Unity and Diversity

God Values Unity and Diversity …

Everyone is Welcome!

People from all over the world attend Baptist churches in Tasmania.

Some came as young children with their parents after World War II. Others arrived more recently due to global migration.
There are well-educated and highly travelled individuals; entire families, who fled heavy-handed regimes and spent years in refugee camps; and those who came to Australia as students.

ALL OF THESE  are special people who have made huge cultural adjustments. They find hope, solace, community and belonging within our churches.

Tasmanian Baptists are blessed to
welcome those from other cultures

Some Tasmanian Baptist Multicultural Leaders
Pastor Joel Ortiz Mabuhay Fellowship Filipino community, Hobart Baptist
Pastor Paul Rai Nepali Community Citywide Baptist, Mornington
Pastor Raj Chopra IC Church InterCultural Church, Glenorchy
Pastor Paw Nay and Pastor Moo Lay Karen Fellowship Karen Community, Hobart Baptist
Santi Ram, Nepali Leader Nepali community Gateway Baptist Launceston
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