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Tasmanian Baptist Women News - November 2019

WELCOME to TBW's First Newsletter!

There's a lot going on for Baptist women across Tasmania ... God is doing good things.

Plus I have news for you from the Baptist women of the Pacific (that's us too), and internationally! Because for the first time ever, Australian women have been elected into presidency at both levels. Check the links below to find out more.

But hey, what's going on for you in your region? I'd love to know what's happening so we can communicate, and pray for one another.

So let's hear what one another are doing, and intentionally network across our beautiful island state.

With love,

Jenny Baxter
State Director, Tasmanian Baptist Women

UnplannedYou are Invited!

Movie night at Village Eastlands, 7pm Friday November 15


Loved and not Forgotten

Encouragement for you from State Director Jenny Baxter


Karen Wilson, President-Elect

Karen Wilson of Australia becomes the President of the Baptist World Alliance Women


News from the Baptist Women of the South Pacific

A name change is on the way!


Why Care about the Baptist Women of the Pacific?

President of the BWUSWP Elissa Macpherson explains.


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