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Elissa Macpherson

Elissa MacphersonI am so excited to share with you what has been happening for Baptist women at a global level.

Recently, I met with the other continental leaders of BWA Women, it was an inspiring time. You can see our Zoom meeting screen, at right. Facing the challenges of leading during Covid-19 has brought on new ideas.BWAW Zoom meeting

One of those new ideas is the establishment of a DV (Domestic Violence/abuse) Information hub.

DV Information Hub

I will be leading this project. I am passionate about justice and healing for women suffering DV as some of the highest rates in the WORLD are hear in the Pacific.

Women should be safe in their homes, not afraid! We plan to collate tools and resources from across the Baptist world (and beyond) in one place for our leaders to access.

It will also act as a network for those called by God to bring an end to violence against women.

I also met with the APBF- Asia Pacific Baptist Federation. They are making very real moves to give women a greater voice in their organization. Our Asian President, Dr Vernette Myint Myint and I are uniting more than ever to raise the voices of women in our region.

One of my favourite moments was telling the APBF Executive Committee, that domestic violence is not a women's issue, it is a human issue!

Baptist World Alliance Women Global Conference

Online opportunity to connect on July 7, 2021

Global Conference of Baptist WomenI hope you are coming!! Online that is!

MORE INFO >>> | Only $20USD

The conference will be an incredible time to expand your world view of Baptist women, and will be so inspiring!

The BWA Women have asked we aim to have 200 Pacific women attend our global conference. The good thing about no travel in Covid-19 is no jet lag, and no expensive air tickets.

I mentioned to the BWA Women's team my concern about the time difference but it's all good. When you register you have access to all the sessions online for at least 24-hours.

I will be leading a session on "Finding Your Confidence to do God's Work" plus we will have our Pacific women presentation.

Can you please start to promote this to your women. I will be putting plenty on FaceBook for you to share as well.

You can download the poster HERE >>>

I hope you can make it!

Elissa Macpherson
President of BWP- Baptist Women of the Pacific

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