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June 2021

June 2021

Alpha in Tasmania

discipleship and evangelism:

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Engaging your Community

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone had the opportunity to ask questions about life, faith and meaning in a non-threatening friendly environment?

Alpha Australia has a vision to see one million people in Australia do just that!


What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions over several weeks which involve connecting with others, whether that be over a meal or an icebreaker, watching a video about a different aspect of the Christian faith and having time for open discussion. Alpha is for everyone, young and not so young.

It runs in churches, cafes, pubs, schools and prisons all over the world and even online. Alpha Online has made it possible for all people to have the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus.

Alpha Online

Tasmanian Baptist experience

Dan HutchisonDan Hutchison, at Citywide Baptist Church in Mornington, has run the Alpha Youth Series.

He says "We have used the Alpha Youth series a number of times each having a profound impact on our young people ...The Alpha Youth content has been presented in a very helpful way with our young adults finding it their 'go-to' for wanting to go over the foundations of faith. The first time we went away for the weekend element, we prayed for the Spirit to turn up and one of our young people had an overwhelming sense of joy. At another weekend retreat everyone in the room felt a sense of peace".

He continues, "One time when we did the session on healing we then found out that one of the youth had a brain tumour. The timing of the session, and the content, helped the leaders and youth through that time in praying and seeing a miracle of healing".

Dan also ran The Marriage Course

"...we ran the marriage course online with 15 couples. We were one of the first in Tassie to run the new format and it was very well received. This was a great time together during COVID, being able to meet in our own homes really created a safe place for couples to discuss the content in private.

"Delivering the content online really did strengthen peoples' marriages in our church and cultivated community between our couples in this shared experience."

Have questions?

Anita Booker, AlphaTo find out more about running Alpha or The Marriage Course head to our website:
Or, contact Anita Booker, one of our local Alpha Church Engagement Team members:

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