HEARTLANDS News Summer 2022

Feb 19, 2022
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HEARTLANDS is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

Table of Contents

    Diary Dates

    There’s a few things coming up in the EmpowHer Calendar!
    Watch out for more info coming from your region.

    • Sunday 27th February Northern Walk at Tamar Island. SEE BROCHURE for details >
    • Monday 4th April Release week for HEARTLANDS Autumn
    • Saturday 9th April Proposed Southern Day-Retreat: “Shelter”
    • Saturday 21st May Northern event. Stay posted for details!

    Recent EmpowHer Events

    Ladies Event at Ulverstone Baptist

    Tuesday 30th November 2021

    Ladies evening with Amanda Cox 30Nov21, heartlands-news-summer-2022

    The evening went off! Attending on the night were 93 women to hear speaker, Amanda Cox, talk about belief systems.

    Many of the women at Ulverstone Baptist invited their friends and family members. The talk was both inspiring and challenging, and the delicious supper afterwards was a great time to share some treats and good conversation with friends.

    Congratulations to Gabe Fife and her team for pulling off a wonderful pre-Christmas event.

    Action for You

    Thinking outside your box


    It’s both an interesting and challenging time in Tasmania. COVID has caught up with us! No matter where you are in the pandemic journey, it’s always good to connect with others to encourage, and intentionally create a safe space to engage.

    So . . . who can you catch up with, one-on-one? Who do you know who might need someone to talk to? You could go out for coffee. Meet at the park. Call someone up. Or, make an effort to connect more deeply after church.

    These can become moments of connection, support and encouragement for both you and your friend or family member. Maybe you could even offer to pray for them, or ask them to pray for you?

    There are many ways you can interact to make sure others are cared for during this time.

    It’s a time to be the blessing!

    Praying for Alice

    Jenny Baxter

    By Jenny Baxter, Tasmanian Director, EmpowHer

    Praying for Alice became my lifetime passion

    While my life flashed before my eyes, I sat in the Spanish winter sunshine, nervously waiting for the bride, our Alice, to be given away.

    Well, it wasn’t my life exactly. It was pieces of Alice’s life I’d kept close in my heart. Moments I had participated in, helped with, and cried over. 

    The memories flickered through my mind like precious flowers, once fresh but now pressed, faded and time-worn.

    Read More >

    To find out about EmpowHer events and activities for women in Tasmania, please subscribe to HEARTLANDS!


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