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June 2021

June 2021

Tas Baptist NEWS, June 2021 (Unpublished: Visible only to you.)


EmpowHer Southern Coastal Walk

EmpowHer (a ministry of Tasmanian Baptist Women) are organising a walk for Southern women and girls.

Arm End Walk-EmpowHerWhere: Arm End Circuit
When: Saturday 19 June
Meet: TCM Market Lauderdale at 8:30am
Finish: by 1pm (including lunch)
BYO: Snacks/Drinks
Lunch: TCM Market
Register:; Jenny Baxter (0401 652 566); Jo Sinclair (0401 297 151).

Download A4 brochure >>> | Download Trifold Brochure >>>

HEADS UP! Watch out for details of a northwestern walk coming soon.

Perth Thanksgiving Service, 30th May

Saying 'thanks' is an important part of living together as well as in our relationship with God.

Perth Thanksgiving invitationThe Perth Baptist Church had a special Thanksgiving Service on 30 May as part of the town's bicentennial of the naming of the town.

The service focused on thanksgiving for the past, the present and the future. Those attending gave thanks to God for William and Mary Gibson whose vision and obedience to God resulted in the building of the church in 1889 and the hall opposite in 1862 along with many other churches in Tasmania.

It was noted that Perth was named by Governor Macquarie on one of his visits to the Gibson's home. William Gibson was not a preacher, but he had the gift to generate a profit from his business and used that money to build churches and 'import' preachers from the Spurgeon College in England to pastor churches in Tasmania.

The vision for the church was for it to be a place of worship and to go forth and preach the gospel.

When the Gibson family home became too large for the needs of a single family, the home became a place of care for people with severe or multiple disabilities. Eskleigh Home was born, and remains today as a home for people with a disability. It was a blessing that some residents and their careers, were present at the Service.

Read more about Perth's Thanksgiving Service in the June Regional RoundUp, due out in ADVANCE | step by step on 1st July.

Luminous Festival, Hobart

17th June to 4th July

Luminous FestivalIn the fourth century, Christians began celebrating the birth of Jesus on December 25 in a reworking of the pagan Roman winter solstice celebrations. The cold, dark, bleak reality, of winter was an ideal time to celebrate the warmth and light of Christ coming into the world as a signpost of hope and redemption. Winter in Hobart lends itself to do the same.

This year, Hobart Baptist Church is challenging the city of Hobart with a festival coinciding with Dark Mofo. Several events are planned, and all are welcome!

  • Breathe, Shine and Seek to Mend Michael Henderson Art Installation | LAUNCH 6pm, 17th June | OPEN 18th - 22nd June
  • Conversation with Ruth Burgess From Hindu Guru to Christian | 6pm 23rd June
  • Conversation Panel Religion, Spirituality and the Future of Tasmania | Jacquie Petrusma, Cassy O'Connor, Stephen Baxter, Paul Dare | 6pm 25th June
  • Carols at the Tab Celebrating Christmas in Winter | 6pm, 2nd July


More info Registrations >>>

PASTOR'S MUSTER: Baptists in Mission Conference, 5-7 July 2021

Online at regional hubs - Leanah Valley, Longford, (Devonport is cancelled)

A collaboration between Crossover Australia and Global Interaction

This conference is about the mission of God, and the mission of God is at the core of our Australian Baptist identity.

Who is it for? Pastors, leadership teams, and emerging leaders

How much? $75, with $60 subsidy available from Tas Baptists (how good is that!)

When? 2pm-6:30pm, 5, 6 & 7 July

More info and Register >>>



Mission and Leadership Development >>> Michael Henderson and Jenna Blackwell work to resource your church
All About Foster Care >>> Tracey Avery, a long-term foster carer, asnwers the hard questions
Food for Thought >>> Denise Stephenson wonders what #nofilter church would look like

From National Church Life Survey (NCLS)

How to be involved

We urge local churches to sign up for the 2021 National Church Life Survey. It is a safe and effective tool to listen to churchgoers in unprecedented times.

Results will help local churches focus on the future. Set aside a week in either October or November for church attenders to complete these anonymous surveys (paper or online).

Local church results will arrive in early 2022.

See for more.

COVID-19 Crisis in Asia

From Roshan Mendis, Asian Pacific Baptist Aid (APBAid)

Please continue to keep APBAid in your prayers as we continue to serve our brothers and sisters who are in need in the region.
DONATE to their work here >>>


India COVID_June21The devastation in India continues as it has recorded more than 25 million cases and 275,000 deaths, but experts say the real death toll is several times higher. Hundreds of corpses have been found floating and buried around the Ganges riverbank, highlighting the massive discrepancy in the deaths being reported. (Source - BBC.)

