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Every November, Baptists from all over the planet come together to pray for women

From cities far and wide across the world, women and men join the World Day of Prayer. They pray from Cameroon, to Cambodia, to Croatia, and Canberra. They are united in one cry for women: "Lord, help the women of the world, sisters facing persecution, civil war, natural disaster, and poverty."

Reuniting women in desperate times

Colombian Women at a Day of Prayer eventThe World Day of Prayer began in 1948, in response to the devastation and division created by WWII. To facilitate healing, the Baptist women of Europe organised the first Day of Prayer, aiming to reunite Baptists alienated by war.

The movement gathered momentum, and now Baptists globally gather in groups of five, 20 and100s. They represent over 200 Baptist women organizations, and pray in more than 80 languages. They are united in prayer under the banner of Baptist World Alliance Women (BWAW). This is a global collective representing Baptist women from 145 countries. They have networks and projects across the world, but this is the one day they focus on the most important activity of all: PRAYER!

Just like the devastation of WWII, our world is once again in a global crisis with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, there are Baptist women bravely giving free medical care amid the coup in Myanmar; leaders dealing with devastation caused by earthquake in Haiti; Baptist sisters volunteering as midwives in remote villages in PNG; and yet others providing a 24-hour helpline for women feeling distressed by unplanned pregnancy in Argentina.

Pictured: Colombian Women at a Day of Prayer event

Inspire HOPE

Leading prayer in Nigeria, WDOPBeing a light to the world is integral to the call of BWAW. Consequently, as part of the Day of Prayer, an offering is taken to finance the ministry and support global projects. This year's financial gifts will be used for a frog farm in Thailand, sewing clubs in Vanuatu, a library in Cameroon and a resource kit addressing mental health issues in the Philippines. These projects are designed to inspire hope and enable women to flourish.

You are invited to be part of this day. Why not gather a group to pray, and let the voices of Tasmania join the global movement?

For a complete guide to running your own World Day of Prayer go to:

Pictured: Leading prayer in Nigeria

Elissa Macpherson
President, Baptist Women of the Pacific

What to do next

The World Day of Prayer can be held on Monday 1st November, or any day that month

Why not gather your local sisters and have your own World Day of Prayer event?

L to R: Baptist women in Cambodia; Baptist women in Papua, Indonesia at a Day of Prayer gathering, 2021

L to R: Baptist women in Cambodia; Baptist women in Papua, Indonesia at a Day of Prayer gathering, 2021

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