HEARTLANDS News Autumn 2022

Apr 22, 2022
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HEARTLANDS is the quarterly email for EmpowHer – a network of Tasmanian women growing and encouraging each other in their God-given potential.

Table of Contents

    Diary Dates

    Watch out for more info coming from your region, directly to you.

    • Saturday 21st May NORTH Basin Café and Gorge Walk.
    • Saturday 24-25th June SOUTH Day-Retreat: “Shelter”
    • Late Oct/Early Nov World Women’s Day Of Prayer – events across the state

    What’s Happening?

    Basin Café and Gorge Walk

    9:30am, Saturday 21st May 2022
    EmpowHer Walk May 2022, Heartlands Autumn 2022

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    Join us for a cuppa at Basin Cafe (RSVP required)

    A walk through the Gorge to Duck Reach will follow (weather permitting)


    SHELTER Retreat

    5pm to 5pm, FRI/SAT 24-25 June 2022, Blackmans Bay


    Everyone needs it. God provides it. We sleep, eat and live in it.

    But how do you live in the SHELTER of the Most High God?

    Shelter Retreat, Heartlands Autumn 2022

    “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

    Psalm 91:1
    • Led by Denise Stephenson (LifeWay) and Jenny Baxter (Hobart)
    • $45/person Covers food and materials. (This is a non-residential retreat.) Contact us if you have hesitations about cost. There are other ways you can contribute. Contact us if you have any hesitations about cost. There are other ways you can contribute.
    • Get your Rego Form Call or SMS Jenny 0401 652 566
    • Invite Others! Download brochure

    Action for You

    Praying with intention

    Do you often pray like this?

    Praying with Intention; Heartlands Autumn 2022
    • God bless Mary
    • Lord, please look after my son
    • Jesus, can you please stop all wars
    • Father, give me a good life

    These are all good prayers, and quite legitimate, but they are so general! They are all “motherhood prayers” – prayers so broad it is impossible to know if God truly answers them.

    Instead, pray with intention. Fill those prayers with meaning and talk to God about what worries you. And, when prompted, follow up your prayer with action. Relationship is critical to answered prayer.

    How different are these prayers to those above?

    • God, how can I bless Mary today?
    • Lord, give me wisdom as I call my son, so I can encourage him.
    • Jesus, I pray about the war in Ukraine. Is there something I can do to assist?
    • Father, help me to love and care for others around me, even if my life is not so good.

    It’s a time to be the blessing!

    Undervalued or Super Loved?

    Undervalued or super loved, Heartlands Autumn 2022

    Women’s ministry at Beauty Point

    By Rachelle Hawkins

    Since the The Point* Baptist’s inception in 2006, we have endeavoured to hold many outreach events to reach our town of Beauty Point.

    The message is always about who Jesus is, and why it’s important. These events include men’s dinners, women’s dessert nights, concerts, kids’ clubs, and an annual visit by Texan missionaries who do all the above, and more.

    We, as a church, long to share the hope Jesus offers.

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    The Science of Seeing God

    ANNETTE SPURR, Heartlands Autumn 2022

    Gratitude and thankfulness for the World, the Universe, and Everything!

    By A.J. Spurr

    Recently, I interviewed a young man who had been struggling with addiction since the age of 12. He had completed a program at a Christian rehab centre, and while he was there, he encountered Jesus.

    “The first thing I noticed,” he said, “was that I could feel the breeze on my skin. I’d never experienced it before, even though it had been happening the whole time. I was finally able to feel it.”

    So, what had changed?

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