With lockdowns extending across the country the poor working class of India have been hit the most, with little to no food, more borrowing, and no support to fall back on. (Source -

It's also with deep heartache that we bring the news of the tragic loss of over 40 Pastors from the Baptist family in India to this intense second wave. Please keep the families that have been left behind in your prayers. Continue to prayer for God's comfort to surround them.

Nepal and Sri Lanka

Nepal Covid June 21Threat of surge in Covid cases as the more infectious Indian Variant is found in Nepal in the midst of lack of beds, oxygen, equipment and Health Workers.

As the Covid numbers rise, Nepal continues to struggle with sourcing vaccines and control the situation.

Sri Lanka has also seen an increase in the COVID cases, and a lockdown took effect from the 21st of May to manage crowd movement with upcoming religious festivals to help flatten the curve.


MyanmarOver 100 days since the coup, and the fight for democracy still continues in Myanmar, with the people being relentless in their fight for democracy.

The United Nations in Myanmar warns of the impact on public health, including the COVID-19 response in Myanmar, due to the attacks on medical personnel and facilities, and reiterates its call for health workers, health facilities and patients to be protected.

Please continue to pray for justice for the people of Myanmar.


Bangladesh_Jun21Bangladesh has also been affected with the extended lockdown being put in place to control the spread of the virus.

For more information on how you can help please contact: or

Religious Freedom Weekend, 11-13 June 2021

Resources are available for churches to use!

Religious Freedom WeekendConducted by Freedom for Faith

Join with Churches and Faith Communities across Australia to Pray for and Protect Religious Freedom

Faith groups across the nation will be praying for the globally persecuted and the protection of religious freedoms in Australia. Religious Freedom is only weakly protected in Australian law, and those protections are rapidly eroding.

Download: Resources Pack for Churches

Visit: Religious Freedom Weekend >>>

Let your Light Shine

Free training day for leadership teams of our Town and Country Churches

An important message from our Mission Director, Stephen Baxter

Stephen Baxter

There is a special training day planned to support and encourage our Town and Country Churches (TaCCs). These are a special and unique set of churches in our Union who serve in rural settings across our State. TaCC leadership teams are invited to another special time together.

This is an opportunity to meet with leaders of churches facing similar challenges and needs. TaCC teams will be able to communicate, and be heard by, myself and Jeff McKinnon.

The Training Day is open to all, pastors, church leaders, and those in your TaCC who would like to attend. It would be great if every TaCC is represented.

It will be a great day together!

DETAILS: Let Your Light Shine Training Day

WHERE: Latrobe Baptist Church, 123 Gilbert Street, Latrobe
WHEN: 10am-2.30pm Saturday 26 June
Let Your Light Shine: Taking the Gospel to your community
TRAINERS: Stephen Baxter and Jeff McKinnon
WHO: This event is open to all leaders of Town and Country Churches
COST: Free, including refreshments and lunch
RSVP: Karen Buckney by Friday 18 June, 2021

Two AMAZING online Baptist conferences to attend

  1. Baptists in Mission Conference (July 5-7), available in Tasmania at regional hubs.
  2. Baptist World Congress (7-10 July) - free registraion to Australian Baptists!

1. Baptists in Mission Conference, 5-7 July 2021

Online at regional hubs

This will be a great event and you are encouraged to attend!

A collaboration between Crossover Australia and Global Interaction

This conference is about the mission of God, and the mission of God is at the core of our Australian Baptist identity.

WHO IS IT FOR? Pastors, leadership teams, and emerging leaders

Program >>> Every afternoon, 2 to 6:30pm each day, 5-7 July

Register >>> $75 (Earlybird before 10 May: $67.50)

Regional Hubs >>>
SOUTH Citywide Mornington | NORTH Riverlands Longford | NORTH WEST LifeWay Devonport

Find out more >>> Great speakers - Be inspired!

2. "Together" Online Conference, 7-10 July 2021

The Baptist World Alliance invites you to attend the 22nd Baptist World Congress.

Held every five years, the 2020 Baptist World Congress, originally planned to take place in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

The big news is that the postponed Congress will be available for online for Baptists to attend globally, with free entry for Australians!


A Special Update for Australian Baptists from the General Secretary Dr Elijah Brown, Baptist World Alliance, with news for Aussies about attending.

"We are called together to God's global mission."
Elijah Brown


TOGETHER, 22nd Baptist World Congress, July 7-10

Free For Aussies! REGISTER HERE >>> A code is available to access the freebie.
Please contact Karen Buckney to get hold of it: ... Or 6391 2202 9am-1pm Mon-Fri.

The US$70 registration is being made available to Australians, which includes:

READ MORE IN THE JUNE 2021 ADVANCE | step by step

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