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Pastors Muster | July 2020

We live at a profound moment. Amid the many challenges the world faces, we are not in the grip of the Corona Virus crisis. As the fear, panic and despair rises, many are asking, does humanity have what it takes us to a sustainable future.

It is also a moment of profound tension. Religious freedom is being eroded with unabated hostility towards the church, yet there is a growing interest in what some have termed, "a return to the sacred". More and more people are turning to spirituality (howbeit not religion) in the vacuum brought on by the growing disillusionment with modernity and the acknowledgement of the limits of science. This is a moment of great opportunity.

At our July Muster we will explore together the challenges and the opportunities. We will listen to the Spirit and each other with the expectation that God will stir our imaginations and enliven our hope as we see and understand afresh something of what the Spirit is doing across our island and the world. I trust you will join us across these 4 days as we journey with God together.

We look forward to you being with us at Camp Clayton, 41 Clayton Rd Ulverstone, from Monday July 6, beginning with our evening meal and concluding on Thursday July 9 with lunch. For more information, click on the following:

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