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February/March 2021

February/March 2021

HEARTLANDS, Summer 2021


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Heartlands refers not just to our heart-shaped island, but also challenges readers to consider things of the heart.

The Summer issue features:

Heartlands, Summer

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Jenny Baxter

An encouragement to R-E-S-T by Jenny Baxter, State Director Tasmanian Baptist Women
Simply watching waves on the beach can provide a refreshing PHEW! (video)

Karen Buckney

Get to Know Karen Buckney Tas Baptists' Assistant Administrator
Karen was born in NSW, but grew up in Tasmania. It was a life-changing shift.


It's a New Day 21st Century ministry, by Karen Wilson, President Baptist World Alliance Women
Men and women working together in our church communities like never before. A noble aspiration!

Mel Saward

3 Tips to Beat Disillusionment By Mel Saward
If nothing else, COVID-19 has tested our resilience.

Choose to challenge

Choose to Challenge - International Women's Day, March 8
Dignity Freedom Network gives hope to women in dire need.

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Regional teams are being developed for Baptist Women in Tasmania.

The idea is to plan inspiring events for women in various age demographics.To find out more, please contact

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