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July/August 2021

July/August 2021

Merge Youth Citywide


A Great Space for Teens

Matthew Henderson leads Merge, Citywide's youth program, as well as serving on the Eldership and Teaching Team

The Merge Youth program at Citywide Baptist church has been a lot of fun during the first half of 2021

Merge Youth, August  2021At Merge, we seek to provide a space for teenagers where they can let down their hair, have fun and blow off some steam. At the same time we want to step into conversations and group discussions that are spiritually uplifting, spiritually educational, and spiritually healthy for everyone who comes along.

This year we've spent a lot of time getting to know each other better, as I am new to the role of leading this group. We have also learnt a lot about heroes from the Old Testament, which is an area of biblical learning often overlooked.

Merge is blessed to have several very talented young leaders as part of the team. It is exciting to give these committed and gifted young adults the permission and opportunity to test out their leadership skills.

A Different Spin in 2021

Earlier this year we had a fantastic night with a 'Glow in the Dark theme.' It is amazing how many games and activities are given a different spin when your only lighting consists of a few florescent head and wrist bands! This year we also celebrated Christmas in July, with a big Christmas-themed night of activities and fun. Finally, just last week, we held the 2021 Merge Olympics, which was another great night filled with fun and friendship.

For me, the best part of our Merge group is the genuine friendships that have developed, and the deep and important conversation we've been able to have about the bible, Jesus, and the issues faced by young people trying to navigate a complex and confusing world. So far, 2021 has been a great year, and we're looking forward to having even more great times together as the year progresses.

Matthew Henderson

Matt Henderson is married, and father to three boys (21, 13 & 8). His two younger sons are both on the Autism Spectrum. Currently, he's completing a Bachelor of Ministry at Alphacrucis College in Hobart. He enjoys working with young people and sharing Jesus with them, loves to play games, watch movies, and he's an amateur film maker.

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