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February/March 2021

February/March 2021

REPORT: Pastors and Leaders Muster 2021


The Power of Strategic Innovation and Implementation

Louis Fife, Pastor of Ulverstone Baptist, reports on the recent regional pastors' and leaders' muster.
This key annual training event took place in March on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the 1st (Citywide Lenah Valley), 2nd (Summerhill) and 3rd (Wynyard).

Richard Sharp, from ReNew Discipleship Network, led the inspiring evening sessions.

Richard Sharp at Wynyard Baptist
Louis writes . . .

Hello friends, I pray this overview of the recent leadership muster would encourage you today.

Don't give up, keep at it! God is for all. "Look busy, Jesus is coming soon."

The world is changingAs funny as that sounds, that statement is true of many churches today as they encourage their people.

In all sincerity, no one wants to get caught up with doing and looking busy. Anyone can do that. Instead, we have the privilege to partner with the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus, and declare God's kingdom. This way, God is powerfully, and wonderfully, changing lives.

It is still good news for all. The gospel, in essence, has never stopped being good news and the hope of the world.

Well, that may not be entirely true! When we surrender our calling and responsibility to share our story, the message of hope we so dearly cherish, may diminish our presence, and over time we may become irrelevant.

Personally, the session with Richard Sharp confirmed the importance of creative space, to rethink what we do as leaders and churches. The challenge is clear, the world is changing, and the church must not lose its influence and action. Rather we must find new ways to engage within the community.

I have a question though: Can we be mobilised to present Jesus, and invite a space of intentionality and innovative awareness wherever we go?

While the church's nature has not changed, our ability to engage and re-engage is paramount. God hasn't changed, and the calling hasn't changed. Our journey as believers is to rediscover our present space, to incarnate our story with people.

My personal challenge from Richard was how can I best explain the journey to others? What would that look like? How can I best model the change process to my church family?

Firstly, the best place for change to begin is in our hearts.
As disciples and followers of God, we need to rediscover and teach what it is to be a disciple. And while we all can feel the wearying pace of change, it is riskier not to change and stay as we are.

Secondly, let's keep it simple!
It is so easy to make things complicated. However, like Jesus, "simple" is the best option and principle for churches to adapt in this modern world.

May each of us individually, and as churches, prepare for divine appointments, new spaces to be formed, and conversations to be had. Let us learn and grow towards making good of those relational environments where we find ourselves.

May we carry Jesus' transformational presence wherever we go!

God bless,

Louis Fife
Pastor, Ulverstone Baptist Church | Tasmanian Baptist Council

Lenah Valley - 1 March 2021

Summerhill - 2 March 2021

Wynyard - 3 March 2021


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