Partners in Christian Mission

Our Mission

Objects of the Union

A. To promote the unity, spiritual health and effective functioning of the Baptist Churches of Tasmania, by:

  1. assisting the Churches in proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  2. assisting the Churches in establishing organised Churches of baptised believers;
  3. assisting Churches in the provision of necessary buildings, pastoral leadership, and in such other ways as may be deemed appropriate; and
  4. defining the area of responsibility of any proposed new church; and providing guidance and assistance in grouping, unifying, or subdividing existing Churches or Fellowships when invited to do so.

B. To promote involvement in and support missionary work, particularly in areas served by the Australian Baptist Missionary Society and Northreach.

C. To arrange and accept responsibility for the training of approved candidates for the ministry.

D. To assist as necessary aged and incapacitated ministers and agents of the Union.

E. To provide for properties to be held in trust for the Churches, Departments and Special Ministries and Affiliated Bodies of the Union in accordance with the termsof trust set out in the Constitution.

F. To give advice, direction and assistance, when requested by Churches in circumstances of difficulty.

G. To aid in the promotion of public morality and community welfare.

H. To provide information concerning Baptist history and principles, and promote fraternal relationships with Baptists in other States and countries.

I. To provide opportunities for conference and for informed declaration of Christian principles and convictions.

J. To confer and co-operate with other Christian communities as occasion may require.

K. To publish and/or distribute approved newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, tracts, etc., as may be deemed expedient.

L. Generally to plan and put into effect such projects, programmes, and enterprises as will promote the work of God through the Baptists of Tasmania.

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