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Pioneering Incubator

Pioneer Incubator (PI) is a Work Group set up by the Tasmanian Baptist Mission Leadership Team to "hatch and nurture" new mission leaders and teams who will forge completely new territory for the gospel and the kingdom in Tasmania. Why? Because the main game is to bring gospel witness to the whole of Tassie. Christ's church flourishes as the natural fruit of his mission; is a sign-post for his Kingdom; and is 'salt and light' in God's world.

Right Now It Means (working in fellowship together...)

Identifying ground breaking opportunities and initiatives & helping put legs on them by making available additional leadership, skill, and helping find extra resource. (eg Brighton).

Identifying areas of priority mission concern or opportunity and doing the preparatory work needed to help lay strong foundations for new work to commence (eg working with refugees and ethnic groups).

Building a pioneering mission movement by modelling cooperative pioneering mission, recruiting, and equipping pioneer leaders (eg. The Foundations course, Dennis Pethers visits etc).

Welcoming creative entrepreneurs and helping them network together to explore vocation (eg some artists speaking with us at present about how their gift can be welcomed, supported and released).

Facilitating the development of mission connected social enterprises which can financially support pioneering mission

Planting new mission-shaped faith communities where there is need and opportunity to do so.

Our Gospel Context:

We now live in a rapidly transitioning society gripped by post-modern culture

There is an urgent need to bring the Gospel in this generation, to a community increasingly disconnected from a Christian memory and largely alienated from the church.

Our Greatest Current Challenge:

How do we find the kingdom-hearted leadership and teams needed for pioneering mission in Tasmania?

Our Strategic Priority:

Finding, recruiting, equipping, mobilising and supporting pioneer mission leaders and teams.

Outward Focused! The Pioneering Incubator is a Mission Structure to assist gospel witness to Tasmania. Firstly, it aims to help congregations who want to carry the gospel "outward" to their communities in new ways, taking whatever kingdom initiative is necessary to penetrate the Tassie culture.

Secondly, like William Carey , it aims to use innovative strategies, "new wineskins", to share the gospel more effectively and move into new social spaces. That may sometimes mean creating new mission structures and new mission strategies. It may require new partnerships. It might mean starting new purpose specific mission teams. It might mean new training structures and programs. It might also mean creating specialist networks like the arts, drama; creating pioneer teams for major projects or to help develop new faith communities.

Current Membership of Pioneer Incubator Group: Scott Jones, Jeff McKinnon and Craig Townsend. Please contact us to find out more!

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