the impacts that our purchases have on the environment and people around the world,' said Peter Keegan of BWAA. 'But with tools like the Ethical Fashion Guide and My Shopping Type Quiz, we can take those next steps towards becoming more ethical consumers.'

The Australian Ethical Consumer Report is available for download here.
The Ethical Fashion Report and Guide has been published by Baptist World Aid since 2013, and can be ordered here.
My Shopping Type Quiz here.

About Baptist World Aid Australia
BWAA is a Christian international aid and development organisation that publishes the annual Ethical Fashion Report, which grades clothing brands for their efforts to address worker exploitation and environmental degradation.

Read more in the Sept/Oct 2021 ADVANCE | step by step

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