Partners in Christian Mission

Mission Leadership Summit 2020

Developing Mission and Discipleship in the Tasmanian local church


10am-4pm, Tuesday, July 28, 2020

WHERE - this depends . . .

* Riverlands, Longford (assuming we can meet in person)

* In regional small groups (if we can only meet in groups under 10)

* Or via Zoom (if everything goes belly up)


The Mission Leadership Summit exists to develop mission and discipleship in the Tasmanian local church. This is reflected in the series of talks and discussions we are gathering for you to attend.

The Summit is more than inspiration: it's all about discussing how to make mission and discipleship happen in your group, and local context.

We anticipate you will go home with ways to create Kingdom fruit through your local church.


The feedback received in 2019 suggested we focus more on innovation and entrepreneurship. Perhaps we could even include some secular speakers on the subject? Richard Branson, Ronni Kahn and Elon Musk were suggested. But they are busy!

So, this is what we have come up with:


Stephen Baxter - "God calls us to a creative partnership"

What does that mean for our mission and churches?


"The value of listening prayer in innovation"

A discussion between Nicholas Alexander (sharing from a local church context), and Michael Henderson (sharing from a mission context). They will explore the role listening prayer has: in hearing the Trinity; what are the next steps; developing ideas; and making them happen.


"Brainstorming as a process of innovation and discovery"

Many brainstorm to gather ideas. Many more gear it toward the extroverts in the room.

Michael Henderson will lead us through some strategies and processes to develop ideas and make it happen, learnt from his studies with IDEO, a company from America that specialises in innovation.


"The local church engaging with other organisations and government"

This will be a discussion between Jeff McKinnon (City Baptist Church, Extinction Rebellion, Refugees); Raj Chopra (IC Church, Tas Cricket, Diverse Tassie Newspaper); and Matt Garvin (Citywide, Using Media).

They will talk about how they engage with other organisations and government, and why they set up these additional groups to achieve their mission/church goals.


"Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a medium-sized Tasmanian secular business"

Speaker/s to be announced. At present, it is proving difficult to arrange with COVID-19 restrictions, and the many changing pressures on Tasmanian business leaders.

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