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Haiti - Earthquake and Tropical Cyclone

Double disaster slams Haiti. Believers coordinate aid and broadcast hope

By Katey Hearth, Mission Network News

Haiti (MNN) -- Haiti is reeling from back-to-back disasters. A 7.2-magnitude earthquake rocked southwest Haiti on Saturday 14th August. Then, Tropical Depression Grace swept through the same region, deluging survivors and hampering rescue efforts.

As of 1 September 2021, at least 2,200 people were casualties, and above 12,200 injured. An estimated 650,000 people are in need of assistance. REF: Wikipedia

"The heavy rains, landslides, flooding, (are) a nightmare for disaster relief," says Kate Michel, Global Communications and Fundraising Director at Radio 4VEH, a Trans World Radio (TWR) partner in Haiti.

Photo courtesy of Radio 4VEH

Prayer needed!

"We urge people to be praying for Haiti; for those who are trying to help; and for God's hand of protection to be on the most vulnerable, today and in the days ahead," Michel says.

"We know we're often asking for prayer for Haiti, and sometimes it can seem like it's never-ending. But trust me, we see God working miracles every day in Haiti." As described here, the earthquake occurred along the same fault lines as a 7.0-magnitude 2010 earthquake that left Port-au-Prince in shambles. That quake claimed more than 200,000 casualties, and estimated losses totalled $7.8 billion.

Trauma and flashbacks

The fallout from this recent disaster could rise to similar heights. "Nearly every Haitian & Haitians living abroad are going through some of those traumatic reminders of the terrible earthquake in 2010." Pray for endurance as believers broadcast critical updates and the hope of Christ.

A special trauma counselling program broadcast regularly by 4VEH helps Haitians deal with psychological fallout. "We spent a lot of time after the 2010 earthquake on helping people understand what trauma is, how people may react, and what kind of healing is possible," Michel says, describing the program. It's an essential tool when difficult seasons like these stir painful flashbacks.

Send tangible help to Haiti through Radio 4VEH here >>> | Baptist World Aid disaster fund for Haiti >>>

TWR INTERNATIONAL is broadcasting HOPE to the world in 300 languages. In 2020 TWR received 34.4 MILLION connections and responses on all media broadcast platforms. Go to for more details.
Your partnership with TWR - AUSTRALIA will be most appreciated.

Call for Justice in Myanmar

#standwithmyanmarAustralian Baptist Ministries (ABM) joins with Baptist World Alliance (BWA), Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF), Baptist World Alliance Women (BWAW) and Asian Baptist Women's Union (ABWU) with regard to the ongoing situation in Myanmar that needs our immediate attention. Two events in Chin State of Myanmar that demands our strongest condemnation and determined prayer.

Over the weekend 19/20th September 2021, a young Baptist Pastor, Cung Biak Hum was shot and killed while attempting to help a church member whose home had been set on fire by military forces. He leaves behind his wife who is pregnant with their third child and two boys.

Baptist Pastor Thian Lian Sang was robbed and arrested at around 11 am on September 16th. He was arrested in front of his house by armed men in plain clothes. At the time of the arrest, three military vehicles and about 20 armed men on three motorcycles were involved. After that, members of the State Administration Council (SAC) entered the house and checked the phones. Five phones were confiscated, including his mother's as well as his wife's. They also took 400,000 kyats.

"That 400,000 kyats was the money they received for the funeral of his father (in August)," said a family member. The family members said he has just recovered from Covid-19 and still not well yet. It is not yet known why he was arrested and but people close to him say the pastor is politically neutral.

We call for the immediate release of Rev. Thian Lian Sang.

We also call for those who killed Rev. Cung Biak Hum to be held legally responsible, and we ask for restoration of the homes burned by the military.

We call upon the military regime to restore religious freedom, human rights, and peace through dialogue across Chin State and Myanmar as a whole.

Please use the attached image and the following hashtags to help us create awareness via social media and call for justice against the atrocities of the Military regime.

#StandingwithMyanmar | #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

We are stronger when we stand together,

Rev. Mark Wilson
National Ministries Director
Australian Baptist Ministries
(Baptist Union of Australia Inc)

Afghanistan Trauma

The US withdrew all their troops from Afghanistan about a month ago. The evacuation operation was a disaster after the collapse of the Afghan government, and Kabul was seized by the Taliban.

And now, the unfolding situation with the Taliban across Afghanistan remains a pressing and dangerous one, imposing fear on families and threatening the safety of hundreds of thousands of women, men and children.

We believe that now is a moment for all Australian Christians to come together in solidarity.

Therefore, I am asking you to join Christians across Australia and sign the Christians United for Afghanistan call.

As the crisis continues, Christians from across the Australian church, alongside a wider public movement, are being moved to speak boldly to our national leaders to provide urgent action for the wellbeing of Afghan people.

The call is simple:

We, the Australian Church, are calling on the Federal Government to welcome an additional 20,000 Afghan refugees and support the ongoing wellbeing of all Afghan refugees and their families.

Sign the urgent call

This is an urgent call for Christians from all walks of life and perspectives, united in concern for the wellbeing of the Afghan community. Our hope at Baptist World Aid is that Christians united across Australia will show our government that we are called to care for the vulnerable. And as we do, we pray that the government will respond with a just and compassionate commitment to helping the most vulnerable Afghan refugees.

As a united Australian Church, I believe we can make a difference. Thank you for standing with us as we stand for the people of Afghanistan.

Grace and peace,

Peter Keegan
Director of Advocacy
Baptist World Aid Australia

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