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Tas Baptist Women - December 2019

Praying you have a GREAT Christmas!

There's been a lot going on for us Baptists around Tasmania - with more to come over the coming week.

But I wanted to touch base before the end of the year to let you know what Tasmanian Baptist Women have been up to!
There's a lot to catch up on, by scrolling down:

* Quite a few of us got to the movie screening of UNPLANNED. You can read some responses, below.

* Gaye James (Citywide Mornington) was featured in the December issue of the Advance - Together in Mission.
Gaye's work with Esther's Australia is ground-breaking, and I thought it worth making sure you knew!

* Nationally there is some good work going on - and we Tasmanians can get involved.

* And I've been struggling with my Christmas shopping! Oh my gosh my dilemma never seems to end.

Let's look forward to a great 2020. Some clearer vision for us perhaps?

Christmas blessings to you and yours,

Jenny Baxter
State Director, Tasmanian Baptist Women


Gaye James, CEO of Esther's Australia

Supporting women facing difficult issues, in Tasmania, and soon in Queensland!
Gaye and her team assist others, one family at a time.

Read more >>>

How's your Christmas shopping going?

In all honesty, I have to say mine is not going well at all.
I live with a 21st Century problem!

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Unplanned Screenings

Quite a few of us turned out to see the special screening of UNPLANNED during November.

Read some responses to this ground-breaking movie HERE >>>

Australian Baptist Women - Let's Get Involved!

In November I (Jenny) attended the Australian Baptist Ministries annual gathering in Melbourne.
And all the faithful state leaders for women's ministries across the nation prayed up a storm!

There are some great initiatives we can all be involved in.

We also had some time to connect with both Karen Wilson (pictured with me, left) and Elissa Macpherson - Australians - who are Presidents of Baptist women internationally.
We Aussies are certainly shaking up Baptists globally!

Read how you can be part of it >>>

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