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Tasmanian Baptists

Form for Membership Statistics, 2021

For inclusion in 2022 Handbook

Annual update of data about your church membership numbers

Please supply and submit this information no later than Monday 4th April 2022

  • Finalise the form by clicking the “SUBMIT” button, below.
  • To fill in the form, first check the numbers you need here: DEFINITIONS
  • To check last year’s Membership details click the button:

If you have any questions please contact Jenny Baxter: jenny@tasbaptists.org.au

Church Membership Statistics

Additions - Increase in Members 2021

New members in 2021. 1. Baptisms 2. Transfers 3. Visitation (other)

Removals - Decrease in Members 2021

Members who were taken off your list due to: 1. DEATH 2. TRANSFER 3. REVISION

Resident and Non-Resident Members

Average Attendance

How many people attend your service/s, on average
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.