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October/November 2020

October/November 2020

Creativity and Mission

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The Sky's the Limit

Leadership Development Coordinator for Tasmanian Baptists Michael Henderson describes another aspect of his work . . .

It was about me listeningOne of my roles with Tasmanian Baptists is developing mission possibilities through creative practices.

I have a broad history with this. With my previous church in Sydney, I led a team developing mission opportunities through activities like car clubs, foster care to teenagers, music schools, overseas aid, sketch clubs, short film making, outback adventure tours and so on.

These opportunities were rarely my ideas. It was about me listening to the ideas of others, and working with them to realise the mission opportunities. And the results changed lives. This experience is what I bring to my Tassie role.

With Covid-19 in full swing, 2020 has not been an easy time to launch this concept, but I have managed to meet with both individuals and groups, and have helped them see the mission possibilities.

It was about me listening to the ideas of others, and working with them to realise the mission opportunities.

Creative individuals

So this year, I've met with more than 30 individuals. It's nothing mysterious. We sit and talk and discuss their passion, and see where it leads.

Take Jerome (not his real name). He writes novels. He has written more than ten complete novels. However, when he offered me his first novel, he said no one has ever read any of them. He hasn't even told anyone he writes novels! What an honour to be the safe person to read it. And what a joy to sit with this man and have a chat about the novel, laugh at the stories, and be moved by the intrigue and emotions shared. Simple and life giving.

What an honour to be the safe person to read it.
Michael Henderson

Creative churches

A different approach is to work with a group or a church.

I met with a beautiful team at Launceston City Baptist, and we had a great time discussing their ideas for creative mission. I have been to other churches and listened and offered ideas (and sometimes drawings) about where I hear God might be leading them.

As well, I have worked with LifeWay Baptist in Devonport, to create an art-based mission for Advent. It is a Covid-safe Christmas activity, which the local Council and Baptcare are supporting. For the season of Advent, Hannah Alexander and her team at LifeWay will guide children through creative play to create Advent scenes on a large stage, and reveal it to the community in a local shop. This is children helping other children and adults to engage with Christmas in new ways through creative mission.

Pictured: Summerhill Baptist Art Project

Take a moment to reflect

You have led creatively this yearEach person, you included, has these creative ideas. I can confidently say this because I have seen how you have dealt with Covid this year. I know many Pastors and leaders are really feeling it at the moment. It is not one thing, or because it is the end of the year: it is the build-up of everything over the year.

I strongly encourage you to take a moment and reflect on how well you have creatively led this year. Be kind to yourself. You have been creatively amazing this year! Bold, direct, supportive, and carrying hope for yourself, your family, and your communities.

Insert image: Tas Baps Advance_MH2 creativity

This is creative mission.

In 2021, I hope to work with even more Tasmanian Baptists - both churches and individuals like you - and develop even more opportunities to be missional in our communities.

I am really looking forward to seeing what God does with us!

Michael Henderson
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