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February/March 2021

February/March 2021

InterCultural Cricket Grand Final

missional initiative:

I.C. Church Hits a Six!

By Matt Garvin

The sound of the enthusiastic crowd of close to 1000 people echoed around Blundstone Arena as the ball flew off the bat and once again found its way over the fence of the Ricky Ponting Stand.

John, Mohan and Raj with Manager of Community Cricket, Ben Smith and Cricket Tasmania C.E.O Dominic BakerThe game between the KLM Kings and T.P.S. (Tasmanian Punjabi Brothers) was the culmination of five years of hard work by Raj Chopra, Mohan Mattala and John Paul Palissery, who form the core leadership group of both the Intercultural Sports League and I.C. Church, one of the most innovative Baptist churches in Tasmania.

I.C. Church, stands for InterCultural Church, which conveys a core conviction that drives Raj, Paul and Mohan. They have been tirelessly working to build bridges between people of different cultural backgrounds both through the church and through the community.

Every Sunday afternoon I.C. Church meet in the Glenorchy Uniting Church building with a mixture of Indian, Chinese and Australian members. The church is supported by Tasmanian Baptists state chair, Peter Clark who, with his family, attends each week in addition to his duties as pastor of Claremont Baptist church.

Pictured: John, Mohan and Raj with Manager of Community Cricket, Ben Smith and Cricket Tasmania CEO, Dominic Baker

Tasmanian Attorney General, Elise Archer (pictured below with the KLM Kings and Raj, Mohan and John) says:

It's my absolute pleasure to support these players through Glenorchy Cricket Club in the Intercultural Sports League (ICSL) as well as Raj, Mohan and John for having the initiative and sheer determination to pursue their dream of socially integrating our culturally diverse communities through sport and cricket in particular! A dream come true today holding the Grand Final at Blundstone Arena too. Thanks to Cricket Tasmania.

Tasmanian Attorney General, Elise Archer (pictured with the KLM Kings and Raj, Mohan and John)

A measure of their commitment to their vision has been the way that Raj, Mohan and John have managed to build bridges across political lines with the match attended both by state and federal politicians from the liberal and greens parties.

Another measure of the significance of the ICSL is that a documentary that tells the story of one of the teams playing in the competition, called Sidelines, has been screened nationally on SBS and was recently nominated for best short form documentary at the AIDC awards. You can watch the film on SBS OnDemand >>>

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